► T95’s First Speeding Ticket – Mobility Boost! – World of Tanks New T95 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

(Doom Turtle) Gameplay and . Patch . – Tier 9 USA .

List of all World of Tanks Update Test Server changes:

I can not believe my eyes… I am playing with and I am able to achieve 20kph, on a flat ground, without any help! :O What, this real life?
With patch 9.17.1 update, yes, T95 is going to receive mobility upgrade, that makes my much loved T95 aka Doom Turtle even better tank! 🙂

Your thoughts?



  1. if you love the t95 , here’s a nice idea, for fun ‘relaxing’ game. its
    called the pain train:
    – you take a t95 and a t32 or similar heavily armored turreted tank.
    – you put the t32 behind the t95 and then you charge.^^ t32 will be ‘hull
    works very nicely in himmelsdorf heavy tank ally. but its fun on most maps.

  2. You know, I almost thought you were on the sandbox server considering how
    much deviation there was in your shooting. But if that’s normal RNG at long
    range (which it is, cause test server =/= sandbox) then imagine how
    terribad it will be *if* WG change the dispersion model.

  3. Holy shit! T28 Prot top speed improving to 28 kph??? I may proceed up that
    line now. I stopped at T25/2 because I dislike playing super slow tanks.

  4. I think your voice sound a little like Morgan Freeman :-D

  5. “I’m not scared…I’m not scared!!!” Be careful Dez, you haven’t received
    that speeding ticket in the mail yet. LOL

  6. t95 becomes a great scouter after this

  7. I loved the T95 in its original configuration, this new one is going to be
    so much FUN!!! Great video.

  8. Did you notice that IS4 bounce is 390 so it means he didn’t take the big
    gun… Good luck with 217 gold pen on that gun in tier X

  9. Dude….


  10. when they gonna buff tortoise? needed the same amount as american tds!

  11. Arty 250 DMG???? LOL RIP THAT SHIT!!! really unnecessary “rework”, will
    sell all my artys

  12. I love this speed buff for my doom turtle, considering its my most played
    tank in the game, this was a much needed buff, now i can cross malinovka’s
    field even faster now >:D

  13. Sweet indeed. I would have to argue tho that I would have preferred an
    Aimtime and ROF buff but that’s just me. This IS a welcome change but I
    feel without another Engine upgrade(but it IS getting buffed as well thank
    you God)it really won’t change much…and don’t even get me started on the
    Traverse! But seeing as the upcoming buffs will at least fix THAT aspect of
    the T95….thank God.

    Speaking of the T95 Dez did you see the Match I put on your site? You HAVE
    to watch it to believe that it’s really happened. I can’t make that shit up
    man. My body was so tense I thought I was gonna break a rib.

  14. thet intro made my stomack hurt of laughing =)

  15. Buffed Type5 scares me now

  16. Anyone wanna T95 platoon names rom12912

  17. time to rebuy my t95 back

  18. now ppl gonna say stop camping with t95

  19. gg chi chi

  20. I love T95 and from my point of view this buff is too high. Sadly too high.

  21. What was that thing in the beginning of the video it was too fast I
    couldn’t see it.

  22. I was watching your T95 video and you were using Coated Optics. I am trying
    to learn how to set up different tanks and was wondering what the advantage
    of using them instead of Binos on the T95?

  23. I sold my t110e3 for the t95, but I play on mobile version and t110eE3 did
    an average of 550 dmg and t95 does 600 average dmg. And the t95 has batter
    armor so tell me what you think about my decision please I want to know if
    it was a wise choice

  24. i never liked this tank, will have to give it a second look.

  25. Speeding ticket… You made me laugh brother

  26. They must have buffed ground resistances or something because if it
    couldn’t hit 13kph before how is it now hitting 20 kph when it only has
    like 6 hp/ton?

  27. Well. I’ve got a fever of 102 and I’m suffering. What better thing to do
    than fall asleep to the sound of dezgamez firing that 155 mil gun?

  28. T95 feels weird

  29. anyone know when console players will get this update

  30. love to see 9.17.1 covering the T28 speed buff

  31. what they did to THE t95, jesus christ

  32. Finally, I dont need to set the speed to x2 on any t95 replays I watch.

  33. your gonna see a huge spike in 105 octane usage

  34. Right, time for 704 buff to traverse(currently 22, T95 24 after buff,
    movement/traverse dispersion, accuracy(currently all of the stats above are
    better on T95)…etc.

  35. incredible.
    –this segment, this change, this modification falsely implied as a buff
    might make me buy the T95…in another 5 years when they buff it some more.
    really? 20kmph?
    Sure traverse is great…if your crew is already at the 4-skill level.

  36. flatmaus

  37. Dez, you’re awesome. I listened to this video on the way home from work
    today. I did not watch it, because I was driving. But just listening to you
    narrate cracks me up.

  38. you liking the slow doom turtle is not weird, me liking the current vk a is
    weird O.o

  39. buff buff buff and soon we will have a star wars game XDDDDD
    zap zap zap zap
    lasers all over battlefield XD
    tanks havent laser beam 😀
    why buff t95? because premium kids cried? pppffff
    the money…….

    WG SONS OF ………

  41. inquisiTHOR /LetsGame999

    did the f***** Maus get 200 hp moreee???

  42. I cant believe, turtle can reach 20km/h.

  43. its my birthday on sunday

  44. LightningAssault.com

    I just hope they don’t touch the armor!

  45. Michael Pallard (StandUpStayDown)

    Not sure if anyone cares about the console version as much… but in the
    PS4 the rng on the t95 gun is shit. You’re avg pen 270’s yet in the stats
    near pen says 220’s. The best dmg says something like 640. So the speed
    buff should hopefully come to consoles soon because this tank could use it

  46. This tank looks like an overgrown stug, if i would have seen this tank on
    german t9 spot i wouldn t be bothered.

  47. Totally entertaining! As always, thank you for these informative videos.

  48. MurfMe1Ster “MurfMe1Ster”

    How to play on test servers?

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