► The Legendary KV-2 vs 8 Enemies… A Challenge? – World of Tanks KV-2 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks KV-2 Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks KV-2 DERP, Tier 6 Soviet Russian Tank.

Last time we welcomed our new King of DPM – “FV217 Badger”. This time let’s welcome back our King of Derp – “KV-2″…. Seems like nothing takes that position from KV-2, 8 enemy tanks that it has to face sometimes. 🙂
Enjoy today’s epic derping with KV-2, will catch you next time! 🙂


  1. Made it once again, For The People! 🙂
    BTW, if you would like to follow my trip, a little bit, then check out https://twitter.com/DezGamez
    Sometimes, if I can or have something to say/share, then I do it over there (already have couple pictures).
    I am doing good, hopefully everything is okay with you as well!? 🙂 #whatisrussianbias

  2. Name music in the intro?

  3. The technical BOOMSTICK

    U said grille 15

  4. 10 people sent to gulag? not enough

  5. Y can’t I get teams this bad?

  6. Dont mind seeing lower tier games as well.

  7. How about some WoWp replays?

  8. epic intro dez i must admit you keep getting better

  9. KV-2 is honestly the most balanced tank in game

  10. name of the badass intro song please?

  11. 13 = Dez favourite number <3

  12. intro music???? pls!

  13. any KV-2 replay is fun, but this was good matchmaking and a lot of luck,

  14. The Hero No One Gives A Shit About
  15. I just give a thumbs up for a Dez KV-2 video. I don’t care if it sucks – it gets a thumbs up! ;p

  16. “Dez” okay now am i seeing things but the KV-2 shoots H.E. rite? Or is shooting H.E. rite? Well how the heck can the KV-2 shoot threw cover like the trees and the little tent and boxes? Because H.E. is suppose to explode when it comes in contact with anything rite or am i not correct? Because KV-2 just shot threw all that stuff that was in between what was in front of the Grille..Game seems like it picks and chooses what and who it wants to do good or bad things to while playing it seems.

  17. Dez, your intros are just EPIC!

  18. Motovlogs dez plz

  19. Song intro?

  20. How is it possible to ammo rack the grille if it run out of ammo?
    Wargaming logic

  21. If he was in German tank, 80% of the shots woild go outside aiming circle….

  22. Did someone noticed that he used 2 AP rounds ? ^^

  23. Best stronk tenk. Can never have too much video of KV-2.

  24. How about an Pz.IV H replay? (Derp and normal gun) ^^

  25. MongooseJake : Fun & Games

    Ok Dez, I know you love top tiers, but tier 6 is not “low tier”, it’s mid tier. .

    Now, Claus has recently shown some seriously lower tier stuff for laughs, like a Ltraktor harvesting new players on Himmelsdorf, lol. Now that’s low tier!

  26. E25 is for sale on the EU server today for tossers who can’t play with normal tanks. 😉

  27. Legendary raseiniai battle.

  28. Somebody put cammo and the duck? SOMEBODY PUT CAMMO ON THE DUCK!!!!!!!

  29. Whenever I hop into my KV-2 I too want enemies who do not know that tanks have a reload time and what that time is for the KV-2…

  30. For aziz, and anyone else interested: you can change the layout of your ammunition. In the case of the KV-2 you want to put your HE first 😉 Pro Gold Noobs can put their heat first.

  31. Why do I never have so much luck? 😀

  32. Hey Buddy! What crosshair are you using? Where to get it? 😉

  33. 13 is my lucky number

  34. awesome intro!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Awsome love Kv2

  36. dez, what’s the intro song ?

  37. Maximum possible RoF

  38. Hey DEZ, thanks for the videos, you’re great, and oh so so sexy guccii ; )

  39. TongueTwisterGaming

    13 is my favourite number as I love that age (): if you didn’t know

  40. that map awareness tho, on point

  41. Actually it is 50-50 to two-shot TOG 2, but still, once in a competition we didn’t manage to kill a TOG 2 with two penetrating AP shot from KV-2 and one from T-34-85M… so we lost :)) fun times

  42. lucky moron and stupid enemy team

  43. Hope you are having an awesome vacation!

  44. Tier 4-6 MM,loading AP, an open map with covers is a heaven for KV-2.

  45. Absolutely love my KV 2 will NEVER sell it !

  46. Woohoo, 13 is also my favorite number! Lucky one as well. 🙂

  47. Penning ToG with 136 pen isnt that hard….cuz’ pretty sure he was carrying 5 prem AP rounds, not regular ones…

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