► The Maximum Possible DPM in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

, Average Damage Per Minute! . Update.

You all are crazy people, you know that? Your support simply amazing and I can not say thank you enough for everything that you have done already!
And, for this special occasion, I have something special for my awesome fans!

This time World of Tanks patch test server let’s us test out those new improved equipment units… and I am going to put tanks into ultimate tests, let’s find out some of the maximum possible values.

In this episode I am going to test average damage per minute, let’s see how far you can push it, what is the maximum possible DPM in this game.

Any ideas for the future?



  1. We made it once again… It’s Friday!
    I wish you the best weekend every, I am going to party hard, you do the same! 😉
    #muchlove #bestcommunity


    Hope you have an awesome weekend buddy. 🙂

  3. I’ll use the stats for the Tortoise from this video. If your fire rate is 10.68 rounds per minute and average damage per shot is 400, your average DPM is 4,000. Because 10.68 rounds per minute is still 10 rounds per minute. The decimal is only counted when adding multipliers to the stat, not to DPM.

  4. You have 109+ credits holy shit!!! Do you have every tank in the game?

  5. Good work keep it up Dez

  6. Max possible camo rate pls

  7. I’m not using premium rounds on CT because I’m a fair player and it cost money. I want to buy more tanks.

  8. Such a good job with new intros dez ??

  9. Hello Mr.Dez, I must get a premium tank for Christmas, how do I convince my parents?

  10. why does the gun rammer give 400 dpm which is 10% but BIA and vents only give 89 shouldn’t they help by 5% which would be 200. 5% crew skills 1 is loading.
    even stock dpm could’ve probably killed the wft

  11. the highest dpm in the game has the type 5 with prem HE, better rammer, better vents, food and brothers in arms… 5,634.74 DPM

  12. Whats the fastest reload possible?

  13. GZ Dez you forgot Adrenalin Rush so its not the maximum possible dpm…

  14. Serbian Highlander

    This tank is so painfull to grind i need 70.000 xp for 183

  15. You forgot intuition

  16. Hey can someone explain what that thing is on the right bottom next to the consumembles is? like when he put an ordered ammo rack or something like that?

  17. “You can kill a Maus in less than 50 seconds”.

    (Looks at average penetration)

    uh huh.

  18. The new improvement equipment are getting silly.

  19. I wish I still enjoyed this game.

  20. 88 MILLION FREE EXPERIENCE?  How is that possible?

  21. That was excellent Dez, Im grinding  through the Tortise, to get FV-145B -183, and know I know how to get max dpm, just wish I could get a couple of those easy 5k games now.

  22. Noridomi Shinomiya

    love u Dezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  23. I keep getting a critical error when trying to download the sandbox test server, can anyone help?

  24. Best possible ramming tanks

  25. Dislike for too much prem ammo spam, plz dont do that, the reason why i suscribe to your channel was because you are not so prem ammo spammer like some WOT youtuber

  26. You can have both an innovative loading system and a regular gun rammer mounted at the same time no?

  27. Indranil Mukherjee

    Tortoise op p.s nerf

  28. tortoise vs t95 what choose you?

  29. WoT manage to achieved a higher level of retardity

  30. Dez where are you from? I meant country

  31. Badgers? Badgers? WE DON’T NEED NO STINKING BADGERS! 😀

  32. The great dictator

    spam HE and destroy their guns, they will miss the top cupola mostly then

  33. Please tell me that shirt has ‘into de pooper’ on it, and I’m just blind?

  34. I have 4372 with my Strv on testserver. But with improved equipment.

  35. That gold spam is not only on test server. Live server us full of top tier gold spamers becouse WN8 is everything for them

  36. Damn. That’s some brutal DPM indeed.

  37. Nice video Dez! You can get DPM even better if you use improved equipments and directives. On the test server you are able to do that.

  38. Ostravská Klobása

    Adrenaline rush! How can you forget? Dez ffs 😀

  39. *List of people who call me beautiful*

    My Mom

  40. just for the lols, i’d like to see the lowest possible view range (without taking damage)

  41. If you use premium rounds the FV 183 will theoretically have the highest? If you penetrate that is.

  42. why for the love of god , tortoise 80tones tank has faster travers than isu 152 54 tones ? WG logic

  43. max dpm is 5,838.81. its with tortoise and he

  44. Vedanth Subramanian

    Dez i managed to get it to 5237 dpm… I don’t have the game, but on Tanks gg i got it up to 5237. Idk if this is possible, but can you put both the gun rammer and the innovate loading system at the same time? I also put the venting system and you can’t put directives in tanks gg. I was wondering if i was right… Can you please check this and either confirm or deny what i said?

  45. Which one of the guys wearing the 6 Years WOT t-shirt are you? LOL

  46. I remember when they releaset this line. I test the at2 20 games and realise it’s not 4 me

  47. But i wanted to see fastest possible reload :C

  48. Tortoise is so cute 😛

  49. Great. So we should have this on console in about 5 years.

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