► Speed Demon vs Big Boys – “Welcome To Hell!” – World of Tanks T71 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay . T71 Epic Battle. Best Replays.

Size does not matter… That’s what she didn’t say…
Today you are going to see how “reloaded_failure” going to work his ass off for the team, to be able to win this battle with tiny speed demon “T71”, tier 7 light tank from USA.

►Played by: Reloaded_Failure
Replay: http://dezgamez.-record.com/replay/10366/reloaded_failure_t71_9_kills_a_non_platooned_teamwork_can_also_do_a_lot_just_great

►Music used:
Drift Apart – Anders Schill Paulsen



  1. good video bro

  2. TheTankingGamer (planeman777)

    Hey guys, I know this is annoying, but could you please sub to me and send
    me clips and such from games like Minecraft, WOT, WOWS, AW, Battlefield,
    etc? I am working on making a big channel, but I need some support!


  4. one of my favorite light replays ive ever seen

  5. Hi Dez, please show us more humour and normal average player funny games!
    Showing us ‘one in a million’ unicum player epic games is getting very
    boring to watch..

  6. It’s not Churchill GC but it’s something different :-P. Good game, good
    commenting. I got a 4k dmg Kolobanovs with t34 85 on this map, but I
    couldn’t upload it to your replay site:-(. I probably got too much WN8 XD

  7. Wow I’m actually very impressed by the relaxed nature of the team chat in
    this battle, it actually made my day xD

  8. One phrase to summarize the gameplay: nice meme!

  9. Tier 8 matches is the easiest T71 can get…. so yeah…

  10. Love my T71

  11. Erik “Hortn” Hortlund

    Fun to see them working together like that. 🙂 And the T71, just an epic
    little tank in tier VII! Love it!

  12. wow, awesome with awesome sauce on it! lessons to be learned, but will I
    remember them?

  13. very nice :D

  14. incredible! I could never play lights successfully, good to see how and
    maybe learn a bit.

  15. that’s why I love this tank so much

  16. Kyle Ricardo Massviur Pahal

    Historic episode not historical. Historical implies the past

  17. Hey Dez, greetings from New Zealand, love ur work, what’s ur thoughts on a
    20% premium load out limit ? Unfair crew skills in small tanks, My SP1C
    will wait on Sixth sense, camo and BIA before Situ Aware and Recon, where
    the E50 can start and finish both before the LT. Vision control is meant to
    be an LT advantage but small crews hamper the skills/ perks to increase it
    …. Thanks again.

  18. Damn! It’s really great to see a T71 shine for a change. I love my M41 as
    well but watching this brought me back to when WGing first released the
    second heavy tank line. Man I had some killer games with this tank back

  19. Good job telling the play by play, that’s why I like your channel the best
    .Man I was like SHIT ! What a Game . well played maybe someday I’ll have
    one ?

  20. Made that look easy!
    Think I research that little tank today!

  21. I smile every time I hear Dez say pooper :)

  22. that was gawdammedepic

  23. I just want 2 more clips on my AMX 13 75 and it will be a good tank

  24. Dez Nutz

    Now give me a cookie

  25. That T43 did 0 dmg the entire game, lol

  26. If there wasn’t that panther T71 would be dead 5 times already :P

  27. Still like the old t71 model

  28. #Y0u0nlyLif30nc3 #Yolo

    could you feature t69 as well in the near future? its the loveliest tank
    ever XD

  29. the T71 is a really good machine, I enjoyed the grind through it and I also
    am enjoying the T69, I got a RADLEY-WALTERS MEDAL in it the other day

  30. Well played.

  31. Great game, but as we all know, autoloaders are the 2nd worst thing WG has
    added in game, after arty.

  32. Gerrit Igle Jansma

    still hate the hull change they did to my fav light tank :(

  33. that panther 2 was a hero

  34. lol in the beginning you say this is a difficult round. is a fucking tier 8
    round. this is considered good mm for the t71……

  35. Well played

  36. That panther ii though, respect for actually complimenting on a game well
    played, and playing well himself.
    Half the players would bitch ‘y u no support noob’ ‘bot t71’ ‘cap u idoit’
    once they died.

  37. He is a tier 7 light tank, the matchmaking couldnt be better, how can you
    say its bad? x)

  38. replay is too dark, please increase brightness. Goot ty

  39. this dude sounds awesome

  40. Great game!

  41. beautifully done

  42. why the fuck you say “going to be” so often. I cant watch your videos
    without sound and everytime I turn the volume up you just say it over and
    over again and its piss me off somehow. good luck in the future anyways.
    Its going to be a describe

  43. Lovin the new intro’s! That was a great replay too, quite a nail biter.

  44. such an ugly beast

  45. I’m pretty sure without that panther 2, that t71 would not have such an
    epic battle

  46. The T71 looks like it is if just a tiny bit Op. But very gg the same.

  47. we didnt seen with ms-1 too! :D

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