► TACTICAL NUKE INBOUND! – World of Tanks FV4005 Stage II Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Stage II Gameplay Review. FV4005, Tier 10 British Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks Best Replays.

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Warning: Tactical Nuke Inbound… This what the enemy team says when they see FV4005 Stage II aiming at them. 🙂

Hope you enjoy today’s crazy battle with this legendary vehicle!


  1. not a single “tactical nuke incoming”… 0/10 and instant dislike monkaS

  2. Savage Adidas Tracksuit Slavaboo

    Aging Jedi video about Conway and now on Dez channel Shitbarn. Amazing guys <3

  3. Hey dez i come from Italy and i Will be glad if you would give me some advices about how to play wz 111 1-4 with his awful Shell wasting cannon

  4. Were my T95 DOOM TURTLE

  5. Why you HESH to be mad Dez? Sh*tbarn always carries!

  6. Gentlemen it’s a nuclear device time is running out.

  7. FV4005 = MVP , Obj 430 = Hero

  8. read the ‘c’ as ‘tz’, maybe? 😀

  9. LOVE SHITBARN VIDS btw u think u could do a conway episode??

  10. Which hardbass song did you use for the intro?

  11. This fucking TD position… why do we never see any replays from the other spawns TD ridge?

    • Đỗ Nguyên Long

      Don Kanaille actually there are some replays of TDs camping on the hill the opposite spawn site, i saw one couple of months ago

  12. Feels like a long week Dez 🙁
    Even after Monday and Tuesday, my calendar says…WTF 🙂

  13. stronkest intro da

  14. The Legendary Sandwich

    This made me want to play my deathstar so I went on WOT and this was the first map I played

  15. dont motovlog dez because this vlog nerdy guy is annoying me

  16. i don’t want to ruin the party but this tonk is almost as toxic as artillery was , it funny when u play it but when u het oneshooted is not funny , u don’t get any chanves, thats not fair

  17. Motovlog Dez Plz 😛

  18. Just did 1071 damage to a russian medium in my kv-2. Straight through the upper front plate.

  19. I know they’ve got huge reload times, but this is everything I hate about those tier 10 TD’s. Nothing should be able to do 1,900 damage to you without an ammo rack. Whenever you get hit by one of these things you just think “why do I bother playing this game again”

  20. That t57 lol

  21. That T57 Heavy is shitbarn’s wet dream

  22. Hello Dez I love you <3

  23. We can always count on Dez! ?

  24. Is it just me or is the 183 gun still just broken. No one complains when someone loads full HESH, while everyone gives shit to someone who spams HEAT when both of these rounds are considered Premium or gold rounds. HEAT takes no skill but HESH just straight up negates the armor of a tank and does a decent amount of damage. And when it pens, will either one shot you ( which is stupid for a non-arty tank to do) or does 2/3 or even more of your health. Not to mention, 230 pen is still a decent amount of pen at tier ten.

  25. Well hello over here! I am fine over here, how are you over there?? xD

  26. Like a Bouse

  27. When is the next face off?nnn

  28. Captain Sum Ting Wong

    this 183 is poison for the game.

  29. When i see this tank in action i must ask myself, why do people complain about arty constantly…

  30. if only I could have games like that

  31. there are no death star video with similar dmg .. in the last year… you see the diference how much they nerfit

  32. Kriss Ninja.

  33. that intro..true Russian spirit

  34. Face reveal

  35. Willian Flores dos Santos

    what a great teamplay by obj 430, that guy is awesome

  36. I always hate seeing these on the other team. It’s almost like I can FEEL a HESH shell being loaded any time I’m spotted.
    Also that peek-a-boo with the E100 would have gone much quicker if he had loaded AP from the start.

  37. AP shells vs that E100 should go like butter.

  38. Вячеслав Храмов

    Learn derive characterize myvbk clothing surprise sense television factory.

  39. Can’t help the soviet bias. It’s part of the game design

  40. Nice game

  41. I have a question: Should i go for Jagdpanzer E100 or FV 4005 stage 2? because if i go for Jpz E100 then tier 8-10 arty will spam the hell out of me But if i Go for Fv4005 then receive 2,3 shots and die and not get atleast 10 shots from arty . So which one to pick?

  42. Not broken at all…

  43. Where do I get the modpack that you are using ? and also the *dez* cription this isn’t a T-100 LT

  44. The Death Star getting sh*t Barned made my day


  46. ARE U TELLIN ME U R A SLAV? never thought that 😉

  47. Dez. You are the best,,,,,I love your videos They are very entertaining. Keep it up

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