► The Real GOLDEN Type 59 – World of Tanks Type 59 Gold Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Type 59 G Gameplay and . World of Tanks Type 59 Gold, Special Chinese Tier 8 Premium Medium Tank. World of Tanks Chinese Tank Reviews.

Today I am going to show you something very special, exclusive and… Shiny… This real Golden Type 59 on Chinese server, that supposedly makes double the amount of credits and experience, not 50% as any other premium vehicle. Okay.

Enjoy the video! 🙂


  1. Today I have something extremely Shiny for you… The Legendary Golden Type 59!
    Oh god, what next? 😀
    Hopefully this is good enough start for the weekend, enjoy it and be back tomorrow, for some more action!

  2. In the app database for wot you can see how much gold this costs, i cant remember how much it was but it was smthing with about 150k g

  3. So tacky.

  4. I want a golden Foch :p

  5. If it’s armour was actually gold, it would be able to be penetrated by tier ones 🙂

  6. *Incoming triggered “historians” and “experts”*

  7. it’s ugly as *censored*, lol

  8. Pffff, full gold, again a totaly totaly noob player

  9. I am from the china server and I do have the golden type 59 and I do make x2 the amount of everything

  10. pRoUD tO BE fiELdEn

    *comedy gold*

  11. Give these tank to arab and there worship these tank!

  12. Delicious_ Lactose_Bleach

    It’s the REAL dragon warrior?

  13. Sergio González Torres

    Every other tank “I should use my camo to try and blend in with the environment.”
    Type 59 G “I’ll just blind them with my epicness”

  14. I had one battle in Type 59 with 5.6k damage, only got 1600 base xp for a win

  15. Man this thing is an eyesore imo

  16. china china china china

  17. Jãÿdęñ Čłãrę

    1,000th like.

  18. They put the model of this tank on console but it’s primarily red and the gold isn’t shinny at all, so it looks terrible.

  19. If Goldmember drove a tank, this is what it would look like.

  20. Chinese Server is not hosted by Wargaming… Does that means it’s balanced then? Lol

  21. Dez not often can I tell you you’ve made an error but this is not clear example of “pay to win.” The Type 59G is not any more OP than regular one on other Servers and that is by far from pay to win, even prem rounds which can be bought with credits is not pay to win or automatically make that label applicable. Even if the XP is more which I doubt (maybe all prem in China Server are that much more) I still do not believe xp can = “pay to win,” just trains crews faster. If you knew more about Chinese this is about “Face.” The Chinese are very much about looking good to others and that’s what the Type 59G does. They all know that it costs too much for avg person to have, so if you have one you are not average. It is very very important to be above avg to the Chinese especially when there are almost 1.5 billion of you. And because there are many filthy rich Chinese nowadays they even have that crazy price Chieftain, and because they want to be seen as above avg or the above avg they too are being accommodated with the kind of “Face” they can afford. I’m betting that Chieftain is like the Type 59G and is no way OP. You really need to make some friends with Chinese People and ask them to find out for you (before you assume this information). Myself I am married into Chinese so only have limited capabilities but I know more than you.

  22. how much man must be stupid to make so much money for this tank..it’s so sad..

  23. it should not give bonuses to play it should give the bonuses to those who damage and or kill the fkin thing. lol

  24. Jap golden tank


  25. hmm…. that is many tons of gold….. hmm……. hehehehehehehehehe…..

  26. Lol and the EU server can’t get the Defender?

  27. I bet that this is a rented tank from a video game cafe account.

  28. Potassium Cyanide

    ecountered it once inside kv never to be seen again

  29. Pirate Space Cowboi Blast Dat Bass Nukka

    china is one dirty place


    Because the tank was gold,so u shud fire gold too…..btw the dragon on the barrel is amazing

  31. social3ngin33rin

    OMFG it’s so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HOLY shit he shot a lot of silver/money @_@!!!!!!!!

  32. Claus owns one of these. No doubt.

  33. ThatCrazyTankGuy Official

    Gold ammo nerfing idea:

    You can’t fire 2 pieces of premium ammo in a row, you have to reload a normal shell EVERY time you fire one APCR

    Thoughts? Dez?

  34. Love you dez.

  35. You can paint a turd gold, it is still a turd.

  36. do a pershing

  37. I normally hate these types of strange skins on premium tanks but this works very well in this case. So far this is the only non-historical skin I like.

  38. Uuuuuuuuughhhhhh I can feel this coming free in marathon! Just like Alpine Tiger!

  39. Double experience for Type 62 as well. You can pretty much suicide rush the enemy team and get more exp than anyone else on your team, which completely ruins the game for those who are doing personal missions that requires them to be on the top of the team.

  40. Kobayashi_Etsuo-KawaiiLoliNeko

    WTF at chinese WG server is going on there?

    • Kobayashi_Etsuo-KawaiiLoliNeko Chinese server is not managed by WG , a chinese company (I don’t remember their name) is managing it . To tell the truth , they are even more greedy than WG.

    • Kobayashi_Etsuo-KawaiiLoliNeko

      AP shell I’m already know that. I’m living in Vietnam so i’ve play this sever sometime. The think that i want to say is what they even thinking, dye a tank in gold and sold it to player to make money? WTF!

    • Để hút hết sạch ví tiền của người chơi cho đến khi phá sản . Trung Quốc mà 🙂

    • Kobayashi_Etsuo-KawaiiLoliNeko

      AP shell chuẩn ấy, sang sever TQ chơi là toàn gold nó tát

  41. Reminds me of those gold covered chocolate coins you get at Christmas. Tacky.

  42. A good tier 8 premium tank for me . But I think it needs a massive buff , speed is kinda slow compared to another tier 8 premium medium tanks , penetration is just horrendous . I hope WG will give more love to their only legendary tank although all they do is just selling and buffing those OP Russian Bias.

  43. It’s got a log! A non-golden log! I love it.

  44. So an arab prince bought a premium tank… the rest is history

  45. Sexy golden type 59

  46. Deez Gold! HA!

  47. That thing is ridiculous

  48. i had this.. but it’s gone now..

    .. it was on my Christmas Tree ?

  49. The pimpest tank that ever lived

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