► The Most Irrelevant Tank In WoT… KV-13 – World of Tanks KV-13 Epic Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks KV-13, Tier 7 Soviet Russian Medium Tank.

A lot of You, beautiful people, have been requesting for some low and medium tier action. Yesterday I stumbled upon one comment from “DaRealCarlos”, who said I should make a video about most irrelevant tank in WoT, about KV-13… And this is exactly what you are going to get today!
Sit back and enjoy this beautiful by “TheXacku”, in his tier 7 Soviet medium tank!

► Player: TheXacku



  1. The guy in the replay is an absolute shitter, he fired prem rounds at a T67 and Jpanther. Like I see his 3 marks and I don’t care about them because he spammed gold to get there. Quality shitter replay

  2. I have a KV13, its a full on brawler and I love the thing. The mobility and armor is what you have to use and it’s great for ramming. Its a tank that requires you to think and look for opportunities to exploit. It’s not for noobs. Either the 85 or 122 are good. You can really mess up a team with it.

  3. Fun fact: TheXacku did more damage than the rest of their team combined.

  4. you forgot about Churchill GC

  5. Waw spamming gold in artys.., but great battle

  6. next time maybe VK30.01P 😀 love this thing

  7. Wow….great battle and video…thanks

  8. I played the KV-13 a lot. It’s like a T-34-85 on steroids.

  9. i three marked it and i completely forgot about it until i looked at my stats after the vid

  10. I remember a comment about 2 days ago about this, I can’t believe you made a video!!!
    Keep up the good work

  11. nem mondom meg barni

    I have been playing wot since 2014 and i have never heard about or seen any kv-13?

  12. Spartan b312 noble

    T60 640 dmg bounced XD

  13. Andrewlik is awesome

    I would happily get off to Dezgames audioporn recording.
    Good thing this will get lost in the flood of comments.

  14. Omg 30 APCR rounds…. I cannot believe the amount of shitty players just assuming that by spamming gold and having the RNG on their side, send replays and say ” Im a skilled player” pffff. Whenever i watch these type of cancerous gameplay my eyes tears blood. I mean the kv13 has bad pen with AP but i wouldnt have like 60% of my ammo of gold, i would only use if needed; but thinking about it if WOT would be a skill-based game there wouldnt be a thing called premium ammo, or OP heavy tanks. This game has converted into a premium rounds game, the guy which waste more money is the guy who wins more games

  15. KV13 need some buff.

  16. You used to be able to get the KV-13 from the T-34-85, which I bought and played alongside the T-43. It was good, one of the tanks I’ve regretted selling, will get it back one day 🙂

  17. I. Love this tank…
    Even better armor then the tiger

  18. Please a Panther gameplay Dez.

  19. funny thing is, you just don’t see this KV13 that much….I don’t remember the last time I have seen this MT on the battle field

  20. 3 marks,,,,,
    and no camo?

  21. Don’t let this distract us from the fact the The Legend of Korra had a terrible finale

  22. I think that Churchill GC is most irrelevant tank 🙂

  23. Dez I just love those intros of yours, it´s getting better and better with every episode, big thumb up!

  24. I love my kv 13. Its my guilty pleasure

  25. I love the KV-13.. The fact that most people skip it entirely, is a good thing. you don’t want a lot of those running around the battlefield hehe. What i find totally mind blowing is the guns on those tier 7 russian mediums.. they use tier 6 guns with slightly improved soft stats.. WTF!?

  26. Hrm. How about maybe the T-150? Sorry if it’s not a PC tank tho, I don’t know the PC tech trees. I play Blitz.

  27. Still wonder how the hell he was able to detect static enemies long before they detect him… yeah , “bad” view range you said… maybe only if you’re not running a premium account…

  28. theres reason why its on the empty place on tech tree. its so fucking good at going ham against t6-7 tenks 😀

  29. It’s Russia. they had more irrelevant tank projects during pre ww2 and during ww2 then any other nation at war. xD

  30. KV-13 was my first medium tank. It’s a sweet little bear.

  31. My brother was once in Lucky13, a clan entirely dedicated to the KV-13 and everyone had one. It changed names and merged a while ago, but you can bet there are definitely people out there who love this tank.

  32. Wargaming should make a new line that continue from the kv 13 a heavy armoured med

  33. You want irrelevant tank? Try the Churchill GC TD at tier 6..

  34. There are so many more irrelevant tanks currently if you play the game competitively…………..almost the entire UK tank line is a joke now because they are based on real tanks and wargaming has spent the last couple of years making up tanks and adding them into the game. How the hell are you guys complaining about a Russian tank? Nearly every tank you face in the game is Russian so they can’t all be that bad can they?

  35. KV-13 is bby

  36. Hey Dez ? Could you do a video on the T69. Everyone hates it but I love it seeing as I got 2 radley Walters in it !

  37. Agree location Congress glnug extra primary etc debt temperature celebrate.

  38. This is actually one of my favorite Soviet mediums. I felt it was always overlooked.

  39. Churchill gun carriage is the MOST irrelevant tank in the game

  40. Not on EU-cluster… 😉

  41. Dang Dez what a hell of a game my friend. Your correct, irrelevant says it all for this tank!!! The player had so great skills. Thank you, flea

  42. i believe his name of the kv13 player is called : the zacku, a robot from the japanese animate gundams.

  43. any t-34-2 replay pls?

  44. Intro music??

  45. Can we see a is 4 gameplay

  46. If you talk about forgotten/irrevelant tank, why not talking about the VK 30.01 (D) , the german Cromwell

  47. Irrelevant because it leads nowhere really, but it’s still a fun and good tank.

  48. black prince video be like a video for some of the old tanks in game

  49. OH yea all game autoaimung pro XDD

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