► T110HE3 – MADNESS, FULL HE T110E3! :O – World of Tanks T110E3 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Troll Tanks. Gameplay Series.

About a week ago I featured one really crazy battle from “skill4ltu”, where he played with Löwe, while carrying only High-Explosive ammunition. From that episode I got an idea to do same with some other tanks… So today you are going to see me cruising around with T110E3, or actually T110HE3, with full HE (High-Explosive) ammunition load out. And you know what? When we have that many lightly armored tanks in the game at the moment, this this is crazy! 😛



  1. Aristoi Gabriel

    Dez what xvm cfg do u use? I like those smooth HP bars ^^

  2. Karl CONSTANTINE Romero

    Dez You earned a subscriber!!!:)

  3. Butt clinch mode that should be on a tee.

  4. Next one
    with AP

  5. How can I get the pin up girls?  Hit me up at World of Tanks Franklinsgt Thanks

  6. I got a LONG night of work ahead of me. Thankfully Dez pumps out content the way Arnold pumps Iron. It’s gonna be a good night :3

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  8. That IS-3 pen at 0:33 .

  9. I have the urge to in my E3 and do this now

  10. go f itself, side ways, at least 3 times, in a public place. XD I laughed so hard I had to show my sister that, she died as well. thanks for the laughs dez you really make my day.

  11. Full HE E3?Easy.I can do that all day in T95 and still get 1k dmg for sure.

    Cromwell with HE? Impossibru challenge 🙂

  12. 3:33 fair

  13. the only thing I hate about E3 is that “wiggle of doom”. shells always land at the mantlet.

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  15. dez forever!

  16. When will Dez accepted the challenge on IS-4 using HE rounds (like how QB trolled)?

  17. francis romasanta

    can you kv2.. but ap…?

  18. What about O-HO derp gun full AP only Dez?

  19. butt pinch mode

  20. Dez, i wanna see how well you can do with Ru 251 only HE for some more HE madness!!

  21. If you like the T110HE3 you will LOVE the type 5 heavy!!

  22. While watching this, I realized that everyone who has watched this, are going to do the same thing as Dez. Can I get 2 likes?

  23. where is the cool intro???

  24. T95 full HE now you got your self a fun time

  25. butt clinch mode lmfao

  26. CombatSteve2017

    I really enjoyed this episode. Good work, hopefully you are goin’ to make more of these videos 😉

  27. Huntingmaster LP

    T95 with full HE loaded?

  28. PC WoT gets booty when they win a match?!?! Damn feminists must have banned that from coming to PS4

  29. sorry but what is the nuclear sign @10:40 ? Look at enemy team, one of them has it) I don’t play a lot the game but never saw this … ?

  30. i penned the from of a lorraine 40t with he from my vk100.01 p, it was glorious!

  31. I believe the flag on the tanks sides was the flag of Estonia yes?

  32. Christian Lamey

    Holy shit Dez, this is your thousandth video you’ve made!!! ??? Such a beast ?

  33. Wotko s Vokurkou

    We have so many lightly armored tanks in wot… meanwhile hitting one of the most armored casually for 1k … 😀

  34. The fucking what.. I don’t believe this

  35. Hardcore Maschine 😀 I need this Tank <3

  36. I like to play with arty and all Derp guns,even if it is not only HE,HEAT im taking HE 😀

  37. Two fully aimed shots in to that FV, hardly call them lucky.

  38. General Saufenberg

    and they are complaining about arty^^

  39. Sir, u got my like!

  40. do luchs with magazine with only HE

  41. dat IS-3 HE pen! o.O

  42. In the second part of yr vid, the Skorpion G was probably thinking: “let’s take the low ground”.

  43. the atherday I was in my oi and a hatzer was shooting me so I fired and misted the hetzer and hit the enemy su5 then I was like ?

  44. Love the videos and the products you are selling Dezgames! you should do a “Balls Deep” themed mug/hoodie etc!!!

  45. I hate it when people fire HE, I’m trying to do HT mission 15 for T55A but every one shoots HE against me 🙁

  46. You’re definitely the funniest wot commentator.

  47. Γρεασίδης Εμμανουήλ

    3 times in public plase ? ahahahaahaha the best (HE) comment !!!

  48. Ich wusste du bist deutsch!!! Nice

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