► T95 vs 6, With 120mm! – World of Tanks T95 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks T95, Tier 9 American Tank Destroyer.

Yes, I know I know… yet another episode about The Mighty “Doom Turtle” T95. But if you keep sending me funny, entertaining and awesome battles like this, then it would be criminal not to show them to you! 🙂

I hope you Enjoy!


  1. Can NEVER have to many T95 Videos 😉

  2. @DezGamez the only time when you see teamwork in world of tanks is when you’re in a platoon, nice gameplay though!

  3. what is that crosshair?

  4. LegitClips Gta x Wot

    *tank destroyer not heavy tank

  5. still no keyboard only challenge…

    i am disappointed in you dez ;_;


  7. T95 again? Booooooooring

  8. Gg bro gg indeed

  9. Caliber on Black Prince is 76.2 mm I think (the 17 pounder)

  10. Hi there , tyu for uploading my game, actually was the first battle with the 120mm ,as you can see i didn t had the money to buy all shells after buying the gun . Very nice intro btw!!

  11. Raphael Christofano

    Doom Turtle, more like dezdoom lel

  12. tums up button !!

  13. What a beeeauuutiful game. The black prince learnt a valuable lesson…. Never go track to track with a boss!!

  14. Can we get an epic pooper shot compilation video over here?

  15. Nice T95 action, and the “Victory Girls”, they are so DEZireable 😉

  16. Dez, I love your cinematic parts in your videos. I love everything about your videos too 🙂

  17. Hi Dez! Can you make a video about the Pz Sfl IV C.?

  18. Any one think Dez should play or upload tanks that are not usually featured in his channel like vk30.02M, panther 2 etc, kinda like a ‘ Loving the unloved’ series

  19. *Turtle95 is stronk*

  20. I really want +1/-1 MM because battles are like these are just shit. Those tier 7 enemies could barely do anything if only one tier 9 ally was alive.

  21. FirestreakRodimusPr

    dez, why don’t you play World of Warships anymore?

  22. Buff t95 frontal armor. Looks so weak.

  23. Yo dez. I got 2 awesome rng shots. should i send them?

  24. Will you ever do a face reveal? Now i want to know how you look

  25. Did u noticed the chat, no censor

  26. Hey deZ would. U stream with qb??

  27. its the DOOM turtle!

  28. Hey guys, pls Watch the video of quickly Babe, that was the Hardest Match with a tortois at all…

  29. It’s ok, Dez, I like me some T95 action 😀 also, epic music

  30. Great video as always. Such crying babies in team chat, now they must feel silly….

  31. Dez ma man u really gotta bring back the face off i miss that series i might even be the best series you have made 😛

  32. one of the american heavy tanks?? haha:D you mean teank destroyer but nice video;)

  33. the music in start is amazing???

  34. Why are PC players always surprised when a tank doesn’t use the top gun

  35. All that HE oof

  36. I hate American military. They all do the zionist colonial job in middle east. They defend zionists and oil in middle east. That is what their army has been doing for the past 60 years.

  37. good thing those T7s had a chance……….

  38. And just when i thought he was fucked for loading 10 high explosive rounds ?? America always the underdogs coming in clutch lol.

  39. What I realised when I did not have my top gun yet was that ppl got ballzy knowing they won’t get hit for 750. That fear effect was not there, and to me that is not fun.

  40. Tense. Good match still. 120mm is a decent gun but does not carry the “fear factor” of the 155mm. And yeah the high tier economy is a total joke and WGing made it that way on purpose.

  41. Not impressed weres the T95 vs the whole team if the tortoise can so can T95

  42. abdeldjalil derouiche

    it is not anywhere near understandable, the shit are thieves!!!!!!! fuck you WG . you win you get no more than 20K credit but when you lose they robe you alive. dude stop saying understandable you’re making no sense at all.

  43. another great video my friend, keep up the awesome work! only youtuber I’ve bought something from, ordered a shirt for my dad, made in america!! thank you dez, just thank you for super high quality video’s and commentary!!

  44. How you play this game this often dez without ripping your hair out is beyond me. Came back to play for the first time in a few months. Couple good games but most end up 2-15 losses with your so called teammates cussing you out and pointing out every flaw in what you did when they did 0 damage. Or you do 5k damage and lose and you walk away with 300 xp and a 20,000 credit loss even though you didnt fire a single prem round. Less than an hour of play and already need a break due to frustration.

  45. T95 heavy tank now i guess

  46. Aravind Badrinathan

    That GW tiger shot the lowè.;)

  47. Thanks so much for all your uploads, i have learned so much, keep it up Dez

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