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Source: DezGamez

and . New Premium Tanks. Ó Tier USA/ Premium .

Full details about this marathon:

Information about prices from TheDailyBounce blog:

In today’s episode I am going to take my first look at our newest Mission Marathon rewards tank – “T25 Pilot Number 1”, tier 8 premium medium tank from USA. This time, I have to say that GG Wargaming, we do not have to grind our asses off for this. What exactly we have to do and how this tank feels? Check out the video! 🙂

Let me know what you think about that!


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Marvel 1 – Johannes Bornlöf


  1. of course FUCKING EU and not NA

  2. omg omg in replay BC 25 t is me :-)))) I cant believe :-))))

  3. I_am_not_stupid _

    How can you say it aint gonna be so much work if you have no ide of how the upcomming 12 missions is going to be?

  4. That´s whats wrong about WoT! A player that didn´t even play the Training Mission (look at 19:10) gets himself a Tier VIII premium tank and just starts to play. /s

    Nice vid, looking forward to the missions and the tank. I have the time to do all the mission, I only can hope I also have the tanks required (lack of Tier IX and X yet) and the skill ofc.

  5. So this tank is a premium tank? As in extra crew XP and credits? 😀

  6. it’s like the t20 I think I’ll like this tank

  7. AnonyMouse Poaster

    1:20 Yes- I will do the super-ultra-hard mission marathon for that garage slot, screw the tank 😛

  8. what’s the camo rating?

  9. During Lent, of course…

  10. For me its a mutz or CDC but in the American line.

  11. Is this for NA sever also?

  12. Wish was on us server too

  13. is this not in north american server? Its not showing up in news ;(

  14. Oh well, not in NA.

  15. EU servers gets an easy set of missions for Tier 8 premium, and NA servers gets a month-long slog to get a freaking Panzer III K. WGNA is so lame.

  16. is this on the eu servers only?

  17. Love blueberry and fruits

    gun mantlet has 200mm armor

  18. 1 per day is fucking bs!!!!

  19. this T25… tank is more similar to the T95E2, see tier 10, 1500hp
    Gun: tier 8, 8 rounds/ min. (better of 0.31)
             pen:181/ 250/ 45 (prem is heat vs apcr and have litttle more pen (7), but standart is little weak (-11)
                     240/ 240/ 320 (same)
             0.36 disp. (same)
             2.3 aim. time (0.3 more)

    T95E2 have a good front turet armor but, an horible comander atch (big)
    what do you think about that?

  20. I got ideas for ‘Face Off’
    -29 Artilleries VS a speeding LTTB (or anything that can dodge an artillery shell with ease)
    -Full speed RU 251 jumping off the cliff
    -Maus tower?
    -Ramming battle
    -Satisfying video of a Maus ricocheting hundreds of shells
    -12 Paper thin french tanks VS 18 Tier 1-2 tanks.
    – Blindshot-only battle?
    -Ricochet to kill (Basically ricocheting a shell and try to hit the shell to ur opponent)

  21. I expect the first fwe mission to be easy to get you hooked. After that you will have missiones like do 8K damage in one battle or kill 4 td´s in one game and then no one plays td’s. In the end most players will by at least 7 tokens and WG is happy. Fooled these suckers again.

  22. I think it won’t be that easy. Every mission will be harder than the previous one i guess.

  23. Will this be available in US servers or just the EU??

  24. I think that isn’t good tank, literally no armor

  25. T25 Pilot Leaked Missions  Mission 1: Win 5 matches, you must be in the top 10 XP earners on your team
    Mission 2, Grinding on Up!: Earn 20k xp
    Mission 3, Power Player!: Destroy 20 enemy tanks
    Mission 4, In-penetrable: Block 8k damage
    Mission 5, The Doombringer: Deal 20k damage
    Mission 6, High Speed Embarassment: Ramkill 1 tank while driving a SPG
    Mission 7, Jenga your Way to the Top: Stack 5 ELC’s on top of each-other
    Mission 8, Underdogging: Achieve an Ace Tanker badge in the Churchill Gun Carrier
    Mission 9, UK Cookout: Set 10 Cromwells on fire
    Mission 10, Everyone’s Friend: Destroy 6 artillery in one match
    Mission 11, Scuba Time: Survive underwater for more than 10 seconds
    Mission 12, Hold my Beer: Ramkill a Type 5 Heavy with a CDC
    Mission 13, Time Traveler: Play for 25 hours straight
    Mission 14, Evel Knievel: Jump 3 Maus while driving a BatChat
    Mission 15, Easy Peasy: Kill a SU-76i at A0 on Ghost Town while driving a MTLS-1G14

  26. Lone survivalist314

    Of course the first semi easy marathon and NA dosnt get it… Fuck you wargaming

  27. wait for mission 10 to 13…..WG trolling us again!!!!!!

  28. This tank needs premium matchmaking really..

  29. 18:19 I was petrified.
    Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side.

  30. i have a Pen i have an island ugh penisland

    i hope they dont make missions like kill 10 Tier 10 tanks
    i have not Tier 10 tank so…

  31. I missed the last marathon as I have tanks only from USSR, US, UK, Germany, Sweden and Japan.

    But this time I am going to get myslef a free prem.

  32. This tank won’t be that good, but that small number of shells won’t give this tank big + :/ I’ll try to get this tank, but only for my collection. And this tank won’t be buffed, if it will be unballanced, because it is for free…

  33. wg is putting in completely op premium tanks for pretty little money, but when we can get it for free we get a super pershing without armor and slightly improved gun handlings. and better mobility. Serious WG. i mean come on.

  34. such a shame us working class get penalised and are forced to pay to win.
    thats why we never get these tanks.
    its not worth the money and i am restricted to 1 hour a day gaming..
    boo hoo.

  35. Level up with Doruta DIY

    This video helped me a lot! Many thanks DezGamez, without you, i was not able to know that we can participate at this marathon, as i wasn’t playing WoT for some time. Again keep up with the good work!

  36. You Are comlaining about bad gun for tank whitout pref. mm. Try play First Prototype it has realy shitty gun and armor works only in T8 battles.

  37. I think it would be better if you review the tank with tanksgg because you really miss a lot of things

  38. if you play for 5 tokens and you dont use that do you get 3000 gold?

  39. -10 degrees of firepower – made me laugh 🙂

  40. Well No marathon for NA….
    feels bad man!!!
    It”s time to move to War thunder ,Bye WoT.

  41. A ‘Dead Eye’ special on test server?

  42. how can i get that foresight (aiming circle)? ?

  43. Thanks for sharing the info! Gun handling looks great, so I am wondering even more how it will be like to play. It seems like it’s waaaay easier to get then T-44-100 while making more money with it even. Bit strange decision by WG, but I don’t mind =D

  44. Jochem Groenewoud

    does it make full credits?

  45. what it I win 12 tokens and event is over, do I get gold or what? and when it start? today?

  46. The best thing about T25 Pilot is that it has /amazing/ dispersion on the move, Dez. It has 0.13 on hull movement, which is one of the best values in the game, period.

  47. 343CinderLord John

    what is Dez fire mods ?

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