► T-100 LT, TIER 10 SOVIET RUSSIA LIGHT TANK – TAKE 2 – World of Tanks T-100 LT Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks T-100 LT Gameplay and Preview. World of Tanks T-100 LT – Soviet Light Tank. World of Tanks Tier 10 Light Tanks – SandBox 2.0 – Phase 4 Review.

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I am back on World of Tanks Sandbox 2.0 test server to test out some more tanks. After a little break, WoT: Sandbox is back, up and running after Wargaming did they first tweaks and changes to those vehicles. Some got nerfed, some got buffed… T-100 LT however, from Soviet Russia got nerfed.

All light tanks:
– USSR/Soviet T-100 LT
– USA/American XM551 Sheridan
/Chinese WZ-132-1
/ Rheinmetall Panzerwagen
– France/French AMX 13 105

What do you think about those changes, needed? Leave your feedback in the comment section!



  1. Anton Anktonkovich

    Nerfing tanks proves the shitty arcade aspects of the game.

  2. It’s pretty difficult to tell the exact measures of the upper front hull plate, but if it’s 1.5meters square (it’s probably bigger…) and 120mm thick, it alone weighs 2.1 tons out of the total weight… add the rest of the armor, turret, the tracks, wheels, engine, gearbox, gun, ammunition, etc., and the 15.3 tons total weight starts to seem unrealistically low to me.

  3. I’m grinding for it already ^_^ 😀
    wait a second… 2000 dpm and .44 accuracy with 248 premium pen at tier 10? :/
    So having this on a team would be only for scouting I see what WG is doing, but then the hitpoints shouldn’t make sense to be that low if the tank already is weak 1 vs 1

  4. Great video man

  5. That subtle “BLAZE IT” gave me a good laugh xD

  6. Makes very little sense to nerf the t7/8 lights because they won’t be +3 anymore, while raising them a tier so they will still face t10. So many meds are now faster that this update will kill the light tank line.

  7. why this game it is not funn anymore? every weak is more NO FUNN…
    I hawe to play something else. I do not want RNG and no LOGIC things .
    Why Armored Warfare is so fun…why you hit 99,9 shots day by day, artilery is epic..i like it a loot..
    Bad direction of this game….harder missions every day like we are all expert or like we play all for vn8…pf…shame WG

  8. Why are they being nerfed… shouldn’t tier 10s be able to properly fight other tier 10s? Wargaming is drunk or something, there is literally ZERO reasons to get a tier 10 light tank, they will just be a disadvantage to your team.

  9. You have to remember that the 120 mm frontal armor isn’t made of steel; it’s made of Stalinium (which is like 100 times lighter than steel with twice the armor protection). Give it 500m snap shot capability and it should fit right into the Soviet stable of tanks.

  10. Hmm. I mean really that armor is still far to high for only being a 15 ton light tank. If it’s going to keep that armor it’s engine power per ton ratio should drop even more to something more like 30-35.

  11. you keep adding “if they are auto aiming”
    well if you dont aim dont be suprised to bounce
    autoaim is op enough as it is,lets not balance tanks around that

  12. When will the next common test come out for the next patch?

  13. Could you be more specific about what “article” you are talking about at 11:13? 🙂

  14. Sheridan, no armour and has a heat shield…. I don’t think anyone will be firing heat a Sheridan.

  15. gun depression should be one degree with such a low turret.

  16. dat introtune

  17. I hope tha change the missions to!!!!!!

  18. סלין עזרא

    those lights are useless in field period. i played them and against, total useless, waste of time. the stun mod going to kill this game, noobs and others will retire the game quick.

  19. It´s nice that you want to nerf the worse their X ligth tank. Sure you can get some bounce if you are lucky but look at your games. You don´t bounce much. The gun is to bad to compete with other tier X light tanks. But I would be happy if they nerf the armour to get a better gun so that tank didn´t have to suck so much compare to other tier X light tanks.

  20. NO WG.. NO! id say nerf the armor and buff the mobility you retarded monkeys they are russians right? ahh no wonder

  21. In WOT, balanced mean ‘lel’ in russian, aka ‘look at that fucking op german tank, need more stallinium’.

  22. i think the hull armor is ok at 120mm. This way the tank has a speciality. 100 mm at tier 10 is pretty much useless.

  23. I’d really like to see the “Sekrit Dokuments” this thing is based on…
    Its okay comrade. Its supposed to have next gen stalinium armor weighing half of capitalist steel tenks with same protection!

  24. They should just leave the armor how it is

  25. dat physix on the tracks in begining pathetic

  26. good work DEZ , keep going! Nice Videos!

  27. Pls dont nerf the RHM, pls dont nerf the RHM

  28. Does this mean they didn’t change much for ze german LT? Cuz I’m so freakin pumped!

  29. Dez, your editing is amazing! Everything you do in your videos is so good! Keep it up, you’re the best WoT Youtuber ever!! 🙂

  30. why are they nerving them? well nice still 1500 HP and worse stats gg WG.
    Anyways I`m still looking forward to this tank.

  31. so now the small medi kits repair all crewman but have a longer timer then the big medikits??

  32. 12:00 T-100 LT what are you doing?
    *Looks at the name: _RU . .
    Ok never mind, forget the question.


  34. Russian Bias, of course not! Much balance! Much stalin armor!


  36. 12:26 you missed the falling tree

  37. Well I am fine with the gun and it still quite capable, I agree with the armor part, but then I remember how many tier 6s and 7s bounce on T-50’s armor and… well.

  38. pls can someone tell me what I get if I have t54 light in my garage?when this update happen.
    I sold it after 22 games but I can rebuy if it means something?
    I also have t49 without crew as I moved them to t54e1

  39. 아무것도안하고 구독자10000명찍기

    T95vsMaus or E100.

  40. I dont like these overpowerd lights.

  41. when we can expect that update?

  42. Dez are they planing on giving the LTTB 5° of gun depression when they move it up to tier 8??? Those 3° are really bad for it now… In tier 8 it would be even worse…

  43. Matias Paavilainen

    Light tank cant have 120mm armor and still have grazy top speed and power to weight. It is tje most OP tank ever. If you even manage to hit it you bounce. Nerf hard. Sheridan has no armor but it is slower than t100 lt. Is this balanced? Light tanks should not have any armor. WG NERF THIS!

  44. Gallant Fatco Razy

    vodka tank with nice cammo, nice speed, nice gun, nice armor… need more ?

  45. Drop the armor for a bit better accuracy?

  46. I still dont understand WG. They give this tank 120mm or armour and the USA tier 10 Lt 14!!! How is that balanced?

  47. Still the ugly ass of XM551 Sheridan and not the gorgeous M551. :p

  48. sheridan looks so much better now :O

  49. thanks for these reviews, very nice and useful! A suggestion: can we have a tutorial on what would be required to prepare to have t10 lights, i.e. is there any sense to build up xp on t54 ltw to just unlock t100 when it comes out?

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