► The Most Ridiculous KV-2 Battle! – World of Tanks KV-2 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

. Epic Battle. World of Tanks Best Replays.

Today I am going to show you the best and the most ridiculous KV-2 battle I have ever seen… We have everything over here, just… awesome! 🙂
“Dima0689” has to work his ass off, for his team, but he able to do that? Let’s find out!

►Played by: Dima0689
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/2915518#stats



  1. 10:43 I think i now know how to read cyrillic alphabets. The chat clearly
    says Cunt.

  2. You have to admit that as soon as facing tier VIII, this tank gets 2 shot
    at best… really is a bummer

  3. i just had a 7.5k dmg game in my T34, alone vs a ton of tier 8 and 9
    heavies or heavely armored TDs
    but i cant upload it on your site, it says the file is corrupted. any other
    site doesnt have a problem with it tho.

    how do i still send the replay in?

  4. O-I is better ??

  5. T29 5200 damage……. still lose

  6. KV-2 does not care about tier. It’s mighty 152mm solid stalinium shells
    will hurt even tier 10’s.

  7. he shows tactical knowledge but armor angling must be foreign for him.

  8. its fun to see 13 one kills and 14 hits he has been a very lucky guy that
    the enemy team came in one by one

  9. Amazing! ?

  10. congrats man. Great upload

  11. 1:40 oi exp , oi , onii . Nice now kv cant move anymore.

  12. his reticle is really small the whole time

  13. dang… 2 dmg away from a rasaenai hero’s medal D:

  14. Dez do a face reveal!

  15. Where did the cinematic intro go?

  16. Ey, cheers for listening! ;)

  17. if he had killed the m7, he wouldn’t have gotten *just* the bombardiers,
    he’d have gotten the raseneis!!!

  18. 2hp off Bombardier meant no 14-kill medal, yet everything else went his
    way… RNG is a strange mistress…

  19. impossible

  20. on early early pathes when there were only 3 nations (USA, Germany and
    USSR) and there was only KV on 5th tier i was able to kill maus alone whith
    derpie gun. This gun is ridiculous I love it 🙂 to explain that i was
    fighting with my friend in a platoon he was taking his Tiger 2, that were
    our top tiers xD

  21. Dez, my friend this was one of the best games in any tank but for a KV-2.
    OMG, unreal. Just plain crazy. As always thank you very much and tank care,

  22. Tiberius Cowgill (Tyber)

    KV-2 is just an arty with more armor

  23. full HE?

  24. Holy Fahhk!! That was amazing! Still working towards my KV-2. Looks like it
    will likely be a keeper.

  25. Is the player using a mod for that reticle or is it in the game already?

  26. RU server…

  27. can you do a garage showcase video?

  28. You are blind Dez, he hit one tank and left it on a few hit points 😛 – but
    good video

  29. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  30. Russian line is ridiculous

  31. what a game!

  32. I see KV-2 and I lick like. I see DezGamez, I have to lick like 🙂 keep up
    the good videos Dez :D

  33. MongooseJake: WorldofTanks & Fallout

    Not the absolute highest damage KV-2 game ever, but by far the best I’ve
    ever seen in terms of situation faced and actually able to overcome the
    odds in a tank with that long of a reload.

  34. He got extremely lucky when he one shot that su-122-44 as the only spot he
    can ever pen was that view hatch

  35. Jacob Calvin Wolter

    Greatest KV2 battle ever

  36. question….if a soviet tank defeats a bunch of other soviet tanks, is that
    Russian bias, or neglect. Is Russia need nerfing or buffing?

  37. More luck than brain tough… especially the Su 122 pen with HE

  38. Impressive ;)

  39. why didn’t he use right click….. seeing that turret wiggling hurts me

  40. language dude

  41. Damn. Looks like I’m repurchasing the KV-2.

  42. WOW…what a battle. can somebody recommend crew skills for kv2

  43. WTF ?

  44. 2 HP damage on that m7 from a Raseiniai’s :o

  45. lol great game…

  46. Yes GG but I believe I saw one even more amazing KV-2 game a few years

  47. Nice example of what a competent player in a KV2 against an absolute noob
    enemy team can do.

  48. Pretty epic! Makes me want to buy my ‘King of derp’ back again :)

  49. sneaky , sneaky my ass … he went out in the open 3 meters

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