► THE BIGGEST CANNONS IN USA! – World of Tanks American Big Gun Edition

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Huge thanks to everyone who decided to pick something up!

Another day, another special event… Yesterday I celebrated my channel’s 6th anniversary, but today it all about my USA viewers, because it the “4th of July”! I know how important this day for you, because we have as important days over here as well, so I am going to dedicate this episode to all my fans/viewers.
What do you say, if we play with the biggest guns, boomsticks on USA tanks in World of Tanks today? I think that sounds pretty awesome, so let’s roll out!


► Music used:
– Bruce Springsteen – Born In The U.S.A.


  1. Happy 4th of July ‘Muricans!

  2. Dez, can you give us a sample of what Estonian language sounds like?

  3. Yo t92 not worth SHIT anymore exactly!!! retarded patch

  4. 4th of july is also my mom’s birthday 🙂

  5. great boomsticks 🙂
    but is there any news about bigger map..30vs30..
    Thnx for your video’s and your time

  6. Anyone pronounces “Borsig” like “Borschig”…God i hate it.

  7. Abu Jahl Hubble

    i miss AP Shells
    9.18 like shit i hit maus and just did 57 dmg wtf WG

  8. ? Born in the USA ???????

  9. FirestreakRodimusPr

    I believe you splashed yourself with that last shot at the RHM.

  10. yesterday with a Jadpanther 12 shoot 5 pénétrations What that ??

  11. Dez you noob! xD … You forgot the 8-inch Howitzer (203 mm) on M53/M55, M40/M43.

  12. America thanks you. Game on!!!!

  13. 0:35 lmao the German tank

  14. On Xbox I killed a slightly wounded WT E100 with 2 shots to the turret in the T49 and he messaged me later saying he reported me for cheating 🙂

  15. SHIP…America appreciates your contributions to this segment. I, yes I, have been approved to speak on behalf of the Nation.

    It is a shame the Arty has been nerfed. You can’t advertise the biggest Boom-Sticks when they are not performing as they should, thanks to the morons at WG.
    Granted, STUN/SHOCK/Concussion, is a factor appreciated, BUT, how many freaking times do you have to hit the Super-Heavies to do any damage with respectability? ALOT.
    No more one-shots, no more AP.
    It should be returned, as the KING of battle. Thats right, that is what Arty is referred to in todays Army.
    Thanks for the props, as always, but it needs resolution. You cant say it enough.

  16. that reload on the T92 is NEVER fast enough LOL

  17. thanks for the episode dez keep up the good work

  18. I love how you play America’s national anthem!

  19. Merica! Oh ya Baby!

  20. biggest in the games

  21. youre more american then some americans lol

  22. Merica!

  23. How to sum up USA: Bold eagle thats painted blue red and white with stars on its head with guns for wings

  24. MURICA!!!!

  25. God Damnit! Now a I have a massive Freedom boner! The only way to get rid of it is to blow shit up and fire my guns in the air while screaming “FREEEEEEDOM”!

  26. thank you happy 4th to all

  27. Cameron Michael

    USA! USA! USA! Happy 4th everyone

  28. Murica

  29. if i download the europe test server do i have every tank or how does it work there?

  30. I think the shot on the charioteer with your T49 last time was luckier haha!! XD

  31. Joona Uusiheimala

    do same kind of episode of ussr or german big guns. that was good idea. keep it up

  32. 16:47 does it feel good to kill that WZ-120?

  33. I so much wanted to see T30 in action ?

  34. Need shirts for fatter people. Fat people like watching your videos too!

  35. just noticed that on lot of your tanks that you did not accelerate your crew training? With ones that you cant use that xp on anything else.

  36. I rather use kv-2 derp gun on t92….

  37. you’re from Estonia?

  38. “MADE IN USA” 😀

  39. 12:30 Nice song

  40. Dez, Love the team America theme song! fuck yea! Great game with the T49, what was that KJPz doing?

  41. It used to be, and still somewhat is my favorite thing, when arty pops me with a direct hit in a light tank while moving 60 k/ph. Its awesome. I just say wow that guy sure has good aim! How lucky am I to be playing against such great arty to be able to pinpoint a target with a slow moving arcing indirect fire projectile.

  42. gotta love that gold noob spamming map after he is dead

  43. Thank you Dez! We here in the USA appreciate this fine video and commentary!!!! It was my mine and my wifes anniversary of 21 years!!!! After four marriages I got it right!!!!! Take care my friend, Vern

  44. So basicly arty, even t10 now sucks major donkey balls he. To bad

  45. Bando de americano gonorrento

  46. OMG this video is straight up American porn. lol GG Dez. GG. 240mm gun on an arty….That’s a battleship gun. lol Only in america do we put a heavy tank gun on a light tank. lol

  47. What’s the song in the beginning where it’s the national anthem except with “bums”??

  48. RichTheEngineer

    Interesting in that every barrel for every American large gun (tank, howitzer, artillery) is manufactured at Watervliet Arsenal, just down the street from me.

  49. PURE AMUSEMENT!!!.Watching Dez : 1.playing arty, 2.flipping coins to select what to play next, 3.T49 bouncing like a BosS!!! Great special episode!

  50. Michael Nicely :3

    I was born on July fourth twenty years ago but I am Canadian! My mother said I was three days late… if that isn’t irony idk what is. I’ve been watching your videos for like two years now and I just realized I wasn’t Subscribed. This video was a pleasant birthday present =) thank you!

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