► T-44 LightWeight – New Tier 8 Premium Light Tank – World of Tanks T-44 LightWeight Preview

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Source: DezGamez

LightWeight Preview, Tier Soviet Premium Light Tank. . World of Tanks Update Preview.

► Information from: https://thedailybounce.net/

As promised, here something for all my viewers and fans, hope you like it!

It has been quite some time now, since I introduced you any new premium tanks, so I am going to fix that mistake with today’s episode. Let’s take our first look at new, upcoming tier 8 premium light tank from Soviet Russia – “T-44 Lightweight”.

What do you think?

► Player on the background:
Player: pascha1987
Replay: http://dezgamez.wot-record.com/replay/30547/pascha1987_toptier_scout_epic_game_pool_45_dmg_done_alone



  1. Hey Dze, what’s your free camera ?

  2. Can’t wait for Maus LW Black Edition Iron Cross Forever Edition

  3. Can’t wait for the Super Pershing Light Weight here’s the catch it’s a tier 6 easy 8..

  4. nice to have new tank BUT we need more maps, less autoloaders per game, historical mod, better weekend deals.

  5. Don’t light tanks have the same camo value while moving as the do stationary?

  6. you forgot the amx 13 57gf its also premium LT

  7. been waiting for Russian premium light above tier 4

  8. Isn’t the actual T44 less armored? not sure tho

  9. Nice to have a lightweight tank for motherRussia… we been seen so many off of those heavys..

  10. I’m just glad I got a black dog

  11. comming soon E50 light weiht. 90kph top speed 1800 hp, same armor profile, stolen kv2 gun to compete with t49 tier 9 prem light tank……………………..

  12. i got a new tier 8 tank to club in my st1 ,, YAY

  13. Tt would be better if they where making more maps instead of more premium tanks

  14. stewart mcallister

    Better direction for premiums. Skill based tanks, not pay to win

  15. Can’t wait for the British tier 6 TOG II* Light Weight light tank!!!

  16. 1.92s aiming time+3.16 accuracy+Russian tank force field/lol turrent for a tier 8 LT? Why am I not surprised hahaha Good job Wargaming balancing department, I thought the T100 LT was ridiculous enough but this thing showed up lol. Why don’t you guys give this tank preferential MM as well?

  17. We want new maps,new maps and new maps.

  18. First Name Surname

    E-25 ltwt next

  19. Its crap cosi have blackdog


  21. more premium tanks more wg idiots hahha fuck wot

  22. I am so sick and tired of this game’s broken match maker. They can come out with a premium tank a day for all I care. I’m done with this game and losing game after game after games because of so many totally unbalanced teams. 0 to 15, 1 to 15, 2 to 15 games…after 5 years I have never seen it so broken. Keep up the good work DEZ, you are one of the bright spots in this game!!

  23. Dont buy it, because tier-8 is absolutely fucked right now.

  24. AMX 13 155 Tier8 prem tank next. Autoloader boomstick.

  25. I don’t mind premium tanks as ling as they have a couple drawbacks and aren’t a total cash grab

  26. Light tanks are supposed to keep their camo when moving so why is this one 29% stationary and 22 when moving?

  27. Low budget medium tanks confirmed?

  28. When will the T-54 Overweight come out?

  29. So the T-44 Lightweight is going to be best used to sneak into the enemy’s flank where it becomes a pocket medium vs all the second line tanks. Sounds about Russian.

  30. Vaping Saves Lives

    Yet another Russian premium tier 8. And some of us are here years later still waiting for a premium tier 8 British heavy…

  31. I hope that’s a sign of wg making maps HD (that takes a lot of time for sure) and not just being lazy and changing some parameters and putting “new” premium tanks with already existing model.

  32. Not OP premuim??Reaaallllyyyyyy!!!!:)

  33. Can we now get a HWK heavy? With a bit more armor you could sidescrape very well in it ?. You would get a smaller VK B. At this point they can introduce any combination of any tank. It does not matter anymore.

  34. I think it is DEBATABLE to have a LT with such an accurate gun… as the original role of the LT is; “to spot” and not really using a gun

  35. Wg should read through this comment section. So many good proposals for new premium tanks!!!

  36. Man i wish i was this good. I suck at wot lol

  37. ????….. All you showed was the 41 90
    Wgere was the t44????????

  38. russian is now a capitalist nation?… shame on you WG, we need new map not a new gold faking tenk

  39. Bounce T10 rounds as well !

  40. Lol wg… The tier 6 t-34-85m has more dpm than a t8 with the same gun.

  41. I’d like to know what that gf bulldog’s equipment set up is.. and the crew skills. That aim time was awesome. What a game.

  42. Frederick Burkert

    Hybred IOW
    How about some decent UK premiums that are OP instead of jokes like the Togg II as well as all the shit TDs and low alpha HTs that really stop you grinding through

  43. Still waiting for the t57 lightweight

  44. FU WG GF is op as fuck -_-… And yeah… It looks balanced

  45. JUST AN LTTB PREMIUM wg that isnt realistiiiic!!!

  46. The german female voice is odd…

  47. Phạm Hoàng Đan

    Ru 251 Ltw

  48. I hate the hwk, wg didnt even bother to give it a 100% crew and it is stock, sucking ass. And right next to it is my ru, so I never use it anyways

  49. Bogdan Scripcariu

    What about E 100 Ltwt, Maus Ltwt and Type 5 Heavy Ltwt? :)))

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