► Tank that used to mean something… – World of Tanks Tiger II Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Tiger II Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks Tiger II, Tier 8 German Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Best Replays / Battles.

Today I am going to show you one tank, that used to mean something in World of Tanks, but not anymore… Tiger II aka King Tiger one real icon in real life and in WoT as well, but it has been powercreep a lot lately, it has fallen behind.

What do you think?

Enjoy the video! 😉

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  1. Let’s keep them videos coming! 🙂
    Which “forgotten one” would you like to see next, 121?

  2. The Tiger II was the best tank I ever used and also my favorite tank to play as in tier 8. That was all before there was such a thing as Japenease heavies and buffed Russian tanks were a thing. Dispite the fact that it sucks now, I still call it the best tank I ever played as in WoT.

  3. i remember fighting tiger 2s in my churchill black prince. Hated it, really hard fights. So i looked forward to getting my own tiger 2. Well with everyone capable of shooting through the upper plate, it gets depressing…

  4. Tiger II was my 1st 3 marked tank on Tier 8. This one is an absolute beauty.

  5. How long ago did the Tiger II mean anything? Even four years ago it would still get its ass owned by an IS-3. You need to quit with this ancient history crap, or just keep pumping out WT E-100 videos – your choice but “how it was back in the day” is irrelevant to current gameplay.

  6. My opinion as someone fresh off this grind:
    – buff the turret roof and sides A TINY BIT so they no longer get overmatched (that gets SUPER annoying)
    – buff the gun handling and increase the ROF a tad OR increase HP of engine so you can be a bit more mobile

    Honestly, I feel that’s fair considering you’re playing support to tier tens 98% of the time. Which forces you to aim. EXTREMELY WELL (commanders hatch shots, E100 top bar shots, etc.)

    I’d like to hear others’ opinions on the topic. Please reply.

    P.S. If an obj 140 HEAT spams you, he actually doesn’t have to aim because your turret sides are no longer an auto-ricochet (get balanced blyat)

  7. I remember when I marked my Tiger ll. * Sigh

  8. THis guy proves it still has what it takes but only TOP Dog. This thing needs some Small armor buffs and it will be back as a Contender!

  9. Ransomware Sucks

    E100 same.. needs a buff

  10. Simple “Fix” make Tiger I Tier 6 & Make Tiger II Tier 7. Leave Tiger (P) Tier 7 also Then lead to VK45.02 Tier 8 like it is. Tiger 1 & II are one Tier too high

  11. Still better than the VK4502A

  12. Can a Russian tank two shot it? Working as intended.

  13. HE protection on tiger II is shit against tier 8 and above derp cannons.

  14. Tiger 2 is still way better than a IS6.

  15. @DezGames I am so glad someone with “some influence” has actually talked about this problem, the Tiger 2 needs a buff, ASAP, comparing it to its own german counterpart, the VK 100.01 P the Tiger 2 loses 100% of the time, because, the VK doesn’t need to aim too much, the Tiger 2 is paper thick…

  16. liem thanh Nghuyen

    Aawww the good old King, i love this tank, i hav 2 mark on it, will try to get 3 mark, 5 skill crew and 5k+ played :))

  17. This was always one of my favorite tanks. At top tier it can be dominant. But it definitely has been power crept and seeing so many tier 10 matches takes the fun out playing it because it’s barely competitive in high tier games.

  18. Should do the KV4 as well. Turret front is in the 180’s mm even when angled, frontal armor is 206mm max when angled. Sure it can still sidescrape, but it isn’t really a fortress anymore.

  19. I have 3 MOE in the T2. The gun is excellent. Mobility it fine. Upper plate and side armor is usable. But the lower plate and turret face is what kills t.

  20. tiberius africanus

    IS 6 used to be so beast mode….now just an xp pinata. way worse then the tiger 2. at least the tiger has a good nug….

  21. Kat bits And Robots

    Tiger 2 Remains Historical (others not so much)

  22. He didn’t receive a shot from any premium ammo? What bloody server was this on?! Impossible.

  23. I love my Tiger II, Tiger I and Hellcat. They aren’t very good in the game but I like them

  24. You don’t brawl with the Tiger II. You slowly pick people part with your sniper rifle.

  25. Move tiger II 1 tier lower

  26. Rather than a buff, it kinda feels that the tiger and tiger 2 need to be brought down a tier by this point (changing the available guns but keeping the same armor)

  27. I remember back in 2012 when tiger 2 was one of the king of HTs and when the armor was still relevant. The only tank that could contest it frontally was the IS3, T34?(Not sure when this was released) and Same tier TDs. Even tier 7 122s are having a hard time penning it but a simple press of 2 key changes all of that.

    The Golden Days of WoT.

  28. Buff it please …. used to be able to do some serious a$$ kicking in it and now it’s just a waste to even play it always get stuck in T9& T10 matches and it’s Swiss cheese in seconds

  29. This tank started me on my jump in wn8 and winrate a couple years ago. It forced me to learn the fundamentals of how to improve your stats and enjoyment of the game by utilizing its strengths and reading the situations better. I capped out at 93% moe before the patriot, lorraine, defender, Chrysler, guard were introduced. I haven’t played the tiger 2 in over a year. That 4 skill crew is just wasting away.

  30. Ces vrai qu’il est pas terrible quand tu vois le e75 après qui est blindé avec un bonne alpha

  31. That Tiger II Gameplay was awesome but it was an autoaim massacre 😀

  32. I started with German tech tree some years ago my favorite that time but now i can play only with some vehicles from this tree sadly

  33. I love Tiger II, and I took it into ESL battles… No chance to win :'(

  34. It’s not that Tiger 2 is bad, but every other tank have gotten stronger…

  35. Sandijs Bartušs

    yea lets talk about ballance its way off in this game

  36. well, the german tech-tree overall need a buff! Not every tank of course but most of them

  37. It used to be a Boss!

  38. To be honest its accuracy should be 0,08 and aiming time 0,7 s. The penetration over 230mm.Same with Panther. Dez your next video should focus on the AMX M4 45 the worst tier 7 heavy in the game.

  39. Try to get as many TOGs as possible and make a wall across the map out of them!

    Like if you agree!

  40. My first t8 and most played tank.. 3rd mark of excellence, 4th perk crew, i like this tank, looks like a real tank.. But its Hard to play it.. When someone loads gold ammo tiger 2 is one big weakspot u can t bounce anything 🙁 u can angle lower plate so hard and they still able to pene him.. Every time gunner dead, commander dead.. Every Side hit ammo damaged.. Maybe your only advantage of fire rate is gone so u are like unarmed supply track.. 🙁 sometimes u will meet dumbs WHO dont know how to play against u so for once u feel like real beast 😀 simply u can t compare after war tanks with this tank cuz design.. No matter about weakspot, its different kind of design

  41. I loved it like four years ago..

  42. Ok camonet on tiger 2

  43. Soo beautiful.tank

  44. Can you stop using your voice?

  45. I’ve one shot a tiger 2 with my kv2, had his side, put a 152 mm he shell into him, and did high damage roll, then he burned to death

  46. Slivnaja belotška. Russian name with english letters. Sa peaks teadma küll kuidas venelased eesti tähtedega kirjutavad =)

  47. any excuse to see the victory girls, grrrr

  48. gathering rust in my garage, sadly…

  49. Yet another Iconic WWII tank made to look stupid by Russian developers.
    I get the feeling those Russkies have a chip on their shoulders.

  50. Give it a reload and frontal armor buff.

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