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World of Tanks Strv 103B Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Best Replays.

Patch update has been live for couple of weeks now and we are getting more and more super awesome battles with new tier 10 Swedish tank destroyer “STRV 103B”. Today you are going to see how “Burdenedfungus” going to work his ass off to bring victory to his team. Is he able to do that? Let’s find out!

Played by: Burdenedfungus
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/3182465#stats



  1. Hi, about 9k dmg with T57H, IronHigh, EU server

  2. If I remember I did 8 thousand dmg in my fav tank M48 Patton.
    username chancecoolness2
    server NA

  3. Highest damage dealt: 11.7k dmg with Foch 155
    Username: Sir_Flankalot
    Server: EU

  4. Marcin Wołczański

    between 5 and 6k on obj140

  5. 3800 dmg in jpanther
    DerMarioLegonberg EU

  6. I think 5000 DMG.
    ASIA server

  7. My best game in damage done is 2453 damage inflicted. My username
    Cloudheart server EU

  8. Happy New Year to All!
    EU server

  9. 7800 dmg with T110e3
    name: jacekwolica
    server: EU

  10. Still working on my high tiers (around 5-6k) but best damage so far was in
    an Object 704 and achieved 8,094
    Username: Boswellovich
    Server: EU

  11. Highest damage was in ISU-152 with 5.019 dmg
    Username: starfighterxxx
    Server: Eu

  12. highest damage was 6.7k with ISU152

    SShtef – EU

  13. 6584 dmg in the Skorpion G
    EU server

  14. My highest damage was around 4,9k in my Rhm. Borsig… not that impressive
    step_the_hunter EU Server

  15. My highest damage is 5000.
    username: ilpo1
    server: EU


    8673 cromwell fail matchmaking 2stPanzerDivision EU

  17. Nightwish “Tutorials” Gameplay

    My highest damage game was 6.8k dmg in IS-7
    Username: GospodinSRBIN
    Server: EU

  18. My highest dmg was with the E 75 almost 6k. Username: saskicamali, Server:

  19. 8100 dmg with Obj. 704.
    PetarPetrovic EU

  20. My highest damage was with my IS at 3.1k damage 🙂 .Happy new year Dez 🙂
    username: TheFlyingLemur server:SEA

  21. I had a 7,5k game in my Borsig while defending on Sand River. I had 300
    metres traveled only at the end of the game, as I just went up on a ridge
    line and enjoyed the shooting range. Last tank fled and I won on time
    running out.
    Username: helmario
    Server: EU

  22. 8275 damage with Grille 15.

  23. 8k dmg with leopard 1

  24. The highest is with Centurion AX with 8337. BullDg3R EU

  25. my better damage game is about 9000 damage with BC 25t

  26. 3000 damage in my su 122 44
    Server: EU
    Name: Pilgrimsfalk

  27. 5252 damage with b-c 25t!

  28. 6000 dmg with T-10 (IS-8)
    Username : UltimateKing99
    Server : EU

  29. 4092 in the centurion 1. JollyOlly18 EU

  30. Going for this td, already on 7tier LOVE THIS TANK.

  31. It was 6.9k dmg with Conqueror
    Username :NENADSERBIA
    Server :EU

  32. Highest dmg game was 7187 with Jg.Pz E 100

    Server: EU

  33. Highest dmg is on Rhm-Borsig 4496 dmg
    Name: CorSeD
    Server: EU

  34. Max dmg 6800. quazy, EU server

  35. Highest damage is 5783 damage in first battle in my fully upgraded
    Conqueror. OvidiusNaso; ASIA/SEA server.

  36. I did 8.4 k damage in my JgPzE100.
    user name: AOT
    server: NA

  37. My highest damage was 3k damage in the Tiger 1.
    SEA, Asia

  38. tvp 50/51, something like 9k dmg, tankowerston EU

  39. My highest damage is 4119 with JP II
    Name: dzeidzei1
    Server: EU

  40. 8,6k dmg (+2k spot :D) with T110E4
    Nick: IsacNewton
    Server: EU

  41. Highest damage game was in my obi 140, around 7.4k dmg

  42. my highest damage was 4 304
    pauloPNS EU

  43. Do you know I have no idea and I am on my phone and no way to check so I
    would say 4/5K
    username: LT_Borg
    server: EU

  44. tiger battle with 3.5 k damage i think
    StirlingMossGullwing444 eu server

  45. Name:HammerBg_2016
    is-3- 4600 dmg
    and i think the arty die on purpose becose he know that he have a good game
    and he is good person

  46. highest Dmg done in one battle is 6800 dmg with T30
    Username: Stepke84
    Server: EU

  47. JgPzE100 7,3k dmg I think.

  48. I’m not sure, probably 8-9k damage with JgPzE-100

  49. That wasnt even 11k dude

  50. Maybe 2k in my O-I experimental
    Cobaltchloride EU Server

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