► The Happiest Tank in The Game! – World of Tanks: SU-101 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks SU-101, Tier 8 Soviet Russian Tank Destroyer.

Well, I be damned… 2 uploads in day! 🙂
This time I am going to cheer you up with some World of Tanks action, feat. aka Happiest Tank in this game. 🙂
Let’s see what this Mini Yolo Wagon is able to do!

► Player: wildcatx



  1. missed you whole day 🙂
    ps. shell velocity top ten video plz 😛

  2. make a tea shirt with the writing “Dez Nutz”

  3. No depression, good one, lmao

  4. Beautiful victory girls t-shirt?

  5. Please feature SU-122-54! That TD pushes 4k dpm with 440 alpha!

  6. Sergio González Torres

    Gotta love it. Played it in Blitz and ran over a T49 ATGM with it lol

  7. Will you Photoshop the sun between my fingers?

  8. Warthunder > WoT

  9. I usually don’t like to be that guy in the comments going “all luck no skill” but…The dude played stupidly and got incredibly lucky at all turns

  10. Two videos in one day….It’s almost as good as coffee in my Epic Boom Stick Mug!!!

  11. you can call your channel “DezChannel”

  12. T-shirt idea: “NO, I said TEE-DEE’s” -DezGamez

    Printed right across the chest of course.

  13. As someone who “owns” this happy outhouse on tracks I’ve learned to only way to get the top 122mm gun to work is to find a slight downward slope and use the SU-101’s gun elevation to inflate it’s lack of depression. It’s a pretty neat trick seeing it can point that gun up a fair bit. Now if only the top 122mm gun fired faster then 5 fucking rounds a minuet and didn’t have an Ice-age like aimtime…..

  14. actually many arty have 0 deg of depression, but the only tank with 0 depression that is not an arty is the auflk panther (removed long ago) lol

  15. I told you Dez! The SU-101 is the only tank that makes people smile when it kills them.

  16. Hated the grind to obj 263

  17. I like your intro “Whaaaaaat Is Up, Ladies And Gentlemen” Keep it up Its like listing to Something Motivational

  18. ConquerorGC pls, literally 0 degrees of gun depression.

  19. Mr. FuckingDigidies

    T92 has positive 3 degrees gun depression I thought?

  20. I love playing with su101 but it has lowest winrate tier 5-10 bcz of low hp and no depression. Travers also has small angle

  21. I have more than 700 battles in the SU 101 with the smaller 320 alpha gun and I think it’s amazing. Also that comparison with the yolo wagon is not really valid I think cause you only have 990 hp and the armor is very unreliable
    PS dez, you should make a shirt with the wz 120 on it :)))) nothing more is needed

  22. What makes me happy? Not a tank, rather a team without downs syndrome victims.

  23. Dezcription 101………

  24. SU-101 is a good tank but it falls behind because of the chinese prem being just a better su-101

  25. That was some fk lucky game ever

  26. The most successful tank destroyer yet possibly my favorite Stalin mobile want to play aggressive in a destroyer without paying for premium anything this tank will track fuck flash stun and pummel anything in it’s way absolute beast want to get steel wall in a destroyer this Putin approved catapult on tracks will slice through your armour and hammer you like it’s flag suggests this tank is an ammo rack hero it smells your fear and insecurities you don’t even need gun depression you just roll in full steam pull back on the stick aim straight ahead and your enemy will bounce his shot and the KGB trained crew check wind direction air temperature and humidity and that big bad red shell finds it’s mark take 3 repair kits and even derp tank’s will drop sump oil when they track you and take an ass load of damage while they reload it’s fast it’s agile it’s tough and could care less about RNG this tank is the pride of the red army’s destroyer line watch it blow the mustache off a tier 9 Foch or hose through an IS or KV while fending off a 34-88 or 34-85 at the same damn time this tank my friends does not make mistakes it throws Soviet hammers at you it’s low its fast it’s ugly but that’s what make’s it so fucking sexy like most things from Russia it’s not built to be sexy it’s build to get the job done I’m surprised it’s not part of the Soviet space program because that tank is an absolute beast and is an absolute pleasure and has more character than any other TD so thanks dezzy baby that brought back fond memories for me for the motherland may you live forever


  28. Statistically speaking, six out of seven dwarfs aren’t Happy.

  29. Dez, im using that tier IX 100mm gun and i have 3500 dpm.

  30. It really is a horrible tank. The tier 9 isn’t much better.

  31. Would have been TERRIBLE if he got into a tier 10 game :/

  32. I just got my SU-100M1 recently and i know where all its depression went…..into me…..haha

  33. Darkness Nighthingale

    Dez please stop… Your voice is putting me to sleep… But I do need it as its 1:20am on a school night… Than…………..

  34. This must be the only game EVER that this tank carried????

  35. Cromwell tired of living in the first game?!

  36. The only bad thing about this video – something very, VERY important hidden at the and screen plate. But I get it, not your fault Dez, you were forgiven …

  37. J’ai detester se tank maintenant que j’ai de 263 ces largement mieux

  38. I’m grinding through this tank at the moment and the next gun up is better, 219pen 320 damage 5.65sec reload with my crew and 1.4sec aim and really accurate . The aim time on that 175pen gun I think Like 3sec and poor accuracy.

  39. Well I’ve never thought that my strv 74 and all the rest of the swedish tanks are the saddest in the game ???

  40. This is what i needet

  41. 8:44 steel wall….and new crew member over here 😀

  42. the loader bought the farm

  43. Artys are the happiest tanks in wot because they have 0 depression and relax the whole game

  44. Yolo wagon line ?

  45. Wrong, the T92 is the happiest tank in the game because it has NO DEPRESSION. (0 degrees gun depression) It’s all elevation BABY and it’s boom-stick goes so high it’s like it is raising the effing’ middle finger! f**k everyone’s opinion is what it is blatantly saying! XD

  46. And then there is the SU-122-45 with no armor… I’m glad to have the Obj. 263 now…

  47. Hey dez, i have uploaded an KV-4 gameplay on your site for replays, might be fun to make a video of this old beast since there is not that much happening to that tank and it is so much fun to play with! My account name is Rikmans99. Hope you like it.

  48. Only 12 dislikes, impressive!

  49. That was a very lucky moment that he got there.

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