► The Maximum Possible View Range in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Maximum View Range – M48A5 Patton and Rhm. PanzerWagen Gameplay. .1 Update.

This time World of .1 update test server let’s us test out those new improved equipment units… and I am going to put tanks into ultimate tests, let’s find out some of the maximum possible values. This time I am going to test out the maximum possible view range in World of Tanks.

Any ideas for the future?


in action:
– USA/ M48A5 Patton, Tier 10 Medium Tank
– German/Germany Rhm.


  1. Something a little bit different for you today… Want to see more? 🙂
    Q: Did you try combining Optics and Binos as well?
    A: Yes I did: http://puu.sh/xJAt6.jpg

  2. Looks like your voice is late in the pz part

  3. Shortest possible reload?
    Most accurate (derp)gun that is not on a swedish td?
    Most OP version of fv215b 183?
    Best autoloader with directives?

    Loved this episode Dez! Can’t wait to buff my PanzerWagen 😉

  4. i like your new series. Do all of it. At least i will watch it. 🙂

  5. Maximum possible traverse speed

  6. I love this! Please try this sort of video again but with another parameter, like pen, or camo, etc 🙂

  7. Great video man. Keep it up!

  8. have to ever tried the most powerful T1 Cunningham? like all boosts possible? I have 98% WR in mine…

  9. I have 508 Meters on Leoprad 5 tier:)
    Next:Fastets aim time?

  10. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Fast Track Repairs

  11. Hey Dez, could you do 15 v 15 face off, T110E4 vs Foch 155

  12. I was trying to see the difference that we can have from having a RAM, with or without a setup tank for that.
    I mean, everyone knows E50/M for his ramming ability. What about another tank, equipped with a Spall liner and the driver skill to ram? Take a BC 12t? Or a Bulldog. They are not ram tank, but what is the difference? Worth it to don’t have Vstab to install a Spall liner? Cause may help on battle.

  13. Now you can join us on console. We haven’t been limited by view range.

  14. Wow Dez this is a great series, and a geat episode. I had no idea you could get view range that high nor any idea what difference it would make. But spotting those TDs at the edge of your view range, Iwas laughing  out loud, that was god like for sure. I can just imagine that FV2004 guy , thinking , ” how the Hell and I getting spotted behind cover and this hill???” You were probably driving them crazy

  15. Im thinking maximum camo value would be really fun, driving a light tank , spotting other tanks and being totaly invisible would drive them crazy again.

  16. Who cares abaut 2 metters lol

  17. Dan-Andrei Ungureanu

    hi dez how are you? nice video as always

  18. Entertaining and informative thanks for your time and efforts on this.

  19. It is so nice playing, if you can give all that free xp to your crew, tanks are best after that… :3

  20. i must beggin the line,i just played with him on test server,but still obj140 is the king 🙂

  21. great idea, was well worth the time to watch cheers for the upload

  22. wot become shitty game with those asshole premium tanks

  23. i have the tier 8 of the panzerwagen but now i want to try this and grind on it again.

  24. Those 617 and 619 are both wrong. It’s a real value not integer and the UI rounds it wrongly all the time. Russian math is “special”.. you can see that in action everywhere in the UI. Like vents giving you 12m view range and BIA giving you 9m while they are the same thing and really are the same in the actual calculation.

  25. Super Man eyes Spotted
    hahah 🙂

  26. Type 5 heavie for dpm

  27. The 10 most painful shit tanks to grind.

  28. This is the good old Dez I remember. Different ideas, creative, not only epic battle episodes and news from the test server

  29. Maximum P2W Ratio?

  30. Ervins Kovaļevskis

    try primo victoria, with good crew and coated optics – thats an exelent spotter to

  31. maximum reload time pls!!!

  32. Is much better when you show your logo in the beginen of the video with sound effects of your mouth.

  33. Cause’ I’m mean, I wanna see dez play with the worst possible crew! I.e 50% td crew in a heavy tank they’re not trained for!

  34. UnnecessaryAmmoRack

    If you played blitz you could do maximum penetration, as there are two sets of equipment which effect penetration

  35. ho,ho,ho,ho I see you’re trying to see stuff for more than 600m,we in war thunder are sniping in 2k+ for many years

  36. The slowest possible reload time?

  37. Why bother with 619m at tier X while you can get 563m at tier III 😀 Plus camo of 56% static and 19,5% after-shot static.
    FCM 36 Pak 40. And now it has reduced MM, 3-4 instead of the old 3-5.

  38. Is going fv4202 to be better then the rest,that are better, prem tank?

  39. Hesitate to suggest this as a test given the players dislike of SPGs but here goes.
    I am finding that since the changes I can almost ignore arty on my superheavy tanks. Type 4 Heavy with superheavy spall liner large med and repair kits. SPG fire is almost a joke.
    The combination reduces the chances of module damages and crew casualties and drops the duration of stun to make it pretty unimportant.
    I have had 14 hits and splashes in games lost no crew tracks twice no other modules and it still took a TD to actually kill me.
    I think max damage from a hit was around 200 mostly its way less sometimes zero.

    SO is it possible to arty proof tanks and can it work well enough on tanks other than superheavies to make it worth while doing

  40. Des include comments about the new ratings system, saw your name in the promo video

  41. Hi Mr Dez -tips for your future vidz- Top ten the worst grind tanks at any tier would be nice……..;-) or why not Top ten worst win-rate at any tier. Magnus

  42. How do I get on test server?

  43. And this is why at tier 10 I assume I am spotted automatically if I do not have a bush between me and the enemy (and the enemy is within 445m).

    It’s safer that way.

  44. Fastest reload with the biggest guns from every type of tank, so for td’s that would be 1 of the 183mm guns

  45. love the accent. Welcome back to Werld of Tanks!

  46. Very informative and useful-thanks for sharing!

  47. maximum possible dispersion…just how inaccurate can you get? with the most inaccurate gun fired by a 50% crew, trained for the wrong tank, while injured, and stunned, and moving.

  48. I want the in game render range removed. Its fucking nonsense. If somebody wants to be a useless cunt and snipe across the map, let’em

  49. Dez you ask me to guess the view range but you already say 600m+ in thumbnail….

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