► STG GUARD aka Baby Defender – World of Tanks: STG GUARD, New Tier 8 Premium

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks STG Guard, Tier 8 Soviet Premium Medium Tank. World of Tanks STG Guard Review.

Aaaand yet another tier 8 premium tank rolls out from the Soviet Tanking School. This time tier 8 Soviet STG Guard, tier 8 premium medium tank, in Russian. 🙂



  1. onemanpaintballarmy

    Dont buy this as a defender, just comparatively it is a defender with its 390 alpha decent mobility and generally better armour than its counterparts except another premium.

  2. Hey Dez is there any plan to release a new RNG episode?????? Its been while haven’t seen your RNG episode

  3. xX_Destructo_Xx IsHere

    im tired of premium tanks
    give us something else wg……

  4. Sergio González Torres

    *sees Defender on the title
    Well, this is gonna be good!
    *grabs popcorn and scrolls down to the comments

  5. Thanks for the shout out

  6. wg milking the shit out of wot before it dies…

  7. Suck more dick dez you lame noob suck it up to them more if you people are any smart you will not buy this shit

  8. It’s time to stop ?

  9. “Слава” = Glory or russian name Slava.

  10. Game should be renamed to World of Premium Tanks.

  11. Andrewlik is awesome

    DezGamez, what do you reccoment they sell other than tier 8 prems?

  12. Still waiting for the regular Defender to come back in the shop…

  13. All this game needs- another Russian premium. And the way MM is going for tier 8’s right now, you will be buying this tank for the honor of being bottom tier pretty much every game you play in it.

  14. The paintjob is awesome, please just paint it on any building on Stalingrad map, no tank needed, thanks

  15. The filthy frank and idubbz reference made me smile

  16. “Stalin Guard!”

  17. do we already have more premium than normal tanks in the game?

  18. hahahaa! I loved that intro with filthy Frank! I laughed so hard!

  19. If WoT would shut down hope you still make some videos Dez.

  20. Switched subscribing from QB to this guy. He’s more human, puts more effort into his videos and the replays he does aren’t always premium gold FTW, and if he dies he’s still positive. Watching QB makes me remember why I stopped playing the game, Dez makes me want to try it again.

  21. this tank looks fine, not so great, why so expensive?
    this should be a part of a give away mission like t3485m

  22. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    lol so much animation!!

  23. I still can’t believe that this tank seems actually balanced.

  24. Trying to find a different game…..

  25. WG be milking as much money as they can before Wot dies

  26. It seems like a short range sniper, like the panther

  27. Hi, I play on the US server and I guess we are just a little ignorant over here. What is this “Tier 8” matchmaking Dez mentioned?

  28. this thing is like a fat T54 LTWT.

  29. you guys need to stop buying those prem tanks and teach WG a lesson. They are sucking your money out of your wallet and you just let them do it. Have a look in your garage and add all the $$ you spend on prem tanks, you will be surprise how much $$ you spent on a “free to play game” And let the bitching begin….
    love you video by the way Dez

  30. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    New medium tank, new tier8 medium tank, what a surprise WG *slow clap* *insert sarcasm*

  31. YES!!!!
    Filthy Frank!!!
    Love him. Are you subscribed to his channel Dez?
    Whatever it is, you are very well cultured!

  32. I would totally buy this… if WG ever fixes their game, please let us know in a review!

  33. Your actually pretty good on pronouncing Russian words

  34. ***DONT BUY ANY TIER 8 PREMIUMS!!!*** Tier 8 MM is fucked right now.

  35. Hey DEZ, Nice video, but if you have seen the last Q&A from WG you may know that a s**tstorm of NEW PREMIUM TANKS is INCOMING … so 🙁

  36. At least it is not OP like other premium tanks we know. ??

  37. “baby defender” ??? , his armor is garbage …

  38. +1 for Filthy Frank reference!

  39. €40 hahaha, the cost of premium tanks is ridiculous, why people pay that much money!

  40. When i saw the roadmap this month, saw new tank, i hoped, i prayed. I wanted a new low or mid tier premium. I knew it would be a premium, no doubt. But, ANOTHER fucking TIER 8? A fucking RUSSIAN MEDIUM, TIER 8. Fucks sake WG. What kind of tank restorations are you planning, to where you needs to pump out a new $50 tank every month or two. Jesus fuck. Better be a fucking good one.

  41. i want to punch the cunt at wg who is doing this to within an inch of his life

  42. Which has more premium tanks….soviets or germans?

  43. Another tier 8 tank to fight tier 10’s in all the time. Big woop.

  44. my kv 2 is gonna love this one

  45. Shit armor, shit premium penetration…

  46. 390 alpha with this gunhandling? I’d buy it if wasnt for the dreadful 3/5/7 Matchmaking – something to think about WG. PS: turret is not as good. Huge weakspot and if it traverses only by 20° the effective armor goes down to 170mm

  47. Btw you had already featured this tank in a previous episode called STG so this is old stuff for you… anyway I think its a copy of a Obj.416 and I feel the Obj. 416 is better …. anyway my opinion.

  48. *This is a pub*
    Hi dudes i upload my very first replay on youtube and i need opinions, he’s name is: “elc 420” (blaze it) if u want / if u can comment it i really need opinions of my good and bad/good choises
    thats not my channel i dont earn money if u watch publicity before see it, so my money is opinions ^^

  49. It’s tanks like these that make me love derp guns even more

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