► T-103 – Upcoming Tier 8 Premium Destroyer – First Look & Specs – World of Tanks T-103 Preview

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Preview Ó Stats and Pictures. – Tier 8 Soviet Russa (USSR) Premium . New Premium Tanks.

Information from: https://thedailybounce.net/

Hello everyone!

Yes, yet another tier 8 premium tank destroyer on the horizon, so better be ready. This time we are going to be blessed by tier 8 Soviet Russia tank destroyer “T-103”, with amazing 130mm B-13 gun… In this episodes, let’s take our first look at some pictures, armor model and specs.

Let me know what you think about that!

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  1. Giant armourless soviet td?? is it going to have an autoloading 130mm? because it would be too “underpowered” if it didn’t (by soviet standards”

  2. That tank does not look sexy at all.

  3. Such a good looking & sexy elegant Russian TD, (taps white cane around vehicle).. Time to feed my guide dog…????

  4. plz stop this…anyone out there plz go to wg hq and get a riot going on

  5. Did actually exists,was called object 103

  6. it’s almost as if wg is a Russian company and favouring only Russian prem vehicles…………..

  7. @ 3:46 how the fuck did he hit him lol

  8. Hey Dez, do you know if there are any new Russian medium premiums coming out soon? I don’t really want to buy the outdated T54 mod 1, and the t-44-100 is basically a standard t-44 with 100 mm gun… So any ideas if there will be anything instresting coming from Rashaaa? man needs to do some crew training

  9. When is the Kv 4 getting an HD model Dez?

  10. Russian TD? Looks like KV with a huge turret. It’s only missing machine guns and then it would be another premium heavy tank.

  11. Bet you anything it’s going to cost some where between 40-60 bucks. More if packaged with gold, equipment etc etc.

  12. Dez please make some videos that directly address some of the game issues. If people that have influence like you put some pressure on something might happen this century.

  13. It looks like KV-5 and SU 100Y had a baby 😀

  14. Holy Jesus
    What is that? What the fuck is that!? (T-103, Chrysler K)

  15. Hull is the T-100 Heavy tank, just like the SU-100Y.

  16. Blech…. never mind the credit crunching premiums how about some more maps fer the luv of mike?

  17. T-103 is SU-100y with turret lol

  18. the gun sounds to me like an ISU 130

  19. looks like a Lowe mixed with the box tank mantle

  20. another day
    another prem

  21. a new premium what a surprise.

  22. nah lets just give the pro clans more OP special tanks so they will keep suckling that WG nipple

  23. The tank is off the hull of the su100y

  24. Looks alot lke the su100y

  25. I only bought T54 mod 1 and i got Dicker Max from missions. I ain’t giving any more money to fcking WG.

  26. Monstrous Agar And More!

    When WG has no more premium tank ideas lets add a tank like Centurion but swedish and rename it STRV 81

  27. WG has went crazy. It’s all about money. Premium tanks coming out like crazy (mostly OP), heavy tanks that can’t be penetrated with standard ammo. Gameplay is ruined long time ago because of those OP premium tanks, noob players with few games allowed to buy tier 8 tanks and shit on game for everybody, no limit on premium rounds which has became ridiculous (no more weakspots knowledge required, just press 2 and win), OP tanks that have no weakspots (T110e5 before, now Maus and Type 5) so again spend money and win or go f**** yourself.

    Play To Win game.


  29. yet another premium tank…. yup enough WoT, time to find a new game that isnt fueled by developers that are completely incompetent at making a game. I’ve seen games that are 100% rng but are 10x better than this piece of trash.

  30. We need light premium tanks ….

  31. wtf kinda name is that

    Nice another tank that never left experimental stage…

  32. Alexander Stoyanov

    Finally something in which I can train my 263 crew and make a ton of money in the same time 🙂

  33. shishx the animal

    People don’t understand that SerB’s space program to fly to the moon is far from being cheap. That’s why they’re releasing so many new premium tanks. :thinking:

  34. So..? Lets release one prem after another and make them all so much better that u have to buy them and just cry when u habe old ones? (IS-6, …?)

  35. I want an AMERICAN tier 8 TD with turret!!! :p

  36. Evolved form of SU-100Y. Better pen, reload time, aim time, turreted, less crappy armor, bigger(I think).

  37. we need a premium russian light tank

  38. I like how the SU-100Y spend all of his ammo to get that medals. And how lucky that SU-122/44 to get an AFK (two bounces on rear? wth).
    Back to T-103…. well, yeah, it kinda worrying how often WG release these new premiums. Even if it is not OP like 252 or T26E5, too many new premium give the players wrong messages. Okay, new contents are needed to keep people interested with game, but not with new premiums.

  39. WOPT = World of Premium Tanks :))

  40. Dez, always great commentary.  Thanks again!

  41. i want a tier 8 american tank destroyer!!

  42. So they might add another tier 8 prem with better stats than most regular tier 8s, tier 8 is rapidly becoming pay to win (or at least pay to have a better tank) – very clear that wargaming are not learning from their past mistakes (type 59 back in the day).

  43. Dez, I know it’s been said many times. But the constant question of ‘Do we need it?’ is annoying to hear. Everything is about money. So keeping quiet about that question would save you a lot of time since it will never change.

  44. Hauer
    Into the pooper
    Can you guys belive this

  45. Stop making clickbait videos, it’s a cheap move.

  46. 12:45 Epileptic Seizures incoming ^^ Nice vid as always :o)

  47. Thank god its a premium Russian tank. It would be a real shame if i was able to get it for free.

  48. How about an T8 american tank destroyer… Who needs so many Russian prems? ^^
    I’m sure there is a crazy concept scratched on a napkin somewhere in this world.

  49. We need Chieftain not Russian BS tanks, nuff said.

  50. They’d better give us a new US or UK premium tank.

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