► T28, 1 vs 7 Ultimate Fight! – World of Tanks T28 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

, Epic Battle. T2, Tier .

► Why You HESH to be mad?

Guess who back on my channel? The King of Baboons aka Skill4ltu back with some more crazy battles and awesome moments. This time I had pleasure watching him in his tier 8 American tank destroyer – “”. I haven’t played or watched any battles with this tank for ages now, so let’s see if this old dog has what it takes in now-a-days World of Tanks.

Player: skill4ltu



  1. Still on my vacation/trip, sad that I am not able to play ranked! 😀
    But enjoy this amazing episode today, crazy action from Skill, once again!

  2. A fully upgraded T28 is possibly the ultimate juking machine in the game with it’s 400 alpha, 243mm of pen and depending on the equipment and consumables, 3200+ dpm thanks in part to a 7.5 second reload.

    Love my T28 and would never sell it. Just like I love my T95.

  3. If i played that game you wouldn’t feature me 😛

  4. Nice work Skill

  5. Sacreligious Sausage

    whats with the x16 speed at the start. The T28 was flying past the screen at impossible speeds

  6. da hell !! for the first time i see a t28 and not a t28 prot !

  7. We hate all city maps,Himmelsdorf,Paris,Kharkov,Staligrad and the rest but War Gaming keep making the shits.

  8. i love you dezz games fuck me

  9. Hello Dez! Again amazing video!
    Keep it up!
    Have a great vacation and a lot of luck.

    Best wishes Gurkensalat_2016[HDK]

    Btw. now i have even more less chance to get in one of your vids but it doesnt matter im happy if you are happy!

  10. Fuzzcopter I like tigers

    Do an m3 lee review!

  11. is the t28 good on console? i have 320 k free xp and the jackson is maxed

  12. wow!
    to do that in any tank is amazing, let alone a t28!!

  13. i uploaded 6,2 k t 28 carry 🙁

  14. Warren Claernce

    do u guys also play warthunder

  15. Vaul the Creator

    10:34 I could have sworn Dez said “destroying 2 enemies with cheese” XD

    Love that accent. So much entertainment in so many ways 😀

  16. Is he pointing the gun up to hide the weakspots?

  17. Sm0keytheband1t

    Honestly this should be called, watch 7 people throw the game vs a T28 ..

  18. skill4 ass iss a mooron, but i now why u like him

  19. Twas awesome battle twasen’t it………………lol

  20. Yet an another epic clutch battle when nobody can just slam shit on your roof from the base…

  21. T71 nick: zvlhcovac omg 😀

  22. Honestly how can these guys fuck up 7 VS 1 against a non turreted TD. I know this guy is really good player but just track him and get the side. I’d imagine it wouldn’t take long time for 7 guys to kill him then. I don’t know, maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about

  23. what next? full heat t49?

  24. How to get cancer : (EASY NO GEAR NEEDED)
    step by step tutorial :

    Download Wot

  25. this gun has 400 average damage right, why do I see so many sub 350 rolls?

  26. circon , quickbaby and you Dez..all of you are king 🙂 plz do some streams as platoon together 🙂

  27. Lucker, T71 was an unbelievable noob.

  28. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    i wanna see dez 1v1 quicky baby. or at least foch lol. in tier 10 duel. no premium ammo. no premium tanks. this would be fun to watch lol

  29. Why you dont see them?, there terrible

  30. t28 got hp buff first went from 1150 to 1500 and got mobility buff

  31. Skill is love D.G is love

  32. Dejan Arandjelovic

    only The Baboon can do this, awesome battle, thx to you both, Skill and Dez

  33. Another “outstanding” game derived purely from the enemy failing instead of the player exceeding.

  34. Accordion to scientific research, 75% of
    people who read this comment won’t realize
    I started it with an instrument

  35. stupid arty

  36. oh this guy streams on twitch

  37. roemer schoenmakers

    T71 could have easely won he wasnt an one shot he could track him track again and have to round left to kill T28

  38. Lol, the T71 was just really bad. Its not that skill in this game is good, i would say 50% of players can win this match.

  39. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    I think Skill should buy you a beer since people like me started watching him after you featured him. I think anyone who watches Skill should buy him a beer for 3 marking all those horrible tanks so we don’t have to try.

  40. how do you get the results screen like that

  41. what’s with the New Zealand flag on his tank?

  42. dez pretty sure there are less than 245 tanks tier 5 and above

  43. yaay new Zealand flag

  44. Hey, i got a question, where are you from? your accent sounds really familiar.

  45. notpartofKKKsostopcallingmeracist

    ayyy he’s from my country New Zealand!!!

  46. 100% krills

  47. Skillllll <3

  48. T28 looks like T95, but it isn’t the T95. I am disappointed.

  49. I have a good question for skill..

    Why the kiwi flag?

  50. Nikita Schsbanow

    276 3 Moes

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