► Super Conqueror Buffed! – BEAST Now? – World of Tanks Patch 9.20.1 Update

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay , Tier 10 . .

update test server version 2 live with a lot of new things and changes. This time Wargaming did it right, they buffed Super , they gave it much needed love before it was released to the game! It was super “MEEH” tank before, but now… I think it is where it should be!



  1. How are YOU doing today, all gucci? 🙂
    What do you think about this second version of the S. C.?

  2. test server and the save amount of gold spam than on live server how weird

  3. Great video Dez, its great to hear yor views on this tank since you already have and enjoy the FV-215B, I am in the Carnarevan t8 in that line so I doubt Ill be able to get the FV-215B before it is pulled.  I agree with you, this tank should have the same great gun handling as a replacement for the FV-215B , it looks like it will be a great tank now instead of just average.

  4. S conq looks like something from a SAW movie

  5. anyone knows if the fv4202 will atleast keep its turret buff?

  6. Hmh, I grinded the line to get the FV before it was removed, didn’t give a shit about the S.Conqueror. Now I’m really glad I’m getting it too 😀

  7. how long till they bring it to the live server?

  8. Your sound sux, it hurt my ears. Are you in a pipe??

  9. Tomás Turbando Pinto

    It’s finally competitive and I don’t think it’s OP, but the FV215b and T110E5 definitely need an armor buff now.

  10. it takes the retards 3 years to fix fv4005 and they have broken it before it has reached live server… rofl can’t have a brit tank being on the strong side, pathetic wg.

  11. So basicly now if you can hide your lower plate your immune to everything except premium which you are highly resistant to heat if you go hull down with this thing your immune to everything except TD premium lol pen ammo and even then it’s not 100% sure it will go through.

    Also let’s not forget this thing get apds and hesh combined with rof this thing can quickly change from shooting heavy tanks to shooting soft targets for massive 500+ rolls so if you are left with a bunch of tanks with less than 120mm of armor this thing suddenly has the highest dpm in the game

  12. This tank looks like E5 2.0 before be nerf…

  13. good they made the the reload time better and hope the FV4005 got nerfed because that was to much for that TD with a monster cannon and way to fast for that kind of cannon but GOOD and the super conQ I thought was pretty decent when it came out

  14. damn why do always talk about E5… there is another tank needs buff too like e100

  15. Christian Alboroto

    Really really good news for me.

  16. This Super Conqueror have a better outlook than Fv215b. But the track of S.C seems to look too old. WG should use some mantlets to cover tracks to make them look more moderm.

  17. Omg the only good british tank AND the people are crying like babys.

  18. Is it still a 20% chance of an enegine fire ?

  19. RIP T110E5. Alas you have been left to die by the cruel, heartless hands of WGing. You were a good tank with good frontal armor at the cost of armor everywhere else until the hoards of brainless fuckwit tomatoes had you nerfed back into uselessness because for them pressing the W key and the 2 key at the same time and not straight out killing an E5 that played well and kept his front armor to them was unacceptable. May the fuckwits burn in hell forever.

  20. The stats looks a lot better now. The gun handling etc should stay from Conqueror to SC. I bought 215B, because I expected SC to be trash so I at least had something when SC comes out. Now it might be worth it.

  21. They will nerf it soon again. They buff to make ppl waste money. Then fuck them over. Nothing will bring me back to this game.

  22. (game)
    to much difference between tiers
    (this tank)
    to much precize for a havy

  23. im laughing at all the bitches whining in the comments about how its too good now. whats the matter? arnt the british allowed to have a decent tier ten? theyve been so bad for so long people are freaking out at the idea of the fv4005 and the SC being able to compete. its a tier ten tank. if people dont fear it somethings wrong, and now that people do fear these tanks, all is as it should be. and the hull is still paper its far from unkillable.

  24. thx wg next op shit tank

  25. Dez, you are forgetting that the turret and upper plate are better than FV215b and Super Conqueror has literally twice the side armor. FV215b is useless now, imo.

  26. Erm, it replaces FV215b, not FV215b (183), but I guess you just misspoke.

  27. I hope WG buffs the cheeks under the sides of the turret on the FV251b a little. It is very nice, but a bit too flawed at the moment, compared to all the newly buffed tier X heavies.

  28. its typical for russians that they ll try to TK you

  29. I wish they replaced my E5 one day

  30. That new HD model on FV215B is actually nerf because they removed those boxes on the turret ring.
    before it was shot the box and pray but now you actually see what you shot

  31. So no fv4202 turret buff?

  32. Thanks Dez as ever for the update, looking forward to playing the SC even more now 🙂


  34. Before you know it every tank in the game has 10 degrees off gun depression

  35. Dimitris Psomiadis

    I only recently managed to get the FV215B. Is it worth to retrain any existing crews for it, or should I wait for it to become a crew trainer instead?

  36. What did you all think about the prammo on world of tanks Blitz? So if you want to have more pen, you do less dmg?

  37. xBadger - Terrible gameplay

    Hi Dez, just wanted to say that you’re my favourite youtuber. Your channel is constantly growing, and I think it will just keep getting bigger(200k HYPE). Thank you for the awesome effort you put into your channel and your videos, I always find them entertaining?

    And also, I would love to see you play some other games, not necessarily war related games only, but games from other genre’s too. That would be awesome to watch?
    Keep it up?

  38. So pretty much flat turret, and -10 degrees of gun depression?? How about buffing the reload time some more to ~5sec?? LOL WG morons…..

  39. WTH is that reload??? 6 second reload are you kidding me.

  40. Alexander Stoyanov

    That gun depression buff on the Super Conq is absolutely unnecessary…typical wg for you there

  41. all aboard, motherfucker

  42. I think maps should not be rectangular. How cool would it be if the map outline was on that darkened area? The minimap would look better and more realistic. I think the maps should be based on real places or just more realistic. Look at Ghost Town or Pilsen or Prokhorovka. Some of the map is symmetrical and totally unnatural. The size could vary too. How awesome would a massive valley be? The heavies could fight in the bottom, the mediums could could flank around, the lights could sneak through the trees and scale the sides of it, TDs in the back, rocks for side scraping, perches for snipers, but cover for the sniped. Please implement maps with spots for all classes. Where does a light go on Pilsen? Where does a Leapord 1 go on Ghost town? Do all the heavies have to pack into A1 on Malinovka? Why do heavy tanks have better win rates? Why must a tier 7 light get slapped by tier 10 heavies on Himmelsdorf. Every battle on Port a bottom tier light yolos down the middle bridge and drives off so they can go and play their Skorpion G. So much potential, so little progress

  43. Cmon man, make one with that buffed Type59, it has been years since it was usable.


  45. I can’t wait for this tank. My 215b catches fire twice a game even with preventative maintenance. How does your not burst into flames?

  46. Those new maps look sick!

  47. Hey how you feel about the T10 getting replace by the new object 257

  48. I don’t know, it seems to me now that Super Conqueror is better than T110E5 in every single aspect. E5 is a little bit faster when moving forward. Thats all.

  49. george marnelakis

    I think its time to rethink the prm ammo usage in WG, its getting frustrating!

  50. Anyone surprised the a’hole in the Maus is RU player? No, I didn’t think so

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