► T110E5 & T57 Heavy – USA HEAVY POWER – World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks T57 Heavy Tank Gameplay Review. Review, 10 Heavy Tanks.

It one beautiful Sunday, final day of the week, so let’s send it off with some heavy action from USA.
I am going to play 2 extremely interesting and action packed battles with 10 USA Heavy Tanks – T57 Heavy Tank and T110E5.
People are trying to rush me down, are trying to YOLO kill me, so let’s see how it goes! 🙂



  1. Whats the best way to end sunday? Watching Dez brand new video while eating Pizza 😉

  2. T110E5 fucking useless tank.. cant do shit in battle anymore..It can only fight tier VIII tanks like you just saw in this video. Almost every tier X tank is better then E5, especially heavy tanks.

  3. A little tip for you Dez- with the T57 at the time of battle 10:34 you could drive down that slope to the left and use Ice to get to that Waffel while beeing in cover- one important thing about this bug is you can not drive onto it agresively, just drive onto the ice slowly

  4. 7:06 t110e5*

  5. T110E3 lol 🙂

  6. Êd Chíìhãb Déèñ ? Mind of A Stoner

    E3 right Xd

  7. T110E5 is so shitty these days. I regret that I was grinding it for last 3 years and 6000 battles….That line ruined my whole stats cuz of M3 Lee, T32 or M103.

  8. lots of low rolls 😉

  9. in battle of t110e5, the enemy wz 111 1-5a has a blue badge thing, what is that?

  10. Daz calls the IS-7 a IS-3 then proceeds to call the T110E5 a T110E3

  11. see dez=#yolosquad

  12. I have both of those tier 10 😀 t110 was my first heavy

  13. I, PNGman, hereby challenge you to a full HE T57 and get at least 3K DMG

  14. Antonije Jovanović

    What’s Dez’s favorite song?

  15. IMHO, the cupola was nerfed too much. It’s size makes it easy to hit, and the recent premium meta makes it cheese. I think they should add a little armor to it (but not too much), or make it a little smaller. What do you think, Dez?

    • PNGman If anything, they should make it smaller. It rewards players who can aim (and don’t just load premium) and those who drive it well and can make players miss the cupola are rewarded. That being said, I think the T110E5 is still quite strong.

  16. Dez when will the 15 vs 15 going to return? Tortoise vs Strv 103-0 Maybe?

  17. Hey man, I’ve asked this before but still no answer: what mod do you use that indicates which enemy tanks have been spotted, no longer spotted, and have yet to be spotted? I play vanilla, but I could definitely use that one – it’s easier than keeping track in my little head.

    Always great content, thanks!

  18. or E-100 vs Type 5 heavy

  19. When was the last time the US had a badass president?

  20. Nice intro song

  21. i hate e5 and supercon, that 2 is toooooo hard to damage from front

  22. Just got T69 xD

  23. ChristianMan777 [69TH]

    Sunday is actually the first day of the week!

    I’ll show myself out…

  24. Man, the leopard 1 needs a buff. It looks like a tier 9 compared to other tier 10s.

  25. diamonddragongames

    7:08 and now its time for the T110E3 he says while driving the E5 ?

  26. I have researched and unlocked the T57 and the AMX 50B but can’t decide which will be my only Heavy Tank in the garage. My play style is as support for heavily armored Heavies and TDs mostly with tier 8 and 9 mediums and TDs. These lightly armored Heavy Auto Loaders seem to suit that play style, any suggestions?

  27. *cough cough* “T10E3 action”

  28. you know that you cant get 2 t10 artys in a battle ?

  29. Just got my first Tier X

    I know no one cares but just wanted to say it

  30. He said let’s play the beast T110E5 lmao ??????

  31. I just love it when you say “balls deep”??

  32. e5 is king of garage cus its weak as fuck

  33. Music is once i was a cat musical

  34. That feeling when tier 8 ht has bettr turret armor than tief 10 in the same line…

  35. good stuff as always.

  36. When I play any tank, no matter what tank it is… even light tanks, 70% of the shots I recieve are premium ammo…

    and only 1 IS-7 with premium spam in 2 battles while in a heavy tank would be heaven for me…

  37. T110e3 ??? Nani ?????

  38. nice game dez but someone is using a cheat reload mod you can see when enemy tanks are reloading very bad

  39. Dez, when driving theT57 there was a target on your back, love your game play, aweaome !

  40. im sorry Dez but i wish you did another battle in the T57 heavy i was very disappointed

  41. Hi Dez, can you make a pc giveway plzz :,) nice vids btw !

  42. Dez You are from Estonia??

  43. Both sux now because of the nerf

  44. Fifty Shades of Arty Shafe

  45. T110e5, 5 skills each crew member, vents, rammer and loader, fully loaded, in a grand battle, shooting AP and HE, shot 20 rounds – no pens for 0 damage. T110e5 not so good in tier 10 battles anymore without HEAT. Tier 8 sure, Tier 10 NO.

  46. (Nerd Alert) Technically, Sunday is the start of every week… 😉 (Feel free to dislike this comment as much as possible if it doesn’t get deleted first)

  47. Dez, can i have your mod pack?

  48. your new aftershave “ARTYSHAVE” 😛 new DEZ style 🙂

  49. I got my waffle E 100 this weekend the only reason i got it was for payback i like punishing players who get careless its my own way of getting back at this game also i have 6 shots in my clip so im pretty sure its the op version of it too!!!!!!! ?

  50. LOL, close to 6K damage done, still not good enough for mastery

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