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of Tanks AC 1 Sentinel Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Chrysler K GF Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Sexton I Gameplay Review.

Today I am going to show you the absolute best tanks in of Tanks, my top 3 favorite vehicles in this game. There are no words to describe how much I love them, so let’s take a look and let’s talk about them…
How does your Top 3 list look like? Let me know! 🙂



  1. Huh… A bit later than usual, but I made it! 🙂
    So… What do you think about my list? How does your TOP 3 tank list look like?
    #muchlöwe #WinterHimmelsdorf

  2. LoL dik tenk

  3. april fools!!!


  5. Dez,you April fooled us 🙂

  6. Anders Christensen

    This is a funny video!
    The easterbunny in amor could also be a name for Chrysler K

  7. aprils 1 hahaha

  8. Good ironic video mate. Cheers!

  9. Stock vk 3001p. Has to be the easiest stock grind. Competitive even with no modules unlocked

  10. hey dez, what’s the penis song called??

  11. My fav. tanks are: M3 Lee, ELC Even 90, Churchill GC. Happy April fools Dez!

  12. Lol, are these actuall y good or bad, the first has me confused as shit

  13. HAHAHA great april’s fool video! You had me for a while lol. While you were showing the equipment “you use” on it I was like, wtf is he talking about this is shit

  14. Conecici Madalin

    Best video yet!

  15. Ah Dez you bring Sarcasm to a whole new level 😉 My top 3 of unspottable tanks: ELC EVEN 90, UE 57 and WT auf E100 that last one is so good nobody can see it these days.

  16. Δημήτρης Κολόμβας

    This is test server?

  17. April fools

  18. Best tank is the churchill game carrier of course

  19. Lol April fools

  20. The niveau of verbal irony in this video is OVER *9000!!!!!!!!*

  21. Hahaha loved that video, it was funny.

  22. Nice video bro, can you do a tutorial to how to download a mod in WOT because i tried to download the Battle hits mod and when i put the mod in the WOT files it doesn’t works in the game. Keep up the good works

  23. awesome 😀

  24. My 3 favorite tanks are obviously the WTF E-100, T-50-2, and KV. I play them to this day.

  25. I like this beatiful Type 91 and the Vickers Mk.I?

  26. But where is Churchilli GC?

  27. LOL happy April fool’s

  28. Tanki_le LikeBoss

    Why Sextom I , have AP monition?

  29. I know this video was meant as a joke, but here are my (actual) favorite tanks in tiers:
    T5: T67/T-34 (R.I.P. Elc AMX)
    T6: Skoda T25/Cromwell
    T7: T29/T71
    T8: Lorr40t/T26E5
    T9: Skoda T50/AMX 30
    T10: Obj. 430U/Obj. 268 V4 (because balance, kappa)

    Do you agree? Let me know;)

  30. OMG i first vote for PZ 2 J for no reason, i just press it, and now i see he is 1st in the list ahahahhahahahah yvip

  31. well i sold it before i play a single battle on it, but after watching the video:
    The AC 1 Sentinel was successfully recovered. credits: 264.000 spent.

  32. April fools hahahaha

  33. M3 Lee and Churchill GC are my favourite by far. They are almost OP

  34. Happy April fools dez ?

  35. April Fools…….. at least i hope so 🙂

  36. Dammit Dez I’ve only had 2 hours of sleep and the walls are laughing at me. I thought something was off about this video besides my mirage addled mind.

  37. Musturbpiece… I see what you did there…

  38. Krešimir Šmerda

    No FV215b? Hmm… Who are you and what did you do with our Dez?

  39. FastDucky Gaming

    Obliviously DIK TENK and HOT TOG

  40. You love only one part from Sentinel ;-).

  41. great stuff Dez!

  42. Dez, just come back with stereotypes series!

  43. Pc ic the best if all time!

  44. All my favorite tanks are released on April 1st…….LOL

  45. Nice videoI could tell right off how much you truly love these tanks you was definitely not being sarcastic

  46. Hi Dez, what is that artillery-mod what shows shell’s flyingtime?

  47. Tvp50/51, E75, T44, IS-3

  48. yes i wanted to collect them all tanks (premium) and when they announced that sexton1 was going to be removed i figured what the heck an “arty” i didnt have the type59 yet witch was one off the wanted ones and then they removed the “arty” and now its the rarest one havent been for sale last 3 years. i loved the sentinel its an under dog in all ways but u need to battle carefully, im amazed about ur load out 2xrep kit andfuel !! yes its slow, need to try that out.

  49. What about new super heavy russian tanks… Obj 430U and Obj 268 4? They need an armor buff as well as gun buff, too… Everyone is able to pen them super easy and you even can pen them with HE frontally. No gold ammo needed.

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