► Super Satisfying T30… When The Boomstick Behaves! – World of Tanks T30 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay , Epic Battle. World of Tanks , Tier 9 USA .

In my second episode today you are going to see the most satisfying battle with tier 9 USA tank destroyer “T30”. Usually this 155mm boostick not going to behave like this… And I really did not want to end my day with such an epic fail that you saw in my previous episode.

► Player: Jauhesammutin
► Replay: http://dezgamez.wot-record.com/replay/30732/jauhesammutin_t30_sand_river_93k_dmg

► Music used from https://soundcloud.com/ehrling :
Ehrling – You And Me



  1. Come on you are from Estonia which is really close to finnish language you can say that name 😀

  2. DezGamez put in a ticket that you accidentally researched the wrong tank (happened to me before) and you have the video also so it should be no problem, wot customer service will reverse it as long as you didn’t buy the tank.

  3. Yo Dez are we going to see you at tankfest next year?

  4. Am I the only one that noticed the damage of his first 3 shots? 783, 773, 763.

  5. What kind of freecam are you usine with your replays ?

  6. I still feel bad dude

  7. I remember the days you could even snipe with a KV-2 deep gun ?

  8. Public test server on my end , lags like a Bit*h with 2 second delay , I’ll drink a cold one buddy !

  9. The lttb might be a better light tank than the T-44

  10. Its ya boiii naked molerat

    since when is the T30 a tier 9?

  11. Face off:
    Black Prince Vs Is Vs Kv-3

  12. 132 vid was a good one. GLHF

  13. fought a t30 in my is3 once….. full health ammoracked in the first few seconds of the game XD

  14. hell yeah! so many great videos coming from a beast channel! well done man, keep up the awesome work!

  15. Enjoying your WZ 120 Dez? ?

  16. How is your wz-120 when are you going to up load a video on that?

  17. Marshall Allshouse

    three videos? how can i complain?

  18. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    So uh Dez how is your WZ-120 Grind going? ?❤

  19. My favorite tank in the game.

  20. please DEZ come back to Armored Warfare!! WOT is so boring now!!

  21. Pro: nice game and RNG you got there m8. GG
    Noobs: He’s lucky to get that kind of RNG, even I can do it better if I got that kind of RNG, poor game, T30 OP, powercreep, uninstall WoT now.

  22. Just goes to show how bad the game mechanics are. Tanks with super accurate guns can have mis after mis and tanks with inaccurate guns can be precise as hell…………….

  23. Dez, jauhesammutin is Finnish and means fire extinguisher

  24. I love my T30 and it’s one of my most played tanks but I have never ever had accuracy like this. Never. Its mostly every second shell that hit 🙂 that’s the reason why I play it almost like heavy in front lines.

  25. Luckiest T30 driver ever

  26. ?WoopWoopWoop DEZGAMEZ! ?

  27. Hey Dez, upload more HE only vids. (Arty not included)

  28. Zohar Zabelinsky

    GJ nic3 video !

  29. Frederick Burkert

    Dez I licked your video on grind to WZ 120
    And this one gets a lick too – love the last shot pixel hunt. Recently had a nice battle in T30 for 6k hull down on Sevenoaks – not quite adrenalin rush like a bottom tier kv13 but the result screen is kewl as always

  30. I really love your small intro, with the music. Your videos are great, because the quality is hir !

  31. God mode RNG…

  32. Suomi mainittu! Torille!!!

  33. Matias Paavilainen


  34. 2nd shot while stunned. 2 grille bounces wtf
    like the damage model on pc. Big streak of turret missing. platooned with 4 tier 9s and got 4 crucial contributions in 2 hours. 3 in a row though

  35. Henri Liimatainen

    jauhesammutin = fire extinguisher

  36. Finnish power

  37. Really. They say premium should only give a 15X reward on credits. and look here.Without premim 1500 with premium 37000.

  38. Dez finnish and estonia languages are pronounced pretty similarly, yes it means tulekustuti, different but if you say jauhesammutin as you would pronounce anyother word. You would best it without practice. =) btw epic content!! you rock dude.

  39. T30 is such a beast, jut got my third mark, i love it so much ! (don’t worry i love you channel too ^^)

  40. I love the T30 and rapid video uploading. Thanks Dez! By the way, how’s the WZ-120? ??

  41. love this song in the intro! heard it a while ago(in january) and downloaded it. please edit much more songs like this! keep up the good work dez! 🙂

  42. Players name is PowderExtinguisher. Btw don’t you estonian people know something about Finnish?

  43. Urgent antidopping to that t30 crew please…

  44. Mihajlo Cvijetic

    I just quit playing WOT today,every time I play it I get more and more upset,what’s the point of playing game you dont like,but I will keep watching your videos cause the youtubers are the only good thing about WOT.

  45. Never selling my t30, it’s sooo good

  46. wtf that t95’s shot is so intense look at the fckng turret

  47. suomi mainittu torilla tavataan mä tuon makkaran.

  48. REALY GOOD loved the replays… MAKE IT MORE

  49. my past few t30 games: 20 shots fired, 17 hits 6 penatrations -.- all of shots derped into the tracks at point blank range

  50. Frédéric François Chopin

    This was only possible because he was platting with 2 russian bias tanks.

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