► T26E4 SuperPershing – Buffed Superman – World of Tanks: T26E4 SuperPershing Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay . Best Replays.

LetÙs get 2017 on the road with brand new ÜEpic BattleÝ episode. Our first replay comes from ÜHaades6Ý and he playing with newly buffed Ü”, tier 8 USA premium . Things are going to be rough from the start, but is he able to activate “Superman Mode” and carry his team to victory? Let’s check out.

Congratulation to everyone who won and if you didn’t, well, don’t worry… There are going to be a lot more giveaways in 2017!

Played by: Haades6
Replay: http://dezgamez.wot-record.com/replay/10437/haades6_superpershing_7k_dmg#comments



  1. Level up with Doruta DIY

    For us DezGames, you are a very good youtuber, i watching your videos every
    day, making my day very good again. We are all winners of your videos, and
    your work should needs more atention, more subs 🙂 Hope you make more
    videos this year :)

  2. I hope I win next time still your are the best youtuber I know

  3. 6:25 OH THE IRONY! Look at chat

  4. The one time I miss one of these waiting for the sat-2 :(

  5. from the beginning it was average, but later he played very nicely… I am
    going to play this tank more now… thx for the video.

  6. Thanx for awesome event

  7. my T26E4 reloads in 6.92. Yours?

  8. This guy is terrible. Repaired his gun while still at point blank range
    prematracking FCM. Stopped watching then and there.
    Also 19 APCR, overkill, I also have 2 MoE on my Cyka Preshing, never
    carried more than 10 APCR.

  9. got ad where was Super Man lol

  10. GOP spreading love on the battle field! Nice Game Haades6 :)

  11. I don’t ever win anything but I have learned to live with it thx for this
    awesome giveaway and year.

  12. I haven’t won anything, but what if someone gets a tank that he already

  13. hhahahahahahaha . hello guys its ya anomaly boi from sweden pls tag this
    comment xddd

  14. the other super pershing is one of those players who never saw a tier 8
    battle yet bought a tier 8 premium tank which his dad payed for it. Anyway
    what is the reload of super pershing?

  15. Nice vid but I don´t like that so many good thanks have pref mm. Sure it
    don´t have the best pen on normal ammo but alot of other meds with no pref
    mm. The other might be faster but they don´t have the super armour that the
    t26E4 and since it´s alot of citymaps speed don´t matter so much on many

  16. lol sp is now op with that pen but i like it

  17. the audio on this video its not good DEZ. But the video its good.

  18. Thank Dez for Every thing 😀 even if i didn’t won any prize but i don’t
    care because i came here to have fun and enjoy this videos also with some
    tips for WOT ..
    again thank you for everything !

  19. Average number of comments was around 4000. There were about 50 giveaways
    in total.

    So the chance for somebody to win was relatively high – 1+/4000 for each
    video. Adding all of them up, it’s about a 1.25% chance to win something.

    Congrats to all the winners!

  20. WG should implement an IQ test for players before registration. that KV4
    did nothing, but pushed a teammate into enemy fire, then killed himself
    like a total leming. and in the end he calling others in chat idiot? what a
    stupid d-bag.

  21. i won t win anything, i stopped believing in Dez Gamez this is hopeless
    isn’t it? ?

  22. Thank You for your awesome giveaway, Dez. It was real fun. *thumbs up*

  23. please give me one of each premium tank plus 1,000,000 gold. thankyou in

  24. Didn’t win anything but I thank you for the videos and for the chance to
    win something. I congratulate you for gaining more subs! Keep up the vids,
    especially more face off series! And please reconsider my suggestion for
    JOUST face off series where tanks ram each other in different scenarios. :)

  25. killtrez EU

  26. I never win things from these giveaways T__T Thanks for the chance and good
    videos +DezGamez

  27. dope fresh nation

    you should do a Xbox 360 wot give away so I can get gear in world of tanks
    on council

  28. Lool, look how bad Europeans are

  29. SuperPershing is sadly still very bad tank,its rangefinder is giant
    weakpoint,its lower hull was nerferd ,it has low speed . you can pick
    pretty muc any other tier 8 premium and be better off .

  30. Nice game ??

  31. i see alot of ppl dont use HE in similar situation

  32. Pathetic KV4,… hate such players. A very neat carry game,…

  33. Solidgear here from SEA.. Your videos are more fun than QB

  34. Dez, you’re a champion! Hope you’re having an awesome day!

  35. You are the best!!??

  36. Haha 😀 karthus carry

  37. Anomaly :DDDDDD HAHA

  38. Grats on the 100,000 subs!

  39. I’m looking forward to you 2017 videos bro! As always, a job well done!

  40. check out death by remote control( weaponized toy tank) has to do with WOT

  41. this replay have 100% Portuguese copyrights.

  42. fall in love with this tank..

  43. Happy New Year Dez!! I hope you keep up the good work on YouTube. It is
    very appreciated.

  44. Dez, thanks for the Epic give away and have an AWESOME New Year!!!
    I will if you keep putting out these fun videos ;)

  45. When will I get my Steve? Alexanderpal1000

  46. de best

  47. does it still have pref matchmaking?

  48. Super (Super Pershing)

  49. man. i never find ANY opponents being stupid like this in my pershing. also
    the VK 45.02 A that should’ve have fired HE and and bert which is stupidly
    accurate but keeps missing everytime

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