► T110E5, Old Golden Boy – World of Tanks T110E5 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

T110E5 Gameplay and Review. World T110E5, Tier 10 . World of Tanks Live Gameplay.

Let’s continue playing with old gems, “forgotten” heavy tanks that used to be so much more than they are now… Today I bring you something from , tier 10 heavy tank T110E5 aka old Golden Boy. It used to dominate the battlefields, but not so much anymore…

Enjoy the video! 😉


  1. You got the highest possible roll for e5 when using ap (500)

  2. I love this idea with forgotten tanks, i’m still using my 121 China, and its amazing.

  3. e100,121,e5.. they are just collecting dust in my garage 🙁

  4. The t110e5 is a pretty balanced tank and I still like it. The problem is there are so many unbalanced tanks it is going to face all the time on corridor maps. Its win rate on vbaddict is horrendous at the moment as well, 46.6%. I guess WG is waiting on more data though before they decide to give it a buff. I propose just giving it 10 degrees of gun depression instead of 8 so when you do get in a hull down position it can kind of hide the commanders hatch. Maybe with the new flattened 1.0 maps it will “buff” the tank by giving it longer range engagements it can perform better at.

  5. DO THE TYPE 58 please Dez

  6. What you said about match maker i agree and disagree with u dez, during the weekend i remember playing on that map with an is-7 and the enemy had super conquerors, I won the ridge line and ended with 5k damage , it’s not the map or the side you get if not the player, I play on the NA server and more than 50% of my games i would get a complete inexperienced team, for some reason I dont care about win rate, because you can’t fix stupidity


  8. Up to tier 7 MM can make one sided games when the tanks are not matched but in tiers 8,9 and 10, 95% of the battles are one sided due to player skills… on one side for example the T110E5 with 10 000 win8 and on the other E100 with 1982 win8 firing only HE

  9. hippolyte escoffier

    Please make an épisode with e100 dez

  10. For me t110e5 is good, not very good, but good.

  11. The British tier X medium tank Centurion AX is never futured i think i hope to see that in the next episode, i exactly don’t see them a lot on the battlefield..

  12. That Type 4, ping in the ass

  13. That Type 4 in the second battle, pinging the map for almost the whole battle, those idiots drive me insane so I block them.

  14. Is e5 nerfed after that bug long time ago? It was badass tank..

  15. 500dmg? Highest ever..

  16. Blacklist that type 4 ht

  17. I cant believe, e4 how fv pen him.. omg

  18. About a year ago when the e5 had that god like comanders hatch, do you reakon they need to buff it again? Because almost everything about the super conquerer is better and same with maus and type 5

  19. Dez you should have blocked that Type4 spamming asshole in the second battle.I can’t stand spamming bastards like that.

  20. One tank that is rly forgoten, 121, and it is great.

  21. Gareth Fairclough

    Oh lawd, that type 4 spammer.

  22. T110e5 needs a speed buff imo.

  23. You know what? I have been playing World of Tanks since 2010. But I’m playing like super little. It takes me a lot of time to grind. Let’s just say that my first X tier is T110E4 and I finally managed to research it and buy it this year. Yes. I’m not joking, 8 years later. The problem is that that long time ago I decided to pursue the best X tier back then and since that time it was nerfed heavily! Now, this tank is shit. And I won’t have any new tier X in probably next few years xD Or at best, until the next year.

    • Алексей Сафронов

      XsomX E4 was never nerfed and it was never “the best”. It was always average and it still is, so you didn’t miss anything, really.

  24. This is still one of my favorite tanks.. and my first tier 10. I really enjoy playing it, even with the current super heavy meta.

  25. I agree, WOT has put off the skill based MM for 8 years, now that they finally have the graphics done they have no excuse as to why they can’t fix it. There is NO good reason why Anyone should have to start a battle with a 30% or LESS chance to win. That is why some battles end up as 3 mintues, you end up on a team full of people that do .3 ratio damage and a 30% chance to win.

  26. E5 is not golden but Gold spammer tank. Every time I was fighting with enemy E5 he was shooting Gold.

  27. hey dez whats ur gmail i wanna send u some replays

  28. Im glad WG nerfed the e5, as it was blatantly Overpreforming.Even after the nerf, its a damn good machine.
    By the way Dez, can YouTube feature Leopard 1? According to WG, they cant Buff it, without it becoming OP. I kid you not.

  29. They should put it back the way it was,because of the power creep. I really like these videos,I think people may give these tanks some love and play them after watching your vids.

  30. ST-I ….haven`t seen it in awhile..

  31. Hey Dez, look at the hit and damage ratios between yours and the enemy team of the last battle. Your team was about 2000 dmg off, tank for tank compared to red team. I think the pen ratios are way off at some battles, making the game one sided. I noticed that teams are badly mixed as well, too many good players on one side compared to average and below average players on the other, mostly loosing team. I gave up hope that WG will ever get the matchmaker correct or at least fair.

  32. Ya now the Super Con is better every way

  33. It used to be good and versatile before get mega nerf. However after this tank got mega nerf, WG ridicolously release better and more versatile tanks than pre nerf t110e5

  34. minh ngọc trần

    they actually removed the e5’s hatch in wot blitz, maybe its a test if the hatchless e5 is balanced before they do the same on pc like with the m48 patton

  35. Well these T110E5 are all over the damn N.A. server

  36. in my experiences, at least 60% of the T9 and T10 battles ends up 2 to 15 or 5 to 15 and i am on the GG teams.

  37. 2 to 15 losses are because of mm giving one side better players, either alone or in multiple platoons. WG response to multiple replays sent in is, makes players on losing side better by giving them a very tough challenge.

  38. Tier 8 Patriot is more fun to play than the E5 now. E5 can’t hang with the buffed tier 10s and 10.5s anymore. Don’t see them that often anymore on the server. Pulled equipment off mine after the nerf.

  39. Oh so something is clearly worng here. WG nerfed the T110E5 a while ago and since then no one plays it, that’s because it sucks now. And then after nerfing it they go and introduce these new OP Russian tanks. YES all of the new Russian tanks are super over powered!! So what’s the point in this game anymore. WG just keeps introducing new OP tanks and not buffing the old ones and in the case of the poor E5 they actually NERFED it!!! So dumb. So so dumb…

    Guys we need to complain about this to WG directly. I don’t know what’s going through their heads but it’s clear to us as the players that they are favouring Russia and coming down hard on the other nations (especially USA) for no reason. I mean the E5 was not even an over powered tank at all!!

    The new Russian tanks need to be nerfed. They are ruining the game.

    Thanks guys! Please support this if you agree!!

  40. That Type 4, man…

  41. Right now they should reverse the nerf on E5 and the tank won t be that OP as it used to be with all the new tanks released.

  42. Roman Miguel Doles

    Favorite tank is E5. Play it on blitz and experience it’s former glory

  43. how about the T-22 Soviet medium tank ? :v

  44. Amanita Muscaria

    Somebody should slap that pinging Type 4 player.

  45. You should have loaded gold earlier you would have killed 113 easy then

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