► STB-1 – Sexiest Tank In The Game! – World of Tanks STB-1 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

STB-1 Review, Epic Battle. STB-1, 0 Japanese Medium Tank.

► Why You HESH to be mad?

In today’s episode you are going to see me playing with sexiest in the game – “STB-1”. But this 0 Japanese medium not only about the looks, in close range fights, it is one of the most dangerous tanks!
I was able to get few pretty nice battles with it and I decided to share them with you! 😉



  1. I totally agree Dez. Beautiful tank!

  2. Dimitris Xouiazis

    I have a question dez because I want to be a little better what do you think when you want to take a position in the map.What is your idea about this spot

  3. e25 makes me think of the boss baby

  4. Abdul Kudus Abdul Rahim

    try make new video with 121 chinese medium tank….

  5. Dimitris Xouiazis

    10:53 3333 damage wow good number

  6. what equipment do you have on that thing?

  7. I put pants on for this Dez. PANTS!

  8. Alexander kjellberg

    STB-1 HD plzzz

  9. @DezGamez I am pretty fond of the panzer 58 mutz, I like the lines

  10. i have seen many recent replays (like 4 months ago till now) all from EU, and seems like players on that server are getting dumb, i remember when EU was savage, now even NA is more “competitive”

  11. i feel much better using rammer,gun laying and vertical stabilizer. but new improved equipament may do it swaping vent for gun laying.

  12. just got mine, had a bad first night, but now I like it a lot, probably take it into ranked.

  13. The STB-1 is my most recent t10 tank, and I very much enjoy it. I’ve played 80 games in it so far and aced it 3 times. 🙂

  14. 14:03 DMG 3333

  15. such a sexy tank with such a troll gun….

  16. I like Japanese tank and also Japanese “movies”

  17. That spot in the second game is a stupid place to go.. You can’t have a huge effect on the game from there nor car you run away and re position..

  18. 9:21 it’s ok dez everyone makes mistakes,

    Excapt me

  19. I prefer the voice of Chinese crew than the Japs.

  20. BlackDragon31000

    I like more the Obj. 260 or the IS-3 they are the sexiest for me

  21. mmm stb1 it’s like licking firm moist Japanese girl skin and hearing her breathe heavy paint me white with a big bright red circle smack bang in the middle and line me up so I can love you sexy little Japanese tank

  22. The STB is my favorite t10. the DPM and the gun depression are amazing

  23. Japan always bring the sexiness

  24. yesterday i played e100 and i shot he into stb turret and did 1049 dmg

  25. Thien Long Nguyen

    i think cenX is better than stb1 🙂

  26. hey man where r the babes at the victory screen?????NOOOOOOOOO????!?!?!?!?!?!??

  27. Pretty tank, but I think the T-55a wins the sexy contest~ 🙂

  28. Since it was Japanese, You should named this Video as “Most Kawaii Tank in The Game”

    BTW, Type 5 is my Waifu.

  29. Tier 10 meds are sexy.

    But I like AMX 30 B more.

  30. This tank + Milkyman Type 74 = Great porn to fap.

    I love mine so much.

  31. Nathaniel Elias

    Nah 3rd most sexiest tank in WoT at best.
    1. Centurion Action X
    2. Centurion 7/1

  32. Often thought about going down the Jap medium line, this certainly helped.
    Great vid as always.

  33. You are so close to 150k subs Dez :O, keep up the good work fellow tanker 🙂

  34. IS-7 was sexier when she had her machine gun up…

  35. holy shit 105 premium days :O

  36. sexiest tank is arty <3

  37. yesterday night, i was at the same position behind that rock at Airfield map with my Obj. 140… and all the tanks there focused on me, and then of course, fcking arty hit me behind that rock -.-

  38. DG u is Putz man lol:)

  39. Fuck the japanese and chinese female crew voices though

  40. IS-7 is the sexiest ! 🙂

  41. Example :
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  42. The only sexier tank than STB-1 is Centurion AX for me 😉

  43. sexiest tank is tiger 2 if u look at it . beatifull tall strong big long looking gun like true tank shiuld look like so hoot

  44. I just sold this tank and went back to the tier 9 Type61. Same gun better mm

  45. AMX 30B and the AMX 30 prototype have something to say about your title Dez. Otherwise as always a very fun video.

  46. Genesis.j jacinto

    Hi Dez! Make A Gameplay on M48 Patton Pleasseeee!

  47. Hi Dez, I cant recall after all those videos but did you do arty challenge? If not…can you do arty challenge shotgun mode only? hehe

  48. man is7 is the sexiest tank in the game

  49. Alexander Öhman

    how dafuq can not the stb1 have HD graphics. like believe a stb1 rolling out with HD *orgasm*

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