► The Maximum Possible DPM, Part 2! – World of Tanks FV217 Badger Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Gameplay, The Best Possible DPM in WoT – New British Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks Patch 9.21 Test Server.

Hello there once again! I was able to get behind my PC for couple minutes, to release my today’s episode and to read some comments. 😉

So here it is, let’s take a look at the maximum possible DPM setup in this game, this time in a new vehicle.


  1. Edit: Sorry for that 1 minute black screen in the middle, this is a rendering error, that I missed when I double-check my videos, sorry! 🙁
    Wohooo, was able to get behind my PC for couple of minutes to release my today’s episode. I dunno if I am able to make it tomorrow tho, will see! 🙂
    But guys, thank you for such an awesome feedback in my yesterday’s episode, you all Mad! #muchlove
    Just to follow up, YT is still doing tricks, even with my Private videos: https://puu.sh/yAYvx.png (little spoiler, there is going to be HE-50M episode 😛 ), but this is a good thing… Maybe, becuase I can request a review before I release it.
    But enough about that, now enjoy the video, my tripping action is going supah awesome, all gucci!

  2. Hey Dez have you heard when the new updated is coming out?

  3. Hey Dez, are you from estonia?

  4. The maximum possible cammo

  5. Uhhhhh can’t you make it’s dpm higher by using the gun rammer AND the improved gun rammer at once? I thought you could. Say fck it to Coated optics and get the other rammer as well no?


  7. title should have been: ► The Maximum Possible Blindshots!

  8. Best youtuber ever are u Dez 🙂

  9. Easy, cheap DPM boost hack: load all HE

  10. Oliver Bruno Pieter Nicolars Versteeg

    Most RNG possible in a tank

  11. Badger seems to have lost all its popularity even on test server lol

  12. That 121 is a legend

  13. 6th view and 3rd like, not bad !

  14. Tortoise is still better because they buffed its armour to the level of stupid and it being tier 9

  15. Trotoise is a shitbox… so after nerv this tree is shit again
    And showing tanks with all that extra boost too make them look better …too let the community grind that shit…and finally see that with normal loadout it´s shit… is not good.

  16. For the next episode do the max possible ph/weight. Get a t100lt with fuel, food, removed speed govenor, improved vents, BIA and off road driving. Just remember to not use the removed speed govenor all the time, otherwise your engine will blow and you dont have a repair pack

  17. What about the maximum speed ? even downhill

  18. What if they just gave it debilitating weak spots like the rest of the line and just keep the D.P.M SPICY AF

  19. Maximum camo (stationary/moving/shooting)

  20. is it wrong to ask for a tank with over 9000 dpm?

  21. God job Dez! I hope you have a great vacation! All this work you put in this for us! I can only say thanks!

  22. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    Maximum possible concialment and mobility (top speed and traverse – both caracteristiques toguether and alone)

  23. Maximum possible camo values?

  24. how about the lowest possible Dispersion aka ” highest accuracy” episode ?

  25. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    i think this nerf of DPM is good this tank sont have big weak points and have a very good armour, i think it is good like this. And with the buff to the armour of the Tortoise and taking in consideration the nerf on the Badger i think WG should nerf is DPM a litle too.

  26. Do maximum speed in game

  27. O had such a hard liftoff when i saw +6000 in the thumbnail…

  28. Just like Lowe, E75, E100, all high DPM monsters…. FUWG

    • Krampus E100 high dpm? My cromwell and Cent AX beat E100’s dpm

      EDIT: I thought E100 isn’t even a high dpm tank, E75 has worse dpm, and Loewe has the worst.

  29. so the most possible dmp was 5280? ( first testserver)

  30. gj 121

  31. Do camo next!

  32. Blind Shots: This bush, that bush, big bush, next bush lol gg
    That 1 min blank was surprising and funny 🙂 No worries doe, this happens to everyone once in a while.

  33. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Play badger with full hesh ammo load out 🙂

  34. me: trying to get strv 103b
    WG : lets introduce new killing machine
    me : well 1 year of grinding …. sh**!

  35. DPM of this magnitude should be measured in MPM – Maus Per Minute.

  36. In other words I’m wasting my time grinding towards the Badger if since they already fucked things up by decreasing its dpm.

  37. I thought you were on vacation brother? i hope you have a great time, the old man flea

  38. I was hopping for the badger to be something in between an E3 and 263 but no its just another tortoise with slight improvements, still a sitting duck in most of the games I’ve tried on the test server. cant complain I am fortunate to have been able to get the 183 in time.

  39. Stupid DPM ruin game…next E25 or best DPM in heavy tank?

  40. well WG made another ”balanced” tank with hilarious DMP & ”NOT” good armor

    • marios tsoumas

      It needs a slight decrease in mobility, but otherwise it is fairly balanced, just not idiot proof. Don’t sit in front of it.

  41. i dont like the nerf at all. doesn’t feel special. I’d rather play a T95 that goes 30 km/h

  42. Dezting dezserver

  43. If you Buff Type 5 heavies reload you May get dpm over 5 k With premium ammunition if i remember correcktly why do you dont Count them in your Videos?

  44. Aleksandria_Samusenko_1stGTArmy

    maybe try camo for a maximum video. like a medium and td with the best camo values

  45. The video goes pitch Black at 7 min

  46. I had the benefit of adrenalin rush just yesterday. My tortoise was down to 11 health and I had 3 tanks rushing me. I got all three of them before yet another guy came in and shot me in the ass. But yep that was amazing was my best game in the tortoise… Of course we still lost

  47. So Badgers dmg got nerfed 2 times? ( 1time before when alpha dmg went up)

  48. How about a full hesh loadout on the fv217badger

  49. Well done DG, nice 2 see a good comentary about Badger….

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