► STG – New Upcoming Tier 8 Premium – “Swollen Object 416” – World of Tanks STG Preview

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Preview, Stats/Specs. , Tier Soviet Russia Premium .

► Information from: https://thedailybounce.net/
► Other stats from: https://tanks.gg

Yet another tier 8 premium medium tank on the horizon, this time from Soviet Russia… Yeah, tier 8 new upcoming Soviet premium medium tank “STG”… They are printing them like papers, but let’s take our first look at this thing and let’s see what they are thinking about making!



  1. Yes!! We need more Russian premium tank

  2. i was hoping for a premium german TD this week

  3. “Balanced”… You must be joking. “it seems ok” wtf dude? U seemed to be a very good wot youtuber…

  4. So what happens when the American dalek meets the Russian daleks plus the fat British dalek,I forgot the alpha dalek is the German called who took a liking towards rodents

  5. have object 416 , could be a better tank :/ (dpm is good but its hard to use it)

  6. It’s a Chrysler K but balenced

  7. 122 mm with 390 alpha no thanks give it the proper alpha

  8. Leedle lee Loddle doo

    hmmmm a swoll obj 416, ima buy it

  9. Good afternoon good sir! You sound like your in an excellent mood! Get laid?? 😉 😉 🙂 🙂

  10. It’s a 416 that hit the gym.

  11. Sergio González Torres

    I hope they dont make ridiculous tanks. This is good, but I wonder what extremes would WG go for money? *cough cough Ratte cough*

  12. Sergio González Torres

    Seems WG is using the Russian strategy. Quantity over quality

  13. Drummercommander

    Wow that gun is accurate! Forget the rate of fire!

  14. Cool. Keep it balanced. We like it that way ?

  15. just compare with t 34 3 and say it is balanced

  16. I agree with your opinion and updating a game a week is pretty hard but could be done so id rather have new tanks that be bought than some changes that may be rushed even when those changes are good

  17. yes wg more premium tanks more idiots

  18. For the love of christ another fucking premium. FFS Wargaming what the fuck is up with you fuckwits. Well that’s my community contributor invite gone.

  19. vladimir andric

    I would like to get WOT, or DG cup for coffie from famous youtuber 😀 I know this sound cheap but can you do something dez? Ill try to make some good replay for you 😀

  20. I made one mistake, and learn from that.
    Not to pay them even one cent.
    Btw, i remember you clip there you have been daying, after the lorr 40 will no be long time another new prem tank, but its seems they have fun from that, they invented every week new tank just to make money, but not give a damn about balance and fair MM.

  21. That T34… Even I would be smart enough to move after receiving 2 shots out of nowhere.

  22. I get your point too, but does it really matter when everyone don’t have the experience level as each other?

  23. wow a better pancake

  24. why don’t they just add a new line. and why not have a premium tank that corresponds to the style of play of a line. isn’t that how it was before anyways? they add a chi nu Kai, for example. and then they add a line that corresponds with it. you can literally make a whole new line out of all the premium tanks they have. like is-3 autoloader at tier 8 is-5 at tier 9 and the new object at tier 10. but no… they’re individual.

  25. Believe it or not I was hoping to see the T71 CMCD soon.

  26. world of premiums

  27. hahahaha STG 122mm with 212 pen and 0.32 accuracy is balanced hahaha. T34-3 also has 122mm but only with 175mm of pen and -5 gun depression. Also, this STG has rear-mounted turrent and has -6 gun depression, once this thing gets a tier 8 top match lol. GG WG balancing department lol. Wanna say something Sir Foch? lol

  28. It looks much like a stretched out version more so than swollen.

  29. all right dude I ‘ll buy ur beast mode 24 7…aslong as u deliver to canada

  30. Lol life is pay to win…get use to it younglings

  31. Great. Yet another russian tank. Yay. Yawn… No thanks. Can’t wait to see it’s soft stats and hidden soft stats.

  32. not again some stupid russian meds wich are all the same to play or maybe two parties were you can sort them in, we dont need russian meds, how wold ist be with er german havy, swed havy, american td, german meds, and so on and so on

  33. But why T-44 has 250 avg dmg when the 416 has 320 and has the same reload?

  34. Only low roll, damage is pretty bad. At first a thought the avg damage was 240~…. meh, I guess bad luck

  35. Why WG only releases premium T8 tanks? There are too many OP premium T8 tanks (just an example: Defender, T26E5 P, Crysler K GF and Skorpion G). Why WG always releases russian tanks? I would see some premium T6 tanks…

  36. Seems to be quite a good machine, great camo, awesome gun, fairly quick, i’d say it’s pretty dam good for sure.

  37. Everyone complains about the STG while no one noticed that the dude in the replay played the Obj416 below average 🙂 I think he uses shift to enter sniping mode and his left pinky was hurt so that’s why he shoot so many 3rd person longrange misses and bounces.

  38. God Damn! Look at the size of that Machine Gun! I’m getting a boner just THINKING about installing that beast on my Mobility Scooter!

  39. why does it have such high pen for a 122? the t-34-3 only has 175, and prem mm doesn’t count for tanks anymore as why should I sacrafice my tanks performance in order to not see those 3 tier 10s? where is the logic behind having tier 8s with prem mm anymore?

  40. Frederick Burkert

    So you balance the tank and that’s kewl. When the buyer is getting close to achieving MoE on his new premium, does he go for a high or full premium ammo load out?
    I have seen the Unicoms do just drop the std. Throw out HE and slide that Premium all the way to the right
    I wanted to buy premium account now that I have unlocked some 9s and 10s that I have been keen to play. But as I am going to be up against the ammo in balance then I’m not getting into wallet wars. Especially now their is the bonds imbalance coming through
    I’m not even going to play WoT anymore until they achieve ammo load out balancing. Or as SirFoch would say – FkU WG
    Hope it’s resolved as I will surely miss the game but not the pain. GL n HF all

  41. lol this game become pay2win now.. hahahaha f**k u wargayming

  42. Is it just me or does the average damage appear to be 290 and not 390?

  43. Elena Angelovski

    You say in video 13+ reload but how on video I counted not more than 7 sec reload?

  44. Dimitris Xouiazis

    wargaming pls stop doing new premium tanks you have to put in the game modern tanks

  45. Tomas Stimbirys

    WOT: idea 9/10, realisation 3/10

  46. MrPyromaster247

    says its not OP… only downside is low DPM… that means its op.

  47. Why make this gun so accurate ? Lame ass Russian balancing? Can the Germans have one common benefit?

  48. You say this tank is average but compare it to M4A1 Revalorisé …
    DPM is lower but everything else is3 way better
    this is my opinion

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