► SUPER CONQUEROR, New British Heavy – World of Tanks Patch 9.20.1 Update

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Conqueror Gameplay Review, Tier 10 British Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Patch 9.20.1 Update.

World of Tanks patch test server is up and running, this time with a huge focus on British tanks. Medium tanks, heavy tanks and tank destroyers in the British tech tree are getting buffed a lot, including good old “S**tbarn” aka FV4005 Stage II… This tank, after patch 9.20.1 update is simply mad!



  1. Gooooooooooooood morning everybody! 🙂
    Beautiful sunny weekend, enjoy it!
    And btw, that intro was made with my mouth, I just found out how I can add some effects to my sounds in Sony Vegas. 😀

  2. wg brings you all the stupid decisions … they are like the masters of fucking up

  3. Why not on 60fps?

  4. I don’t know what it is… Every time i play my FV215b, i get penned in my turret cheeks by gold ammo. But when i see YouTube videos of the FV215b, pretty much those same shots bounce. I don’t get it

  5. WG should really give this tank a bit more gun depression, just to compensate the loss of aim time and dpm.



  6. i hate wz111-5 than this

  7. Pls buff the FV armor lol

  8. wth is with the van dame crap lately?

  9. Ed Arandia Dela Cruz

    How can i join the test server i wanna join ????

  10. are there any new hd tanks?

  11. Well i think that de FV was shit

  12. The super conquer doesn’t feel any different it feels like I’m playing a conquer at tier 10 with space armor and more hit points

  13. Another WG bullshit no pen turret with laser gun….

  14. FUCK WG this just an average or even weaker version of the Fv215B why don’t they just give us the Chieftain like in consoles

  15. Super conq is meh, fv for lyfe and the 13 105 is love now

  16. I think that this tank could work if they extended the armor package to the sides

  17. So this tank have better overall armor but worse everything else?

  18. Erick Raúl Sánchez Pérez

    Dont forget they are also nerfing the conqueror tier 9 dpm cause they giving it more armor that will get penned anyways cause everyone is spaming prem so not a good trade off for t9 conqueror.

  19. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    Chieftain is a boss in consoles, here we have this ‘Super Conqueror’…ok.

  20. I need help 113 or wz111 5A

  21. Sadomasochistic Hamster

    Too salty for some reason.

  22. Only played world of tanks for 7 years since closed beta… and still waiting on the Chieften, yet they’ll include fantasy tanks no problem…

  23. mid and high tier shell velocity plz 😛
    love when you play your boomstick tanks so test server yes plz 😉

  24. Dez? Could i send you a replay that pretty much shows the strength of S.Conqueror?
    (of course test server)
    btw. it doesnt work on your website

  25. wow the chieftan looks way better than

  26. TheAutisticGamer1996

    They will probably buff it with in the next patch after being released.

  27. I hate this tank . i played on test server . pens everything in any tank you are . and teh Fv 4005 shitbarn is soo baaaad..50 kmh on derpinator straight outta forrest :))

  28. I hope they will boost this tank a bit is really not good..slow not mobile at all so sluggish…

  29. you have a front mounted turret it is automatically better

  30. Nice video again, thanks for info 🙂

  31. …. What’s next wargaming Leopard 2s M1 Abrams t-72s and t-90s sorry but armored warfare’s got you beat there don’t even try it.

  32. You would expect the range finder to be weak spot like Foch. But guess what, it’s only spaced armour. That just make sense.

  33. Maybe you can show new t-34-3? Good vid btw

  34. Compare it to an E5 because that’s it’s closest competitor now. The fv215b has and always will be a very niche tank.

  35. Dez awesome review. Work on your James Bond type opening scene, you missed. Can you show us some French Tier X arty?

  36. I don't care that you broke your elbow

    i play fv cuz its better, play this cuz it looks cooler

  37. Not having the stupid front engine make this tank so much better, and now you can actually use depression with front mount turret. As an owner of the FV215B I can assure its performance is no near to the paper stats, plus in both situations of the video you would have been raped bad, first due to turret and second due to the top of the engine deck (it can’t stop nothing coming from high ground).

    Another point, the front turret let you make more shoots without relaying on the gold ammo, cause you can use the turret to stop things actually.

  38. I wish I was able to play on the test server with 30-60 ping xD I play usually with 190+…

  39. Could you play the Centurion AX with its new turret armor? Or maybe the FV4202?

  40. I think all heavy tanks are Meh.. Love me so Van fuk Damn…so dang cool

  41. i wonder when they gonna buff the IS 4

  42. Oh no, not the Effe215B.

    Sorry Dez, that is all I hear now..

  43. Seems like this tank isn’t as much better than Fv as I thought it would be.

  44. I will like this tank over FV 215 B. Strong hull strong turret I take it all day everyday.

  45. Just in case nobody has noticed yet, the turret of the S.Conqueror is slightly different the the Conqueror (it’s a little more streamlined) which may account for the somewhat better turret armor

  46. Have they said or given any reason why they aren’t adding the Chieftain? It would be easy to add and everyone wants it.

  47. why didn’t wg just buff the armor on the fv (not 2 ridiculously) and HD model it? that would’ve been way better.

  48. I guess “MEH” really sums this poor tank up. Maybe if it had 50 rounds of ammo and 10 degrees of gun depression or if the 120mm did 440 alpha instead of 400. As this is it’s just……..meh.

  49. Tier 9 aim good than tier 10.

  50. WG. Under orders from Putin to dumb down British tanks and buff the HeaT34

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