► T110E3 – Most Ridiculous Battle… How? – World of Tanks T110E3 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

, Epic Battle. , Tier 10 .

Usually I have plans already made what I would like to show you, but every once in a while, game like you are going to see today, drops into my mailbox. Today you are going to see a battle with “T110E3”, that I think the most ridiculous T110E3’s battle that I have ever seen… Strap yourself in, and let’s go!

Player: XOTTABU4_hot



  1. I love when someone else can sit there blocking countless damage but when I’m in the same exact situation the enemy team actually has a functioning brain and rushes to surround me

  2. just one word: noobs

  3. Way to stick it to the new over powered tanks and fuck the swedish, and over powered premium tanks

  4. It’s like the final battle of the movie fury, e3 is the sherman, all these t10 tanks are ss infantry….

  5. I saw 4-5 years ago maus with 36k blocked

  6. I swear this video could basically be a song.

    Lets call it ‘Ricochet’

  7. Here the face reveal lol

  8. premium rounds must be nerfed on pc. stb1 heat penned my e3 mantlet on ps4.

  9. this is the last WOT video I am watching. Fuck them.

  10. #DezGamez Why no Steel Wall medal ! ! ! ! !

  11. 一群演员,要是在国服要么一群冲下来围殴,要么换成HE炮弹活活糊死。老外就是耿直。?

  12. i never get such idiots that don’t rush and surround…

  13. Hey Dez, what do you think of WGNA fanning the flames of the SirFoch fiasco… If you’re not aware, WGNA released this little gem:
    are more than willing to give members of our community second chances,
    but there is a level of toxicity and/or offensive language that is
    unacceptable. We regret having to go to such extreme measures in
    SirFoch’s case, but we also don’t consider those measures to be
    censorship because we weren’t trying to silence SirFoch’s opinion, we
    were simply seeking to curb the extremely profane language of a member
    of our contributor program. SirFoch’s latest claim that we’re somehow
    prohibiting him from making future videos involving our games is
    completely false – he’s more than welcome to make more Wargaming-related
    videos. If those videos continue to include hate speech and homophobic
    slurs, we’ll take the necessary and appropriate action.”

  14. Trolltractor Aus

    That’s the problem with gameplay now- people too reliant on premium rounds going through the fronts of heavily armoured tanks, takes out the skill of aiming, meaning that when the armour is too thick or too well angled to be penetrated with premium rounds, they don’t know where to shoot.

  15. What’s your issue?

  16. lol those bounces

  17. I love my T95 in ways no man should ever love an inanimate digital object but decided to buy the Maus instead of the T110E3. I think I made a terrible mistake…

  18. Luís Augusto Panadés

    super balanced. same as that shit Grille 15… totally same…

  19. Dez could you do a video sometime stating your opinion on the state of the game these days. I know a lot of people are really unhappy about a lot of issues, I don’t know if you are one of them but it would be cool to find out

  20. Will you address the issue with SirFoch and WG EU, and WG NA? They seem to have a lot of trouble going on

  21. Hey Dez, I’m not able to play earlier playbacks (i.e., 9.17 or prior) after this patch. Do you know if this is being addressed?

  22. Hey DezGamez, I challenge you to play a game with your controls fliped, so when you press the A key instead of going right it goes to the left. If you do this challenge I bet you’ll have alot of fun. ?

  23. Man much respect to him for not spamming non stop gold!

  24. lol @ the ‘we gotta big shot’ meme 😀

  25. I’ve had someone tell me that deflecting damage doesn’t win battles… I laughed.

  26. maus? low rolled? wtf?

  27. maus has no change with stantard rounds

  28. And yet, every1 is crying about the op maus… Damn! Let the maus as it is!

  29. NightSounds ComingIn

    If this player gets mad bc Dez calls him “hot”….. xD

  30. Wotko s Vokurkou

    Lemming idiots stopped by few tanks stereotype spotted – Ow, can we get a video about that one? I really wonder what is going on the minds of the train and also the guy who’s holdin em off. Dez, could you solve this mystery for us?

  31. Wotko s Vokurkou

    Btw Dez, i think he has bounced even more damage, but since the 9.18 HE rounds which do NOT PENETRATE does not count into Damage Blocked… WHY? dont ask me…..
    3:53 one Maus is firing HE – you can see 630 “block” in indicator, but it does not count in the log… so i guess he was over 20k

  32. 490 490 750 490 1050 490 490 750 490 1050

  33. What’s with everyone wanting a face reveal? Just leave Dez be…

  34. John von Shepard

    Not clickbait i repeat not clickbait!

  35. Enemy team had only themselves to blame as they all lined in front and took shots in turn. One of their IS7 should have rushed him the E3 and forced is to turn.

  36. What a end of tears… 🙁

    Thank you for your Content!

  37. Glory to DezGamez!!!

  38. i don’t like face reveals because i don’t want to know how the person looks like

  39. Stupidity is underpowered, pls buff 😛

  40. 0:27 Ridiculous***

  41. Ding. Ding. Ding. 🙂

  42. Would be interested to know why he did not get a steel wall medal.

  43. Anyone know what xvm pack is he using?, I needs those spotted, hidden circle icons 😀

  44. T95 is better because it has no lower plate and a super sleek capuloa

  45. Wowzers in my trousers!!!

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