► Tanks I am “Dreaming” About… MEGA DERPS! – World of Tanks 1.0 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

268 Version 4 Gameplay. World of Tanks FV 4005 Stage II Gameplay. World of Tanks Type 5 Heavy Gameplay. World of Tanks 1.0 Gameplay – Tanks.

Today I am going to show you three tanks that I am so called dreaming about, tanks which I do not own, yet!
I am still away on my little holiday, but made this episode tomorrows episode in front. 🙂



  1. What’s your thoughts on a Fortnite-WOT game modes :
    1 vs 30
    Or squads of 3 or 4 !

    I would absolutely love to play that ! 15vs15 is getting stale…
    What’s your thoughts wot fam ??

    • Braca Ganon free for all 1 vs 30 wouldnt work in this game because it would be too luck based and this really needs to be a team game i think but i guess a groups game with many teams of 3-5 could work i think

    • Braca Ganon It won’t be balanced

  2. The arty shells look like falling meteors.

  3. Wot looks the same tbh

  4. Ladislav Meliško

    that T-100lt is russian tank what did you expact .. 😀

  5. 4005 a lot better than 183 … WOT is really fair

    • i played it on test server i hit 98% of my shots and averege 7000+ dmg every game .. played 40 games on test server … have 500+ games with 183 on live server.. i never did more than 4-5 k dmg 40% hit ratio ….

    • Florin Avadanei to be fair people are less careful on the test server since it doesnt count for anything plus higher ping so its almost always easier to do well on test server than the live one

    • i am not talking about player game play… i am saying that you aim for 2 h with 183 and miss or manage to hit and not pen and do less than 500 dmg and with 4005 i was doing snap shots and even pen weakpoints

    • Florin Avadanei fair enough

  6. And WG are thinking buffing the 268 v4 :))))))))))))))

  7. I’m dreaming about balanced tanks and economy
    Bcs i can’t affort prems and prem acc

  8. T-100 LT made of Stalinium that’s why no crits

  9. The T in LT stands for Tungsten?

  10. All those TD/HTs are bad for the game :/

  11. DEZ, 268 v 4 rarely burns. I take 2 repair kits on it and find it working really good. you should try it 🙂

  12. Some say that the T-100 is still flying.

  13. type 5 heavy is way way way OP Try taking one out in your M46 KR 🙁

    • R and D to be fair you arent meant to be able to contest a tier X heavy frontally in a tier VIII med but shooting the top bar on the side should do the trick

    • You are using the wrong Tier VIII my friend. Get a TD, press the 2 key twice, and no problem penning the Type 5 from the front. Trust me. I know. I own a Type 5.

    • Tuấn Kiệt Nguyễn

      lol can you take out maus with your m46kr? can you take out is7 with your m46kr? can you take out e100 with your m46kr??? only dumbass compare a fucking tier8 to a fucking tier 10 HT

  14. Type 5 is a bit overhyped… I liked the 4 a little more, because tier 7s are fun to club with the 14. But it got ripped apart like tissue by other 9s and 10s. Type 5 has nice armour, but the guns kinda feel inadequate at tier.
    Edit, after first 3 replies: What have I begun?

    • NotYourAverageBelgian

      That’s because that tank is P2W. You gotta use those disgustingly broken premium HE rounds. But regardless, it’s the stupidest and easy tank in the game.

    • I own a Type 5 Heavy, but I have NEVER fired a single premium HE round ever. I carry 40 normal rounds.

    • A-Greed! Type 5 is way overhyped! Stupid and easy you say? Any arty, and your day is ruined. Penned in the front by ANY Tier 10, especially since they are all firing premium. Oh, and you have to fire premium also if you want to do more than 250 dmg so each battle is a 40K loss. And once you fire you get circle killed. This tank is broken, and not in a good way.

    • It is most certainly over hyped. The gun is occasionally hilarious at times – but not enough to make up for the fact that it feels like a tier 9 in a tier 10 game.

    • Yeah dude, the Type 5 with those premium rounds is the most op and noob friendly tank there is. So much armour and a guarantee of at least 500+ damage no matter where you hit your target.

  15. OHHH boyy if you want the TYPE 5 HEAVY get ready to suffer heavy precipitations of gold shells coming your way starting from the O-HO, getting wayyyy worse with the TYPE 4 and becoming unbearable with the TYPE 5

  16. “Obligatory 5% gold comment”

  17. Before watching vid
    Lemme gues… some OP tanks and unique tanks that can do a fckton of dmg or blocking
    My expectations werent lying

  18. I have a question to ask you. you think that at this moment the OBJ 268 is going to be completely forgotten. we have the incorporation of obj 268 4. before the Swedish Strv 103B and that of foch B.

  19. T100LT is made of stalinium comrade dezgamez.
    And if you dont like it we will send you to gulag.

  20. I prefer grille over shitbarn but grille should be in the unnerfed state like when it came out. At least with better dpm.

  21. pullstringgoboom0811

    Dez if only you had heard how pissed off Circon was with the Obj 268 V4. yesterday.

  22. Great video Dez, thx for it 🙂 always having fin!

  23. Do you plan to play War Thunder again? Because, like, French tanks, M1 Abrams, graphics and sounds improvements…


  25. “A little ding and poooo…” LOL

  26. Ay dez knows about the russian badger

  27. Those APCR tracers look sexy as hell and before you ask no i am not sexually attracted to glowing red lights in HD quality in anyway

  28. Dez’ you have the same exact camo i have on live server on my version 4′ thats saying something 🙂

  29. Version 4 is the Looney Tunes Tasmanian Devil…..so god damn fast, frigging tornado of destruction.

    Too fast for the armor given to it.

  30. Noticed everyone who fired at you in the 4005 was using gold.

  31. Well the Artillery Shell looking even better now

  32. เด็กน้อย ชอบยืน

    Even he have 154k sub he make video like 10m sub nice job ??

  33. Only 5% gold ammo used, GJ wargaming.

  34. Dez I have a feeling you’re always the cool guy.

  35. There is no diffrence between hd and sd again lol

  36. Fuck all those fuck derp guns. Absolutely non sense in this game.
    Too much alfa. And those tanks have not so much bad cons. FV215 183 has good Armour. And the cousin FV4005 has very good mobility, not only the turret, also the hull.

    I’d like to see these guns nerfed, heavily nerfed.

  37. 100 LT is made of Russian
    That’s a big loss of silver to play Type 5 lol

  38. Toasty Roasty Man

    we all knew for a long time you were heavily medicated but we still love your channel Dez ! 🙂

  39. hehehe you sad “good kill grille” at 5.16 but it was the t110E5 😀

  40. YOLO WAGON, not russian badger 😀

  41. _Villentretenmerth_

    What a beautiful camo on that FV4005 🙂

  42. i find 1.0 is made perfect for my JagPanther II had alot of fun yesterday with it. I got killed but never left a game without at least two kills myself.

  43. i call the FV4005 paper tiger. good kill but paper armor

  44. It went right over the commanders hatch

  45. Happy hollyday dez

  46. OBJ. 268 V4 is the most OP tank in tier 10 nowadays. It has the armour of the best HT, the speed of a good medium, the accuracy and handling of a LT and the gun stats of a TD. Just unbalanced in every aspect.

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