► The Oldest Replay Ever? – World of Tanks Past #13

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Source: DezGamez

/ G.W. Type E Gameplay . G.W. E-100, Old Tier SPG / Artillery Epic Battle. .

You all are crazy people, you know that? Your support simply amazing and I can not say thank you enough for everything that you have done already!
And, for this special occasion, I have something special for my awesome fans!

Today is one special day… This very day, on October 13th, I uploaded my very first episode about World of Tanks, so it means I have been doing that for that past 6 years!
For that special occasion I am going to bring back one old series called “From The Past” and I am going to show you the oldest replay I was able to find, that actually works. It was played by “Troyz”, over 5 and a half years ago in the patch 7.2. Just take a look how much has changed over the years, it is amazing!


► Player: Troyz


  1. Today is that special day… Special day needs special episode, so here’s to another 6 years or derping! 🙂
    And by the way, this is how my PC looks at the moment, because of different episodes: http://puu.sh/xXf5j.png
    #muchlove #staybeasty

  2. Light tanks only went to tier 5 back then. There were no light tanks from tiers 6-10 but a tier 5 light tank could get into tier 10 battles. This was just before the British tech tree wad added. I think they had Russian, German, American and French tank lines and that was it? I am not sure if the type 59 was in the game at this point but I started the game in August of 2012 and the type 59 was spamming the matches. It was common to have half of each team being filled with type 59 tanks. Back then, the type 59 was much more powerful than it is now before it was nerfed. I remember tanks could back down hills as fast they they could drive down in forward. Tanks backing down hills at 60 kph back then. They nerfed reverse speed of tanks a couple of years ago so it is limited much more now.

  3. OH YEAH, fail platoon….. There is some idiot who brought a tier 5 into a tier 10 games HAHA.. Great job to find this one….This one from 2012 must have collected quite a bit dust already

  4. I think this is not the oldest replay you have on your channel Dez, I remember you have one, where was still T30 as an american heavy and here you have T110E5 which was added several patches later and also french tanks

  5. You couldn’t drown yourself… what the hell did arty do back then lol 😀
    Great vid, keep it up.

  6. I was trying to find your “in the pooper” comment on your t-shirt

  7. All the nostalgia feels. For all its problems, thats the World of Tanks I fell in love with.

  8. Where is the KV

  9. And its an arty replay…

  10. I just played sandbox server and it’s hard to believe this is the same game. Amazing how much this game has changed.

  11. i miss AP shells….

  12. 660 health, wouldn’t mind having that nowadays

  13. mmm that e100 got balanced, but happy bday 😀

  14. XD i have a bunch from 2012 just from dec not march, i have 8.1-8,9 then a patch called 8.10? then 9.0 to 9.9 and 9.12

  15. Vavá das Artilharias

    I wish so much to know how to play old replays… I don’t know how to use the DJGappa things. 🙁

  16. I was on red team…I still play.

  17. Back when this map was fun. WG really crew this one up.

  18. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    Amx 13 90 was a tier 7 on the first iteration of the French update TS then it got moved to tier 8 because it and the other lights were too strong for their tiers and I believe they kept the same stats when moved up a tier.

  19. that is how i got around the lack of gun depression beck in the days, before you where spotted running full speed at cliff, then shot what’s under and then pull back no falling then and easy to get shot from above, no gold was awesome, you needed to be tricky with meds not oust press 2 and be a dmg buff to the heavies that takes the shot’s

  20. I started playing in the closed beta and I remember that a five tier game was common and I remember when the USA was introduced oh boy WoT has come a long way since then I know people complain . but its an evolving game some stuff works and some stuff don’t and tbh ,WG are slow but at least they do try ( in their own way )
    Congratulations on your you tube 6th birthday Dez and may there be many more 🙂

  21. I kinda miss some of the old versions of maps like this.

  22. Congratulations Mr Mighty Dez, 6 years of evolution on this channel!

  23. I remember when the T34 was the American Tier 9 heavy and the T30 was the American tier 10 heavy. I also remember when the T-50 was the top tier light tank at tier 4. This game has come a long way. Wargaming has made incredible changes for the better. Newer players have no idea how bad the game was back then (even though it was amazing back then to current players). Imagine being in a tier 6 heavy vs tier 10 heavies. That’s how the matchmaking used to work. This game is forever improving and has been my favorite game since 2011.

  24. My brother was having his tenth birthday party when this game was played

  25. I miss the old arty 🙁 I have stopped playing it since they introduced the stun mechanic.

  26. lol why does he keeps moving after every shot as if he was gonna get countered by an enemy arty 🙂

  27. Who plays wot from 2012- like?

  28. i remember the days when there was only 3 nations 😀

  29. ey Dez is it a idea to make a video about old removed maps maybe? like the old highway map?

  30. Ahh, i actually remember that old result screen! 😀

  31. therandomnessisreal

    I had a lot of fun with my T50 in tier 9 and my t50-2 in tier 10 battles 🙂

  32. therandomnessisreal

    Old el hallouf ?

  33. therandomnessisreal

    Old maps were so much better for lights…

  34. God I miss old world of tanks… It makes me so sad when I see what wargaiming did to it 🙁

  35. T-50-2 RIP old friend

  36. Damn I think that was my E100 🙁

  37. Please find replays of t50-2 it’s a great tank, and could make for a good video of the past

  38. The good old days

  39. During those days most important thing, gameplay, was faaaar more better than these days. Those days never comes back…

  40. When I see that tier 8 arty hitting for 600 – 1200+ and I can’t do 400+ in tier 10 arty (T92) nowadays .. I hang my head and cry 🙁

  41. Good old days

  42. Thos game already has ramming damage. Its way better when you drove into a tank and you both got stuck lol.

  43. Dez, I found an M4 Sherman replay from March 15, 2012, a little older than this replay

  44. Do we get the ladies and a T92 with the T-Shirts?

  45. That EXP and Credits are amazing. 😀

  46. I miss my t-50-2

  47. GG dez. Congrats on 6 years. Keep up the great work.

  48. I cant believe i still play WoT between all others since day 1 😀

  49. On one hand it’s the 6 year anniversary of your amazing channel plus you’ve hit 150K subs and I couldn’t be more proud of you and your growth Dez, On the other it’s an ARTY replay and I’m trying not to puke in my trashcan from the sheer filth set before my eyes.

  50. LOL gwe 100 Army Tier 8 ????

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