► T-22 Medium – Anyone Still Remembers? – World of Tanks T-22 Medium Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

. , Tier 10 Soviet . Best Battles / Replays Series.

Today I am going to show you something a little bit more exclusive, special… Anyone still remembers “T-22 Medium” tank? It has been in a lot of drama, it has been called “Super OP”, “The Best Medium”, but now you rarely see one on the battlefield.

Let’s talk about it and watch couple battles with it.



  1. This tank is now probably more dangerous because most people don’t play it, and players probably forgot how to shoot it

  2. Why not add Obj. 148 as new tier X heavy with reactive armor, 400mm pen, 60 top speed, 500m view range etc. etc… I bet this would make the game more balanced (at least in the russian heads)…
    I think WG have made this game into one of the worst balanced and RNG heavy games in recent history.

  3. I havent seen a video about t-34 from wot tubers in a long time. It would be awsoem if you made a vid aboute that forgotten monster. (jsut lok at those stats with the 57mm gun)

  4. any one see that strange shot on min 9 sharp

  5. I’m one of those who got this tank but afterwards felt guilty because I got super lucky I had given up on it and just wanted to complete the missions!! I haven’t used it since I got it because everyone said I cheated to get it however it being a special tank kept me from selling it like I did my Obj907 which I had to redo those missions, big mistake!! I might play with it now but I doubt I’ll be that good

  6. They changed obj 257 on Testserver. Lower armor is now only 40 mm = no autobounces with 121+ mm guns

  7. Dez I think that wg actually banned and removed t22sr from a lot of acc that were reported for mission rigging. Thats why there isn’t a lot of them left. And since nerf hammer landed and they took away gun handling and most of mobility rarely anyone plays it any more

  8. This tank is very similar to the new Obj 257, except its not anymore because with the second update on the test server the angled side armour of the tank has become 40mm which is shit and overmatchable by most tier nine heavies. So now the new tier nine Russian Heavy is useless at side scraping, in a nation full of tanks that are brilliant at side scraping and in a heavy line with a top tier heavy that’s brilliant at side scraping. And to think, they changed this to balance it after a bunch of people complained it was OP, which to some extent it may have been but WG being WG decided it was best to make sure the tanks side armour was completely useless, 50mm of side armour would’ve been fine but not 40, even 45 would’ve been better. And the nerf wasn’t even needed because even if the angled lower side armour of originally 65mm was impenetrable at close range it still wouldn’t be the most OP heavy at tier 9, that title goes to the VK45.02 B which has no frontal weak spots and a stronger turret front than the MAUS at tier ten. At least the Obj 257 had weak spots. I was actually looking forward to the tank but now its got worse effective side armour than the T-10 and makes its armour less useful in battle than the T-10’s which is hypocritical because WG was putting it in the IS-7 line because it was supposed to have better armour.

    • Too many noob complaining about obj 257 make the tank nerfed to shit

    • Алексей Сафронов

      Gallant Fatco Razy yeah, bunch of CCs saying that this tank is bullshit are noobs, totally.

    • Mate, the Obj 257 has a worse gun than the T-10, the side armour is worse, they both have weak lower plates, the both have strong turrets with relatively easy to hit weak spots at least at close range, and they both have decent mobility. all in all both tanks are pretty similar, the only advantage over the T-10 the 257 has is upper plate armour. So why replace the T-10 with it anyway especially in a line of tanks where side scraping is a necessary skill you need to learn to have a good chance of blocking damage. Why would you make the tier 9 heavy useless at side scraping in a tank line somewhat based around side scraping? It’s not like the tank was OP anyway, even if say a 257 were reverse side scraping at a 45 degree angle, which would make the side hull impenetrable, a decent player would know to shoot for the turret roof and commander hatches. There was no need for a nerf.

  9. Dez didn’t want to sound too pedantic, but name u r trying to pronounce is from game of thrones, Can be pronounced as “Regar Thar-ga-ry-an.” Any ways who give the Nutz about that, luv ur content keep up the good work.

  10. The reasons you don’t see them are: a) It was nerfed pretty hard and b) Everyone knew if you had one you were a cheating sack of shit, and TK’d you on sight. ps. I’d STILL put in shell into one at the spawn if I saw one now.

  11. DestroyerAlpha Winner

    If you watched Game of Thrones you should know who is Rheagar Targaryen haha

  12. Brickpro™ | Motion Designer

    I love my T22 mostly because of mobility, armor and unique gameplay, it is totally possible to work around the DPM…

    I don’t even know how I have mine, I literally don’t know… (Could have been rigged, but I played ALOT of battles…. I think I rigged 2 missions…)

  13. We still use this tank in clanwars sometimes.
    3-5 obj 140’s, 7-9 obj 907’s and 3 T-22 meds is what we usually run standard.
    They are beast when you use them to sidescrape and let the player behind you use the T-22 as a barricade so you can stay hull-down. And you dont have to suicide a friendly vehicle to do so like you have to do when you dont have T-22’s. Its insanely good at that. But too many of them will get you rushed down too quickly because ur dpm cant hold up.

  14. awesome video keep up the work!

  15. Yet another russian op medium tank. Got any other news?

  16. What I learned from this video:
    1. I love Dez even more
    2. People “cheated” to get T-22 med.
    3. Dez doesn’t watch Game of Thrones



  17. Cheating was so bad that WG pulled the tank, and now ONLY CHEATERS can have it…WG at its best…(NOT)…should put it up for sale and allow non-cheating tankers have a chance at getting it.

  18. is this one of those unreleased tier 8 premiums???

    jk, i know i know. great video dez 🙂

  19. I see the T22 on NA all the time… Nearly all of them are shitters that rigged to get it. Shouldn’t even be in the game since no one got it legit on NA.

  20. How you didnt know Targeryans?

  21. What I learned from this video:
    Stalinum Metal is op

    Unless you
    Use The Beast Force O_o

  22. Fun Fact: Dez doesn’t watch Game of Thrones! No wonder you’re so Badass @ WoT 😀

  23. He miss on the artillery because they also nerfed it.
    And my T-22 simply has the best side armor in the game.

  24. Also wargaming removed the complaining system excuse poor sportsmanship I think its called? I forget but because of the T22 owners where getting permabans lol

    • Bazil Grimstride do you know any? I know quite alot… 1. nobody of them got banned longer than 2 weeks 2. many of them still their t22 even though they rigged 😉

  25. Yes…i love this tank. Few days ago I was thinking what happened to it, and now you post a video with it?

  26. Getting a little tired of continuous op Russian mediums and now we get a patch to to add more op to Russian meds…… no bias here, move along

  27. How much does the Chinese server sell the t22 for. Lol
    I think u mean obj 257
    T30 can use t32 gun? Never knew that and have e4 lol
    Gaming the system/rigging I wouldn’t say cheating. Cause some of those missions where definitely impossible

  28. On NA servers, it was actually literally impossible to get the T-22 without cheating due to there not being enough players playing that game mode to actually get in non-rigging games.

  29. Load the Skill rounds

    Dez I have a Harley and I am dying for spring to be here so I can hit the road on two wheels. I love your channel because WoT and motorcycles are my two hobbies and your channel combines the two. I am pumped for your next motovlog episode to see more of your cool city!

  30. no russian bias comrade)))))

  31. bad dez bad only bots have t-22

  32. Am I drunk or is the beginning sped up

  33. That’s WG biggest problems, when they have to nerf a vehicle, they nerf it too fucking hard, when they need to buff something, they buff it too fucking hard.

  34. Dez I suggest you check GoT YouTube videos on how to pronounce Raeghar targaeryan 🙂 it’s pretty easy once you hear it. (That’s what I did 😀 ) cheers

  35. Алексей Сафронов

    The second battle was great, but the most interesting thing for me was 13 90’s butthurt in chat throughout the battle, simply beautiful. “4006 u suck – 4006? – yeah, with an extra chromosome”

  36. The new tier9 obj257 have the same V hull and I think WG must NOT put it in the game and about the T22 it should be removed from the game because it is broken and many players cheated to get it.

  37. It was a Jedi in that arty

  38. Nice when they now nerf the 257, side armor completly useless, no wtf wargaming u fkn donkeys, T10 BACK ON ITS PLACE IDIOTS

  39. nice video!
    i would like to see a conway replay with the new gun xD

  40. Looks faster than my t10 light tank

  41. I enjoy watching your shall we call it professional games, but hearing your voice makes me wonder if you are like me, a little older gamer. I rely to the fact that only women’s age is something you don’t ask:P

  42. fuck my life dez u dont watch game of thrones???

  43. PickelJars ForHillary

    I still see these get TK’s at the start of matches.

  44. Shot on arty missed due to lag-spike on server, (not possible according to WG CS, its your HW m8).
    Tried to get the T-22 but stopped once I started getting teamkilled by “allies” that wanted to rig the missions for their clan-friends. Tried to report the games to WG but they told me to sod off. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  45. he has adrenaline rush 2

  46. The gun mantlet is paper on this tank, I never had any problems against it. Too bad potatoes don’t know that

  47. Dez, you are never boring.

  48. You really need to watch Game of Thrones!

  49. Why cannot we have this tank in game, as reward for some mission as Dickermax, T-34-85M or something similar? (Missions for T-44-100 or Pilot was awful!)

  50. Never had I heard someone butcher the the name “Rhaegar Targaryen” this bad.

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