► The God of Ramming, E-50-M – World of Tanks E-50 Ausf. M Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks E-50 Ausf. M, Tier German Medium Tank. World of Tanks Live Gameplay.

Today I am going to show you 3 extremely awesome live with good- E-50M, tier German medium tank. For me, it is The God of Ramming, there is something so satisfying in it and you are going to see A LOT of ramming in this episode. 🙂


►Tanks in action:
– German/Germany E-50 ausf.


  1. Sorry not sorry for the cliffhanger. 😛
    Hope you enjoyed it, because I really did enjoy making it to you, had a lot of fun!

    • Dez u should make a montage video of a bunch of those types of things happening, make it a “World of tanks try not to get angry montage”, and put a bunch of ram kills and other ways you’re about to kill an enemy, such as shooting them with a Death Star or landing on them, but cut the clips JUST before you’re about to kill them, so it will trigger everybody. ? best idea ever.

    • I’m stuck with a goddamn smartphone for the week and I am not playing that shit called Blitz so any game play is greatly appreciated.

      So frigging bored, send more vids.

    • Lol, here I thought you said rimming, my bad……………..lol
      Keep rolling ’em out.
      Battle On!

    • DezGamez kv-5 is ram entity

    • DezGamez I think the god of ramming is amx 50b not e50m

  2. pls play amx 30 b

  3. wot, do you hear what he said, clean the tank before go to battle. 10 gold/wash.

  4. Wow, 800 damage lol that is not surprising though, because it was the pz 58 mutz which has bad frontal armor


    Nice video and intro De(e)z (Nuts)

  6. Dez posts an E-50m video.
    I postpone my scheduled meeting to watch. Priorities!

  7. Hashtag DRIVEBY xD

  8. I’ve rammed a type 5 heavy for 2.5k+ all at once in my e50.

  9. 3:16 wow that’s just cruel Dez, to say something like that xD

  10. some people are just a little greedier than others (I have had 150+ kills stolen 😮 )

  11. E50(M) seems like a fun tank! I am at the Panther, at first I hated that tank but it now is my favourate tier 7 medium.

    • Kevin W panther is my favorite next to jagdtiger and 50m

    • Once you get the E50 m you should try its counter part the Leopard 1, Im currently at the Leo Pta and Im having a lot of fun with it, ( you gotta try to conserve hp at the first few minutes so you can brawl towards the late game )

    • Dragonflame And you want to stay at the PTA. Leo 1 is shit.. It gets -2s off the reload time, but it isnt worth it to go tier 10 :/

    • cmonn makeittwerk

      It really sux having a tank at tier 8 that hits 200.. then grinding e50 at tier 19 hitting 200 again..

  12. WTF the Leopard 1 can ram shit aswell…

  13. Suit you Sir! Do you like Ramming Sir? Slamming your hard body against unsuspecting soft targets and aiming for penetration?



    • Vulgar_Display_Of_Power

      who sir ? me sir ? no sir ! penetrated and rammed by a big German, ooh, suits you sir

    • I don’t think Dez will know about the Fast Show 🙂

      Advancing boldly forward with his impressive weapon held aloft, looking for weakspots?


  14. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4257769#abbey-bilogorac90-t-34-85m…… I know its a tir6, but yust look, 10kill and Master tnx

  15. RNG brother RNG, arty is life

  16. Playing my STRV S1 and the enemy E50M saw his chance for a ram kill. He misjudged how fast I could reverse and I got to a sand wall just as he caught me. I ended up pointing down on his front plate for the kill shot. HaHa failed ram…..

  17. “Some looove”
    Claus kellerman influenced

  18. Trolling Russians meds with HE its awesome ❤

  19. WoT face off: e 50 m vs amx 50 b ram?

  20. José herrera López

    Dezgamez what pc parts u have?

  21. E50M vs EVEN90 ramming pls!

  22. DezGamez, you dont repair the gunner but you heal the gunner 😉 😀 nice vid tho, enjoy it as always 🙂

  23. The e50m was my first t10,god do i suck at playing it but the death kitty will always have a place in my heart.

  24. Dez you are the best

  25. Estonia finally has tanks xd

  26. Chandler Kristoff

    430U needs buff 😉

  27. E-50-M+Ram=more DPM

  28. Chandler Kristoff

    B-but QB said E50M is weak.

  29. Marks even disappear on the console version too

  30. Why train BIA like that?

  31. Kv-5 is the Ram one above all

  32. Dez, you can’t repair a gunner, you can only heal him, dont treat human like tools! LOOOL

  33. Vineet Raj Pradhan

    No enhanced physics?

  34. Dez your intro… Please please..???

  35. Thank’s Dez ,
    waz da nutts!

  36. #DriveBy 🙂

  37. That intro gave me blue balls

  38. You know mine also performs when it’s played with too !

  39. When, You make next stereotypes movie? Meds for example?

  40. congratulation DezGamez your Monetization is back in action.

  41. Ohh the Weak tank 😀

  42. I have a challenge for you dez, play artillery in v-mode?

  43. OP 268 4 is now the god of ramming. More weight, similar speed and godly front armour so you don’t get shot at while ramming as well. High tier German tanks are literally useless now. The novelty it had remaining has now been removed.

  44. Lol. God of Ramming is 268-4 with CI

  45. I slightly nudged a Badger from behind, taking off the rest of his 220 HP. Feels good, man.

  46. In all of this battles, you was the “billy goat”, the man who RAM everything if he see:)))
    I like your videos, and this video was very funny:D
    Keep up the good work!!!! 😀

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