► Still The Stupidest Tank… With “Weak Spots” – World of Tanks Patch 9.20 Update Review

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Source: DezGamez

Review – Tank Rework/Rebalancing, New Chinese Tank Destroyers, New Game Mode, Features and More. World of Type 5 Heavy Gameplay. World of Tanks Object 268 Gameplay. World of Tanks AMX 30 First Prototype Gameplay.

test server is up and running and as promised, I am already there, to provide you some HOT content about all new things that are going to be here with this update. We are getting a lot of reworks rebalancing, new Chinese tank destroyer, new features and game mode and a lot more…

It is time to take yet another deeper look into some of most “interesting” reworks and rebalances with the upcoming patch 9.20… Type 5 Heavy remains the stupidest tank in WoT, IMO and Obj. 268 finally received some love from WG! 🙂

Stay tuned for more videos and information about World of Update 9.20!

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  1. Have fun and enjoy your weekend, Beasts!

  2. Thanks Dez .

  3. i feel like trolling someone today…

    read more

  4. I love this Tank, if y’all hate it get it and have fun with it

  5. Dez with the Obj 268

    The stalin ghost is with you 😉

  6. I don’t get why they have to nerf so many tanks, it really doesn’t matter even if you weren’t on test server, they use GOLD anywhere….

  7. Type 5… my favorite tank to play in the entire game.

  8. It seems they are changing the French 9 and 10 mediums from playing like the Leopards to playing like the STB 1. Speaking of the STB, is it getting any love? Its turret is very weak on top of poor gun handling.

  9. They can’t add large weakspots on the front of a tank that relies on its armor. If they add something really small and hard to hit, it would be fair, but not something large. Then that tank wouldn’t be used anymore, just sold and crew dismissed.

  10. Tomás Turbando Pinto

    Oh yeah sure WG, the issue with the Japanese HTs is that they didn’t have those tiny plates with -10 mm of armor compared to the rest of the upper plate… I mean get fucking real, the issue is that you have to try and search for “weak” spots on these tanks so you can maybe be lucky enough to have RNG on your side allowing you to penetrate it, while they can simply *right click and left click on you with a guaranteed 400+ damage for every single shot.*

  11. That 268 25%+ shell velocity buff ! Wow

  12. The japanese heavies should just never have gone into the game, their so broken

  13. You can just faceroll on the keyboard with a Type 5 heavy against anything not shooting gold … and they nerf the Maus … WHY?!?!?!!

  14. WG can’t balance for shit. “Weak spots” my ass. You still need gold to think about dmg’n that thing from the front, and it has a nasty gun still. They left the Batchat alone, which is strong as is one-on-one, but the real problem is when there are 2 or 3 together they become disgusting. They “buffed” the RU meds that didn’t need a thing. They buffed the 268 lol…… And yet they leave the Leopard 1 and light tanks to continue being TRASH, and don’t address the over problem of the game, Gold/Premium ammo. Wargaming sucks dick.

  15. At least the type 5 heavy will be easier to flank now

  16. not quite like a muppet, maybe an average green player

  17. The FV took you out because he could kill you, that takes a gun from the game.

  18. Why did they nerf the French meds accuracy? I hate my life that’s the reason I played the tanks

  19. RUssian accuracy

  20. totally agree with you Type 5 is the stupidest tank of them all

  21. The Japanese Heavy line is probably the worst group of tanks that wg’s has released. OP armor for their Tier and an even more OP derp gun for their tier(once you get to tier 5). WG needs to nerf the derp guns (not just the Japanese ones). It is nice to see them breathing some new life into some of the older TD’s, but for some I feel its too little too late (JagTig 8.8).

  22. says he isnt going to side scrape, does it 2 mins in the vid…

  23. Type 5 heavy is a joke. That gun is simply stupid. Obj268 deserved the buff and you’re right. It need more gun depression and some armor as well.
    Also IS7s buff is not enough. The problem with IS7 is its gun. Its too even for a tier 9 tank. Let alone tier 10

  24. They did not improve accuracy of the OBJ 268 but…. higher shell velocity also counts to accuracy in a way 🙂

  25. I think that as of in general, gun depression (unless it’s a distinct feature) and shell velocity across all should be nerfed. That would allow light an fast med to really enjoy their mobility.

  26. Still the stupidest tank with weakspots…..Every AT tank in the British TD line. Slow ass tank, giant ass commanders hatch, gun that can’t save itself. gg

  27. why the hell they didnt remove the derp gun that shit gun make armor useless

  28. I would hate to be a developer for Wot, everyone complains that armor means nothing, they buff armor, slow tanks are worthless they make “funnel” maps I mean it’s impossible to please this player base…

  29. “Type 5 is not alone, it has team mates”. Are you playing a different version of WoT than me where you can actually rely on your team mates to not be utter morons?

  30. It’s a russian tank!! (obj 268)

  31. Please read the comment,

    I wholeheartedly disagree that the Type 5 is over powered, you might ask why, and here’s the answer:
    1 Huge (This vehicle is so huge, that it’s usually very easy for the people to shoot it even with 0.5 accuracy over 500m)
    2 Very clumsy (Speed is relatively low, and it’s hard to get to the adequate positions in time)
    3. No camo (I had situation many times, being spotted on the very start of the game, making it very hard to escape, and go to position)
    4. Arty party (This vehicle is joy for arty, I had situation many times I was being track locked in place, enabling arty to sh^t over me)
    5. Premium magnet (Everyone shooting this vehicle uses premium ammo (90%) of the case, making it’s armour not so tough, and getting feeling like I am playing on test server)
    6. Armour (since couple of patches ago, many vehicles got armour boost, making it much harder to do some serious amount of damage)
    I had situation many times that I’ve dinged tanks with the HE, and when I say many times, I mean it.
    Also, couple of days ago, I dinged, yes dinged Bat Chat on the side of the hull, If you don’t believe me, comment, and I’ll send you the replay
    7. Damage (My HE gun average damage is 1400. No it’s not. My real average damage is around 320-330 dmg I would say. (170-500 on average)

    I love your reviews, but for the love of god, what does “stupidest” tank even mean?
    do not let yourself fall under the thought of many that the Type 5 is OP, I hope my argument provide some different perspective on the tank.
    Best regards to all of you,

  32. Japeneses….. trying to compensate little things….

  33. I tested Type 5 Heavy on common test and I must say that this tank is most idiot proof tank in entire game. You just go forward and shoot and you will do well. You dont even need to know weakspots… This howitzer shouldnt be at top tier. At least not at heavy armored tank.

  34. “Weak spots” was a typo, WG meant “Weaker spots” 😛

  35. Keep the armor, just change the premium rounds and it’ll be ok

  36. Nice “weakspots” WG. lol

  37. in the EU server wg decided don’t give any present for the 19th years of wg (was a t29 of tier III, but now they decided don’t give us

  38. World of Tanks Recenze a Replaye

    I think they MUST change Type 4 and 5 Heavy’s weakspot to about 230-240 mm.

  39. Lol wut did they buff the 268 accuracy? I’m pretty sure it was always an amazing 0.33

  40. can you show – whay are not push when are TD and SPG are support you-
    you now – you go behind clif and they are can not shoot- it is happened
    to me all the time

  41. i will sand you replay

  42. if the reload was at least 21+ seconds, better 25+ but no, 16 sec

  43. iS there 2 Tier 10 French TDs in the next patch? Both the AMX Foch 155 and AMX Foch B?

  44. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    defenetly i will grab my AMX 30 1er prot more often

  45. [-SBN-] OfficialTanker

    Not even 2 mins after he says he won’t sidescrape, He sidescrapes.

  46. How about change the prem shell not having more damage and same pen as its other HE round. Better yet give it regular fucking rounds, better yet fucking remove Jap heavies.

  47. Great video Dez, Im excited about the changes in 9.20. The armor changes are nice ,but when people hit the 2 key , it pretty much means nothing, but now gun handling and DPM they cant hit any key to negate that!!!!  I have the AMX30, grinding to the 30 B, I love this tank already. 9.20 will just make it better!!

  48. Alexander Stoyanov

    Really dez, I can’t believe Type 5 is op, no it’s perfectly balanced…fuck wg shit

  49. Then don’t fucking attack this tank frontal…. Problem solved.

    All medium rapers want moving Paperboxes

  50. “Trying to make the boost while your ass is on fire?” @17:15 Hahaha 😀

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