► STRV 103-0, God Mode! – Road To 103B – World of Tanks STRV 103-0 Review

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Source: DezGamez

STRV 103-0 Gameplay , Epic Battle. STRV 103-0, Tier 9 Swedish .

Today I finally decided to continue my Road to The STRV 103B series, because it about time to research and buy it!
As you can see, I am at tier 9 already, so only 1 more tank to go and in this episode I am going to show you couple of really awesome battles with tier 9 Swedish TD “Strv 103-0”. For some odd reason I was doing really good in it today, everything seemed to be working out like a charm!



  1. i am not here to see a gameplay or anything, i am watching ypur videos for the comments you make during the battles hhhhhhhhhhhhhh i really like em 😀 by the way thanks for the videos and keep it up

  2. I’m like 2 days away from getting enough credits to buy and equip my IS3 🙂 Life is good

  3. Swedish TD’s-magnet for trolls 😉

  4. Stopped at the UDES but I have all the bonuses from the Christmas event – I might get back to it one day.

  5. With new Matchmaking, tier 9 is the sweetspot to play these days.. tier 8 is just in the dumps.

  6. Tried to use a cool nickname but failed miserably

    I’m currently ~140,000 Experience away from the Strv 103B but one thing I can’t figure out about these tanks is how to keep a high WR on them. I have 56% on the Strv S1, 50% on the UDES 03 and 51% on the Strv 103-0.

    And the thing is I have an OK average damage on them, but I just can’t seem to keep a high WR. On the Strv 103-0 I have something like 2600 average damage which is higher than 95%+ of people who played it. And now that I have the top gun and engine the average damage is going up but the WR is still lame.

    One thing that’s worth mentioning is that most of the damage I deal is during early and mid game so when the end game comes I might deal one or two shots before I’m destroyed. So yeah I’m not simply farming damage during end game to boost my WN8.

    Any idea how to play these TDs consistently? If anyone could give me some tips about what I should do on the worst maps for these TDs that would be really helpful too. I wouldn’t mind trading average damage and stuff for a higher WR, I’ve seen people with over 20k battles and something like 1500 WN8 and 58% WR, I wish I knew how to do that.

  7. Kolega Reanimacy

    21:37 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  8. Dez! I’m a great fan of yours and following you since years. Could you make an another Kawasaki Z1000 episode? GoPro action going around the city and some sightseeing or anything like this? Would be amazing! Pls make a video about biking too! <3

  9. How it is going?
    Well today I got all the assholes in my games.
    Meds driving into you and that shooting you. And calling u out.
    Or me being in a spot first and a lower tier tank shooting shells into your back cause I was in his spot first.
    All add together. Pretty nice/normal day oh and the still godawful MM that I and all other tier 8 tanks have.
    Like with my Löwe to get credits to buy T-10 and driving my beloved JS3 tank to grind out the XP for the JS8 tank at tier 9.
    I mean T-10.

  10. I aced my udes (tier VIII) in my first battle in it. With the stock gun!

  11. how do you get to see your wn8 and stuff in your notification center dez?

  12. 15/1 in tier 10….. Wot is really a crazy game…. To delete..

  13. Jasper van Houdt

    Late Notification Squad reporting for duty o7

  14. “STRV 103-0 God Mode”
    *Takes Damage*

  15. Which mods do you use Dez :O?

  16. Škoda Is pronounced shkoda not “skoda” figured you would know this as an Estonian

  17. Well, its basically a Tortoise, just gets into places in time.

  18. You know what

  19. that tank suck, you can’t charge, heavily rely on good teammate.

  20. Hmm. Well it sure seem’s like if nothing else this is a tank that forces the user to think to do really well in it.

  21. Dez, I’d lime to get your opinion on how we players can be god-like in a tank one day and complete potatoes in the same tank the next day. I know I’m not suddenly forgetting, and then somehow magically remembering again, how to play my favorite tanks.

  22. I prefer grille over strv 103b

  23. What session statistic mod do you use Dez?

  24. mauschen with 13 dmg kill steal GG WP BB

  25. SchwarzenRegenGaming

    lol EU grinding

  26. Which Xvm do you use? I like the stats it gives you in the notification center.

  27. I want this penetration on my E25

  28. Thanks Dez

  29. ‘Siege mod is a bad thing ‘ What the f you want bro ?LOL fast – laser pointer – camper – well armoured tank without siege mode yeeeey

  30. This tank line is so broken. This and the Japanese heavy line are the worst right now…after arty of course.

  31. unfair plane, kemp bush

  32. Frederick Schulze

    I 3 marked my strv with 9 kills 6k damage earlier today. It’s a fun sniper 😀

  33. Road to Kranvagn pls 😛

  34. On console Xbox One I have 145,000Xp with the Blitzen.

  35. Most accurate gun in the game my ass it miss a lot full aimed shots it looks like the shells just got banished.

  36. Prokah… whatever that map is called is my favorite map to use S1 in, always do 4K+ dmg in that map unless I don’t so well

  37. @Suq MaDiq lol yea…

  38. I have 3 skilled womans on the udes, but i keeped the udes, so i had to start the strv from 75%. not the best for a tier 9

  39. these female crew voices are a sad joke.. was it the intention of WG to just give us the finger, or what? i mean we had better quality voices back in the golden days of amiga 500.

  40. Just a tip for your english, you are not supposed to pronounce the “h” in hour, it should sound like our instead of hower. Idk if you already know and your accent is making you say it like that but i’m telling you anyway to be sure

  41. yes yesterday was a good day, i almost managed too 3mark my bc 25 t 🙂

  42. I stuck by IKV 103 🙁

  43. Dez what about a video for top 10 tanks you recomend the most.Great video by the way??

  44. DezGamez What mod do you use to see the WN8 in your battles?

  45. Hi dez, when new face off??? Udes 03 vs strv s1

  46. Dez hi man, love your work.

    Have to point out the following:
    I know that you are always on the top of what people want to see, this time as well. However, as one of the people who is with the game for longest time, who knows it so well, what do you personaly think of having in the game vehicles which:
    – are practicaly invisible
    -have ludicrous penetration
    -the best accuraccy in the game
    -unbelievable alpha and dpm
    -cannot be reliably penned with less than 121 mm even when spotted.

    On the top of everything, these are made for camping, but also making other people camping for the reasons stated above, most of all because they are invisible (I had situation when these were firing at me from less than 100m and I could still not see them. Camping at the flat open and dissapear just like that).

    Are those game breakers? Is ti fair to have them in the game?

  47. What MODS you use Dez? And i dont know of you know but here in Portugal Dez is Ten Ahahahah.

  48. R you a man or a Mauz?

  49. What mod shows the wn8 in garage?

  50. heat is a bit of a problem for this tank

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