► T-100 LT, TIER 10 LIGHT TANK – World of Tanks T-100 LT Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay and Preview. Tier 10 Light Tanks – SandBox 2.0 – Phase 3 . Patch 9.18+ Update News.

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Oh boy, what do we have here today? Are those tier 10 light tanks? :O
Yes they are and in this episode I am going to take my first look at one of them, tier 10 from Soviet Russia – “T-100 LT”.

All tier 10 light tanks:
– USSR/Soviet T-100 LT
– USA/ XM551 Sheridan
– China/
– France/French AMX 13 105

I am try to make preview episode about all of them, will see. 🙂

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  1. Got my video approved by WG and here is my first episode about tier 10 light tanks, focusing at “T-100 LT”, tier 10 Soviet light tank.

  2. Of course the Russian light tank gets armor.

  3. It is perfect to rush B!

  4. Beerheim ́s Channel

    Last nail in the coffin for medium tanks..

  5. Another one of these robot voice vids…

  6. um… it look like t62A have a child with a light tank I guess. Freaking OP

  7. so now premium conso will repair/heal all module/crew + faster repair/crew protection + reduce cooldown?!?! wtf is wrong with this devs

  8. Tell NO!!! to T9/10 light tanks, dont ruin actual T8 lights! Lights are scouts, T10 lights are beasts…

  9. It’s a tier 10 ELC with a turret. Nuff said.

  10. how many of you guy like to rush to enemy base at the first minute, this is the tank for you. thx for the video

  11. The upper frontal plate is literally 36% of the weight of this tank. I only calculated it as being 300cm*200cm*12cm*(7.6g/cm^3)=547200g= 5.472t The tank is just somehow magically lighter with no weight accounted for individual road wheels, suspension components, gun, or components.

  12. Do we really need this in the game?

  13. sadly the HE ammo is trash

  14. DG you make me want to play lights! why u do this!? LOL

  15. How is thing allowed to exist in the game with those unrealistic stats…
    There will be no reason in owning any of the other Light tanks except maybe the German one.

  16. Justin justintheman

    what i thougt the video was x2 replay speed

  17. Cooldown and the nerf of FV215b 183 were copied from the mobile WoT game.

  18. Also, Soviet tanks are not known for their crew comfort. Take the historical T-34 for example. Crew must be very cramped in this vehicle.

  19. oh look an unrealistic overpowered russian tank who would have thought it! Wot gets NO MORE MONEY from me …

  20. I’m glad this is just the sandbox cause these things at tier X are monsters, the power creep is showing even more, but again just sandbox. We’ll see what really happens with them.

  21. PixelBucket {Razor The Fox}

    I’m excited for tier ten lights, but this… this has made me uninstall. More absolutely stupidly broken Russian machines.

    I’m just gonna stay on blitz where our devs actually give a shit about balance.

  22. this tank is fun to play tho

  23. soviet bias created a light tank that does as much damage as a TD

  24. This is not a light tank, should be a medium.

  25. 6:00 I love how he bounces a Grille 15’s shot and doesn’t even mention it. Must be commonplace for tier ten lights.. lol

  26. 2:28. Good god, it looks like the footage is being played at 3x speed

  27. Also this thing plays more less like a light tank and more like some super hybrid of light and medium. Its like you took a mule and put it on ALL the steroids

  28. what i dont get is why nerf the existing LTs when they will just have the same MM in the end tier 8 amx 13-90 as of 9.17.1 tier 9-10 MM tier then you take patch 9.whatever and tier 9 nerfed amx 13-90 tier 9-10 MM all the LTs are basically already 1 tier higher than they are as far as MM is concerned

  29. That turret on a real tank would have 0 gun depression. Too low of a turret.-Former US Army M1A2 tanker.

  30. Can’t wait to see replays of the T10 lights on your channel

  31. That power to weight is way to high. I also so him bounce a Grille 15 round. No way that should happen for a light tank.

  32. My first thought is IF they introduce the tier X lights all the MAPS need attention. I mean, that’s the case now already but they would need to do some serious tweaking and stretching to accommodate this really unprecedented play style these will bring

  33. It’s so god damn fast

  34. Whats the letters and signs in mid of screen?

  35. T-100 looks like a modified BMP-1

  36. This will make tier 8 so much fun.

  37. Oooohh boy I cannot wait!  That tank looks so fast it reminds me of light tanks before the physics change.

  38. It will be really funny to try to turn my vk72k turret if he drive around me and have no chance to shoot at him.
    Question: is 2950dmg (avrg) after 80 matches on vk72k good?

  39. are you russian or something dez? i cant figure out you accent

  40. super heavy will be fucked .

  41. 55 specific power ratio.. holy shit.. But the engine is gonna be nerfed to something like 550ish, i bet.

    Also.. this tank makes the soviet medium tanks obsolete lol

  42. next vid do the T10 american one i think is the moust intresting from all the branches

  43. I love LT, but this is tank for 11 or 12 tier.

  44. did WG force you to add the watermark to the video?

  45. …..

  46. Light tank my ass
    WTF is this shit?
    WG you fucking russian retard

  47. Russian tanks=auto OP:)
    Its time to balance mm not add new tanks..

  48. Cristian Villanueva

    No, thats way too fast with that much amour i thought he was speeding the replay! #NotBalance!

  49. Supah stronk stalinium doesn’t weigh alot clearly. Wg really is made out of idiots

  50. Gheorghita Cristea

    compared with others tier 10 LT’s there just one thing to say: OP. Just to compare it with the German: better mobility, better armour, lower profile. Wtf they are smoking

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