► The Future – HD Maps, Buffs, Premiums and More! – World of Tanks Patch 9.19+ Update Preview

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks 2017 Updates. World of Tanks 9.19+ Update Preview.

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During Wargaming.net League Grand Finals, developers from World of Tanks did a Q;A session with players, answering to a lot of questions about the future in World of Tanks. In this episode I am going to talk about Wargaming’s answers, so let’s see what they had to say!

Let me know what you think about all that!



    There were more questions, but I simply did not want to make this episode 30min+ one. 🙂
    And to all my US fans:
    “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter the words, but to live by them.” – John F. Kennedy

  2. Vladimir VojtaML

    Any news about Skorpion G being on sale again?
    And I hope defender will never be sold again because it’s pure p2w cancer.

  3. Aaron Brockington

    @14:08….wth did the E4 shoot the ST-I with? even its he is only 1100 and the ST-I was on full health, all 1900 dam caused by the E4…its prem rounds are not that high either and it wasn’t an ammo rack hit….. confused :/….

  4. Patch really sux! We should start to consider streik day to show our hate of gold ammo!As well as OP premium tanks!

    Said during official Q&A. That shows how much WG feels sorry for recent SirFoch case.
    I told it once, people must be stupid to believe in WG statements and annoucements.

    But insulting autistic players and SPG-part of the community is ok. CC’s like Dez will cut themselves off, say “Just stop it” aaand it’s all fine and dandy.

  6. For a company that sells money grabbing premiums they look like the local crack dealer. That said why didn’t anyone pop the question on why WG pulls so much bullshit with the new premium vehicles or even balancing issues.

  7. Sixth sense – 1 second earlier ?!?!?! – GG WG – quite OP and only for best or nl

  8. no tiger 131 comin with 9.19?

  9. Tomáš Balcárek

    NO ARTY BUFFS??? 🙁 i want my S-51, Hummel, M41 HMC and AMX 13 105 AM stronger 🙁 🙁 🙁

  10. WG PLZ put all potato pc’s out with HD maps

  11. IS-6 get buff FUCK YEAAAAH !!

  12. Yet another great upload by dez!

  13. Okay the maps are gonna look awesome. Tanks are gonna stay ugly? And still no multicore support by the engine? Well then we are still fucked in the arse.

  14. if only I could understand what the hell you’re saying :/ no offense but accent too thick

  15. Wot isn’t a free to play. It’s totaly a buy to win. Play full gold and will see.

  16. they should buff is7 and U are complettely right about that new coins. U shouldnt be able to improve ur tank so much. it will be better to make Your own camo or emblem,…. everybody will just play mouse and have good armour a lot of health, very good dpm,…..

  17. Hey Dez, thankyou for staying out of all this wargaming drama! It’s nice to come here and relax watchyour positive videos ??

    Cheers man

  18. I’m not quite sure what you mean about the premium ammo involving the Type5 and the maus?

  19. Seriously dude you got great content here but your voice is awful!

  20. Yes, IS-7 does need a buff when compare to other tier 10 HTs, specially the over buffed ones.
    me: “WG, can’t you nerf those over buffed ones a little bit?”
    WG: “press 2 key.”

  21. -IS6 buff
    -KV5 buff
    -no T34 buff?????? why wg why you know the t34 eats ass, buff it moar

  22. HD maps ? We ask for fun and playability, they serve us cosmetics ? A lot of maps starting to show some aging due to new tanks, but FFS would not be better to take advantage of the fact to launch new maps and launch them already in HD? Launching NEW MAPS IN HD not reworking maps full of problems in HD … C’mon wargaming !!!

  23. sounds too goo to be true if you ask me, but we shall see if WG holds there promise

  24. Nerf the SU-76i and bring it back in to the game. I want it!!!! I will trade my AMX 13 57GF for it.

  25. Aaron Supercalafradulistic

    No new maps in 2017. I quit the game 2 weeks ago, if i was ever gona come back, that is out the window. Screw WG

  26. What about small rocks, wooden stairs, and porches ability to turn over tanks?

  27. Arthur Robinson

    No T32 buffs in the works? 🙁
    Why don’t premium rounds just take longer to load? That way you could sacrifice DPM for penetration.

  28. WG really needs to look at M41 Bulldog.  I understand why they reduced the magazine capacity to 6, but unfortunately they kept the same (long) mag reload time, and the alpha is the same as the T71.  They need to either reduce the mag reload significantly or increase the alpha to around 180 on the autoloader, or both.

  29. Update 9.19 Relased and no buff for Type 59 🙁

  30. Looks like patch 9.19 may inspire an impromptu server population ‘correction’. I’ve been playing this game since early 2014 because I love it, not because of the allure of tier 10s, tournaments, clan wars, stat-padding, etc. I have ZERO desire to waste my time & credits playing tier 10 ranked battles for some virtual achievements that mean nothing in the real world. I am also in complete agreement with the people protesting the use of ranked battle equipment and directives in random battles. I am not condemning or ridiculing people who are looking forward to this patch but this is definitely not my cup of tea. I guess this is as good a time as any to walk away from the game?

  31. It smells like that Mause is going to be rubbish again and stalinium comes even stronger … so IS7 will have 60 top speed and gun will have 0,3 accuracy …

  32. I donť want HD maps, I just want maps where are no coridors, I want maps which are more like old maps (I can mention maps like Murovanka, Prochorovka, Mines, Malinovka, there are old and they are still good and funny). New maps like Stalingrad, Kharkov, Pilsen (which is not like real Pilsen at all) are completelly shit.

  33. I can understand around 90% of your words but sometimes you are difficult to understand. Your accent makes some of what you say unintelligible. But, good job on letting us know about the future plans for the game.

  34. WG dont give a fuck about balancing? well i dont give a fuck about WG!

  35. As Always Dez you bring info we dont see anywhere else, love it or hate it, the game moves on.

  36. Don’t just buff Russian tanks, PLEASE buff Chinese tanks as well. xD (The penetration values, I mean)

  37. General feedback is that WG can stick the new patch down their deep dark tank barrel.

    WG gives monkey crap about what players want to have or not have in the game. Does Sir Foch public relation disaster ring a bell? And what about failed Historical battles, Rampage, Flags & Emblems with improved skills, and the newly made Frontline? If the improved equipment will be available in the standard battles I think it will be time to stop playing the game.

    I thought I would support some streamers with WoT in-game presents but I will not do that either since the game has become totally corrupted, 90% of changes introduced into WoT are sheer poppycock. I gradually started playing higher and higher tiers but the the new planned patch just goes completely in a wrong direction. Why forcing people who are bad at the game and do not want to play tier 10 to a game mode (Ranked battles) which they do not want to play?

    Wasting money into playing modes nobody wants to play, introduction of some very idiotic personnal missions, while not investing money into new larger maps for the standard battles?? When has WG introduced a new decent map into the standard game mode??? Stalinfuk? Chuikov? Pilsner??? And if the new HD maps do not solve the problems of corridors they will be as useful as an “arse-h0le on my elbow” to paraphrase Pulp Fiction !! 

    Awards for playing tier X games in the new Ranked battles?  What about a new exclusive camouflage, a new exclusive tank, free experience, gold or more credits – depending on what a player chooses?

    Thumbs down WG and boycot the new playing Ranking battles mode !!

  38. Id love them to remove the mods from the game, make it more fairer so i am 100% in support of that, I hate XVM.

  39. I have a SU-76I and it’s not OP. There are several tier 3 tanks that can pen it and take it out with 2-3 shots.

  40. TheCardboardJedi

    I read in that WoT news item that the advanced equipment and directives which are winnable in ranked battles will indeed be finding their way into random battles. I find this very concerning, I’m sure I’m not the only tanker that works and has a family. I don’t see myself spending hours a day grinding those bonds in the ranked matches to buy those snazzy new items to stay competitive. I get in like an hour, maybe two a week on WoT these days. Anybody know if those items will be available for gold or credits so we have a shot at keeping up?


    Dez = the new Jingles. Keep up the good work Dez

  42. no disrespect to you dez but since when do wg care about balance in this game they talk about but they do sweet fuk all ay they may try and make us think there doing something but they are full of rubbish

  43. IM glad maps are getting a face lift, but Christ, I really dont care to see the broken glass in the windows on Karkov, or the chips in the concrete on Pilsen. I want some new maps that dont see meds/lights as an afterthought.

  44. Can’t have any “normal” performing russian tanks huh? Better buff those, hell, just buff them all. The premium ammo is ruining the skill and meta of the game. They’ll never fix the ping. Redone maps, cool. But they need 30v30 out fast. Game is getting boring quickly. Also, need moar new tanks, non-premium of course.

  45. are the arty changes with the stun available on ps4/xbox?

  46. why don’t they just bring back the old maps they removed. I saw nothing wrong with them…they were fun…bring them back!!

  47. Is Type 59 worse than KV-5? I don’t think so. Buffing Type 59 would be a travesty.

  48. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Any change on that shit Grille 15 that nobody ground, that shit underpowered and boring to play that they pushed over us and after nerfed.

    That shit that has nothing except bad stats. Wanna my credits and XP back. This is the minimum… because they seemed that will not fix the shit they did PUSHING THAT SUPER SHIT OVER US.

  49. oh Please buff my sweet Type 59 bring her back to her former days . then she will be balanced along with all the new tanks and Awesome again 🙂

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