► THE LUCKIEST STRV 103B – 12,500+ Damage! – World of Tanks STRV 103B Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

, Epic Battle. STRV 103B, Tier 10 Swedish .

In today’s “Epic Battle” episode you are going to see The Luckiest STRV 103B player in this game, saved by the Hand of Serb! Check out how “Plutonium87” trying his hardest to carry his team to victory!

► Player: plutonium87
► Replay: http://dezgamez.wot-record.com/replay/32684/plutonium87_125k_carry

► Music used from https://soundcloud.com/ehrling :
Sax Education – Ehrling



  1. really nice intro

  2. This explains why I cant get an Ace tanker with 9k damage xD

  3. 2 players and me were in cap. when it reached 100% panther2 destroyed one of our players in cap. literaly less than a second after it reached 100%. this is RNG

  4. type 4 had 127mm gun because 140mm gun with 600 avg dmg can make dmg from 450 to 750. And i have question – has French t-shirts in french i am running or i give up?

  5. First day off.
    Just woke up.
    See new Dez video.
    Fill Beast Mode mug with Mountain Dew.
    *Insert “Dis gonna be Gud” meme image here*

    Your a saint my friend!

  6. will the “Made in USA” shirts be year long? I would like one but not yet.

  7. Hello Dez! Awsome video, as always. I really like the idea of putting multiple nations on T-shirts. Unfortunately, there wasn’t many Hungarian tanks participating in World War 2, however it would be awesome if you made T-shirts for Hungary too, honoring the two Hungarian tanks in WOT. Massive greetings from Hungary.

  8. make a made in netherlands with MTLS-1G14 tank picture since its the only dutch tank in the game

  9. Swedish hoodie plzz

  10. Sherman_survival7

    xd 666 likes
    my like is the 667

  11. Did you mean “Made in German” pronounced with german accent? xD

    Greetz from germany

  12. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    Thx god he didn’t shoot at the end, because that increases the time you need to cap by 7 econds. I’ve seen many games lost because of greedy players who wanted to get an extra shot and were killed in the process with 100 seconds in the cap circle. Fantastic game for this player, I guess it’s time for me to start grinding this td, it looks quite awesome.

  13. hand of mfer

  14. If you make a cool hoodie for soviet Russia I’ll be happy ?

  15. Hergestellt in Deutschland? that’s not gonna fit.

  16. t-shirt, british is best !!!

  17. AustriaGamed CPT

    For me is nothing ok at the moment.

  18. 8:30 Talk about Mother of All Saving Rolls. Oh RNG, you beautiful bitch goddess!

  19. Hand of Serb 😀 😀

  20. DARK$[K.O.]RPIOX

    can you make a tshirt where is write “Made in Italy” with Italy’s flag? i will buy it 😀

  21. Great job as always Dez. I’m going to have to get a USA shirt for my b day on the 3rd. Awesome,awesome,awesome !

  22. You talking too much man – let us enjoy the videos please – we need to hear game sounds not you – honestly I stop watching because of you – I know that I am the first one who tell you that but this is the truth man – make your words short and intresting because 90% of your words is useless >>>>.

  23. like your content but it seems its all high tier games my question is what about the new players could you give them
    tips ??????

  24. Go find a job in FM radio station well be good for you ..

  25. when you do all those national T-shirts, one of them will say “Made in China”

  26. Dez do Finland t-shirt!!!!!!! Finland is turning 100 years in this year the 6th of december!!!

  27. that shirt is amazing i love that, dez is now my favorite youtuber keep it up buddy

  28. dez is gonna use google translate 😀

  29. Spamming all that ammo on hulldown T-10 almost cost the game lol, but then again how often you have to deal over 12k damage in one game. Awesome job dude!

  30. can you use a tortoise or a cromwell for the uk shirt

  31. love the t– shirt

  32. Dat intro O.O!

  33. Blocking explosive rounds isn’t the point of the wire rack ?

  34. Are you on Tankfest?

  35. Awesome music in ur vids recently.. cheers!

  36. July 1st: Canada Day… Ram 2, apologizing for being in the Patton’s way! lol

  37. Will we get “Rule Britania” with Tortoise or Deathstar ? Or maybe “Fear Naught” with Centurion AX ?

  38. Cool editing and music at start

  39. i think that one of the blindshots in the beginning of the game was a hit

  40. Players who can’t do more than their own HP worth of damage should be banned

  41. If the type 4 has 600 alpha then the lowest possible roll is 450, he couldn’t be using the 14cm gun

  42. Timm Röttelbach

    For the German Shirts:
    We do it in english even if its produced in Germany^^

    “Made in Germany” is super legit mate “In Deutschland gefertigt” sounds ridiculus

  43. But you just missed Sweden t-shirt 🙁

    (6th ofe June)

  44. Barbatos Lupus Rex

    love the shirt design, Dez! MURICA!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. On the first few second i thought it is an add, nice work Dez you tricked me 😀

  46. Lucky, Yep 🙂 Gj plutonium !

  47. MoRiS From Iluminati

    Dez your commentary is fucking bad, stop saying things we already know and things we can see, but overall good job and good luck!

  48. 600 x 0,75 = 450 <-- min roll of the 600 alpha gun, so the Type 4 must have been using the stock gun

  49. In this stupid game, we don’t make results, RNG decide for us at the start…
    I believe RNG if the greatest player ever in wot!

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