► The Best Mobility, CRAZY T-100 LT! – World of Tanks T-100 LT Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

T-100 LT Gameplay, Tier 10 Soviet Light Tank. World of Tanks The Fastest Tank. World of Tanks Patch 9.21 Update.

Hello there ladies and gentlemen! I am with you once again, from my vacation, but still… I was able to make it! 😉
This I am going to show you the fastest tank in this game… In my opinion at least – T-100 LT… This tank, with boosted mobility is simply crazy and hard to control…
This episode was made just for fun and hopefully you are going to have fun times watching it! 🙂



  1. I like rhm pzw much much more than t100lt

  2. German Tier 10 light rolls over all the time.  Wish I had got the Soviet Tier 10 light tank.

  3. Blitz_ With_Spartan617

    Doesn’t the RU-251 go 80kph

  4. But the Ru 251 goes at 82 top speed. So i guess Ru 251 is the fastest

  5. What about a vid about the best aimtime and acc (without Siege mode)

  6. Faster than the A-20?

  7. In the air at 70 km/h or full speed driving, right click-left click and of course the russian gun hits and penetrates…

  8. I hope AT&T purchases Spectrum.

  9. Soviet Gaming/DecepticonBlackout

    What about AMX ELC bis

  10. Should’ve killed the strv.
    Fastest no best mobility sure

  11. ? perfect video dez

  12. ill never understand how this tank gets anything more than 0 gun depression. there is absolutely no overhead breach clearance.

  13. Aah only little more credits and i can enjoy this beast.

  14. inquisiTHOR /LetsGame999

    just for fun, in world of tanks blitz you can boost T5 light tank VK 16.02 Leo up to 88.65 deg/sec and M41 Bulldog up to 82.03 deg/sec so those 74 deg aint the biggest deal xD… but yeah compared with that low profile and high top speed its pretty bad ass

  15. Well hold on what about the ru251? Was it nerfed or something?

    • Yes, when they reworked the light tanks the RU 251 was put up to tier 9 and nerfed, they dropped the top speed to 70 and lowered the DPM by like 250.

  16. Darn I was gonna say BT-2 was best power to weight ratio but I notice all the top tier light tanks stole that spot.

  17. Weell..all i need is over 6.000.000 credits to buy the Lt 100..i hope in 1 or 2 years..if i play only Low tiers to not waste any credits…..

  18. Well if you want to use this engine unlimiter thingy you need to activate it ingame :p just press 4.

  19. these customized paints suck

  20. Dez, i would like you to do the best treverse speed video!!!!!! And smt else i want nobody to tell him which tank has the best treverse speed. You will be quite suprised

  21. im not sure if you activated thing on number 5, it damages engine while its running. Well on live battle at least.

  22. Dez!
    We got leak from Milos Jerabek who is WG developer that Obj. 263 Ver.4 plan is canceled due to many complains of people plus unnecessary to change the tech tree.

    • Also the ISM(IS back turreted version in WOT Bliz)is coming up and developer says:
      “- And here is the first tank of the alternative branch of the Soviet Union: IS-M (TT-8, USSR, pumped).

      The machine itself (IS-M) is better known as the IS-2Sh and was first introduced in the WoT Blitz. Then the IS-2S caused heated discussions about its appearance. It is noteworthy that the younger brothers could receive this tank within the framework of the game event (the marathon simply speaking) – “Field trials”. From May 8 to 29, 2017, it was necessary to carry out combat missions. The most brave tankmen were able to get a really unique tank – IS-2Sh! Yes, they have this prem, and we will have a pumped-up copy. Unexpectedly, is not it?
      Actually, now the “Soviet sneakers” and in the Big Brother. Complete TTX and other characteristics in front of you.
      Crew: 4 people.

      * The heavy tank IS-2SH is a design version of the deep modernization of IS-2, proposed by N.F. Shashmurin at the factory number 100 in early 1944. The project provided for the fodder location of the combat compartment, as well as the installation of 122-mm long-barreled gun. The project did not receive further development, as the development of the IS-6 tank (Object 252) began.”

  23. I like this episode Dez, more like the stuff you used to release.

  24. Of course more Russian bias. They just have to have the fastest tank as well as the best everything else. It kind of ruins the game a little bit for some. Also this tank was mostly likely not real or was just a prototype or never built

  25. Raphael I Forgot The Rest

    Dez, you can use the premium engine oil instead of lend-lease

  26. Dez, you didn’t activated remove speed reduction, you have to click 5 after begining battle, so it could be more fast 😀

  27. an idea for a next episode, FASTEST NON AUTOLOADER GUN (it doesnt matter the caliber)

  28. Great video but you forgot to activate the removed speed governer

  29. I think coated optics also have no extra weight

  30. tank you for creating 🙂

  31. Dez you should see some of the hull traverse rates in Blitz. My T-54 ltwt (still at tier 8) has 80 degrees per second hull traverse speed with normal consumables. Nothing like that power to weight ratio though. I love it when you come up with ideas like this because they always end up making the game more fun than when you load the ‘right’ equipment.

  32. I hate these little bastards with a passion. Trying to play a scout only to see 1 of these on the other team just crushes my will to live.

  33. On Xbox there is a tank called the Cromwell snakebite, it can get up to 85

  34. i can understand mobility and cammo, but why the hell it has to be high gun stat?

  35. Nice episode however i don’t think you used governor, you must turn it on in battle if you want it to work and turn if of when u don’t need it so you don’t burn out the engine.

  36. thats why i am like 30 000 experience needed to this tank. Not mention that T54 lwt is already a good vehicle, but this will kill me 😀

  37. I kitted my LTTB for speed too, girls crew, rations, vents, oil and removed speed governor. The tank was crazy, the enemy was having real trouble hitting me when i was swearving at full power. I canged it back since, i now use vents, rammer, optics and food, and it’s a nice compromise, you just can’t play regularly without any repair or med kits.

  38. Snakebite Cromwell is the fastest on console with 80 km/h

  39. game is broken now with these fast level 10 light tanks…got swarmed in my chieftan…could hardly defend myself…saw a video where a Sheridan took out an E100…one shot produced 433 alpha damage…its going to be a bunch of nut jobs flying around killing each other in the first 5 minutes…just broken

  40. Load the Skill rounds

    This is a great idea! As players we are always trying to boost view range and firepower and to some extent camo but almost never the other attributes. But when you see the difference in mobility that can be achieved it is really mind blowing. For mobile tanks more mobility may be a better option to the common equipment in some cases.

    A: It was activated, replay file simply doesn’t show it! 🙂
    A: My first test was all about boosting my hp/t as much as I can, for fun! 🙂
    I hope everything is gucci with you! #muchlove #stayawesome

  42. Dez: Rusky armor, Blyat!

  43. Thank you Dez great vid. Hope your vacation is going well. Cheers

  44. Those turns were so sharp I almost cut myself watching.

  45. Just proves Russian bias is real !!

  46. Damages your engine?

  47. T100 LT is a terrific tank in a good players hands, in your hands though…even better, well done.

  48. Pane 1c ga ka joonele, tollele saab ju ka riputada igast kola külge

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