► T92 – Tier 8 American Light Tank Review – World of Tanks T92 Light Tank Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

and Review. of Tanks T92, New Tier 8 Light Tank.

Today I am back with yet another tier 8 light tank, this time it is going to be a full review episode with some gameplay action for you as well.
is introducing tier 8 light tank from USA – “T92”. Yes, it has the same name as tier 10 American artillery, but this is where the similarities end. Hopefully this is even a little bit helpful. 🙂



  1. NDA was lifted 20min ago, so get ready for a lot of reviews! 🙂
    Here is my take on the T92, upcoming tier 8 premium light tank from MURICA!
    #muchlove #enjoy

  2. Really like the new editing when talking about the gun and mobility stats, especially those sound effects! Just maybe if you could find a way to take it out of the black box, thought it was an annotation for a second haha. As always great vid 🙂

  3. Meh. Awful panther looked better.

  4. Dez I like the introcution of this stats chart, but please make the sound a bit less agressive aaaaand nice video 😉

  5. This tank is in war thunder. Wg steals evrething

  6. this tank looks sick tho

  7. World of Pancakes

  8. Zachary Olechnowicz

    Saw this vid and QB’s at the same time so I clicked this one because Dez is lyfe! <3

  9. I like it when my ammorack gets damaged and I accidentally fix my damaged (not destroyed) tracks :/

  10. Warthunder anyone?

  11. Tier 8 is cannon fodder for the tier ten to get credits while the tier 8 have to load gold just to have a chance to compete.

  12. i think from front he kinda looks like elc bis

  13. Mr Average plays______ with GamerDom

    So pretty underwhelming then would be the wrap up

  14. Armored warfare tr2 tank.

  15. AW has the same tank T92LT


  17. Now we wait for the ELC even 90…..

  18. looks like the German Aufklärunspanzer fünf will be better, more hp, more pen ,more armor usw Sieg für die Deutschen so wie es aussieht ?

  19. he dez, i hope the ramming i did in my 13 90 helped in figuring out if it can survive rams good. i thought i would do more dmg seeing as the T92 has such a “small” turret.

  20. Dezgamez 4 life.

  21. Gun allready no maybe if it was tier 7

  22. Oh i read it T 72 and tought cool new soviet tier X! Man was i disapointed

  23. I wonder what autism looks like, now I know

  24. It’s a tier 2 tank in Armored Warfare 😛

  25. God job Dez! It’s like Mr Claus says you know stuff long before anyone ever heard of it.

  26. SHIP….Good segment, thank you for the awareness!

  27. So- It looks like the squirrel from Ice Age, and two T92s? One Arty and one a Light Tank?

  28. heeeyyy also IS 6 have 175 pen . hahahah ????

  29. when will we can play on the remastered maps?

  30. It looks like Strv S1

  31. Wtf? Its stats are so bad yet its soft stats are pretty damn good. What a weird tank.

  32. With the low speed and mobility, it sounds like it would be similar to driving an AMX – quick enough in a straight line, can’t turn well, constant engine troubles.

  33. Sergio González Torres

    Man, I wonder how many premium tanks are in game now…

  34. sir robert downey senior

    Game is getting broke day by day…no limit of OP premium tanks…in order to counter them u need to purchase a premium and youtuber like you getting bullied by WG sirfoch last EG. I am sincerely looking for another game now.

  35. Thanks Dez ,
    “It has ,no armour ” , Plz look at the Murican Scorpion, 1armour all around , So 30 is quite high !
    (oh and btw , in my Scorpion i have bounced shells from tier 8 tanks , not once but quite allot for only 1 point of armour )

  36. Thank you dez for letting us know that they will remove the deathstar. I just finished my grind to that thing. It is also my first tier x tank. Keep up with the good work! Love you from your northern neighbour <3 (No homo)

  37. This tank is shit!

  38. Another premium? Fuck off WG.

  39. Look’s decent. Still think it should get the same 180 alpha as the Bulldog tho since it IS fairly slower. And with a frontal engine that has next to no module HP that’s gonna be a pain indeed.

  40. Couldn’t you use 2bonds on firefighting crew skill. It’s only2 bonds per game

  41. This would have been perfect as the tier ten american light (of course, with a significant stat boost to make it competitive with the other tier ten lights), with the sheridan at tier nine.

  42. A Bulldog with a nerfed engine and a nerfed gun… Why am I not excited about this tank?

  43. Plot twist: *_also comes with an optional 240mm howitzer_*

  44. Hang on a sec… Was this tank originally a reward tank?

  45. That stupid turret shape tho’

  46. Dez, black bulldog or t92 what do you think is better?

  47. I want this!!

  48. WG, please more premium vehicles.
    Maybe they will stop introducing them this way because when we are saying stop that they are doing just opposite.

  49. I saw this tank a long time ago on tank gg and it was a tier 7 ^^.

  50. Dezgamez, I love you but in every new video about WoT, you make me hate this game more and more TY

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