► The Return To Armored Warfare – What is Up?

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Source: DezGamez

Giveaway: 3x Gold Supply Crates, 3 Days Premium Time Booster and ACAV.

Originally it was for 1,000 fastest viewers, but they changed this code to unlimited uses, always nice! 😉

But it was time to test out Armored Warfare out once again, after a year of not playing it. It just released one big update as well, 0.23 Caribbean Crisis with new missions, map and more.

Let’s check it out!


  1. My first ever sponsored content… Let me know how I did, your feedback is everything!
    But in the video I said, that bonus code is for 1,000 fastest viewers. Good news, they “upgraded” it to UNLIMITED, so feel free to share it with your friends! 😉
    Code: DEZGAMEZJAN2018
    #muchlove #haveoneawesomeweekend

    • Don’t know if you know, but apparently both codes (Dezgamez and Jingles) were set to unlimited!

    • AW Got-Ham
      They are paying a lot of people to push this game. But good luck to u – u deserve it Dez

    • Not your best, Dez. Love your stuff usually, but this was subpar. Sorry.

    • DezGamez I still can t understand why wot isn t on steam too…

    • DezGamez played both games with over 10k games in each. Unfortunately AW has a higher level of gameplay for good players to abuse in pvp. I like tank games but too busy to play any, I would rather watch ppl play nowadays., thanks for putting this out there, I might just reinstall it again and do the things u did in this video for ol Times sake

  2. Timon Luka Højgaard

    hahahhahahaahahhahahahaha BATMAN hahahahahaha

  3. best intro haha:D

  4. Plzz play war thunder again

  5. Nice funny intro

  6. Why does my AW look worse than yours, even though I have everything maxed out?

  7. Dez face reveal

  8. The code worked! Thank you, DezGames. 🙂

  9. Hi Dez! I think this episode was great with some great new things, like the bookmarks.
    Also much thanks for the bonus code! 😀

  10. Great video as always and thx for the code Dez !!

  11. Lol I was like 18000th viewer bit still got one

  12. lol… the bonus code still worked… thx Dez! It’s to bad I deleted my old account when they fired obsidian. So now your premium tank is my highest tier 🙂

  13. Insane mode is insane. Love it.

  14. You know why they wanted you to play a few games? Because the game is dead… Kind of sad really

  15. Fake wot

  16. They need to expand Campaign Mode/Special Operations past 3 chapters, it’s a very nice change from the typical PVE that is in the game.

  17. Grapichs look like wot blitz

  18. awwww come on iv’e already spent like a fortune on war thunder due to you showing its a great game , now you present me with this! 🙁

  19. loot boxes… nope… not with this game and with this company.

  20. Do people actually play this? I installed and played it in november but all matches consisted of 4 players and it were mostly the same people you came across.

  21. Thanks Dez. I come to this game quite a lot when I am getting frustrated with WoT and as you say, it needs more players. It could also do with a little more polish but I can see that they are working on that. Do you think you could feature it once a week as a break from WoT vids and maybe draw a few more players in?

  22. Wow mycom serriously is aking any famous wot youtuber to do a paid armored shitfare promotion video.

  23. My code didn’t work and the game is basically dead sadly, I got on and the maximum amount of people was around 50, it has so much potential. I wish I got that T92 but sadly I didn’t get the tank nor the premium, I’m loving the game but I sadly can’t get into a game, hope your video brings some people around. I hope I can see you on the game someday as well, loving your vids as well, keep it up!!

  24. Magnus Holm Petersen

    Thanks for the code Dez ??

  25. Dez not hot. Never hot.

  26. Used to love this game, was active in the forums too trying my best to make AW better. Took a while, but scandal after scandal, poor development decision after another I gave up and walked away. Still have no desire to pick it up again. I do not need another T92 in my AW garage, already have too many copy tanks already. Cough my Terminator collection…cough

  27. What game do you like more? World of tanks, war thunder or armored warfare?

  28. Time to roll out my t90 again

  29. Well since wot keep bringing broken objects Iam quitting the game this seems good

  30. Hey Dez – welcome back to AW 🙂 And many thx for the code… And in case you need someone to carry you through Insane mode… let me know :p

  31. Everybody start playing this game so we can bring back the playerbase!

  32. one more box 😀

  33. This looks like a copy of WoT, but if developers of this game aren’t avaricious, mayby I’ll try.

  34. So…one of my few New Year’s Resolutions…watch every Dez video this year. Sound kewl? Ok, les go.
    Video #9

    Love the Batman voice at the start. I don’t care that this is sponsored, it’s still awesome. Might just play it now that it is on Steam…

  35. Dez, started back playing this again since newer computer will handle it.. questions on crew training…can you help

  36. Dellinger the fighting fish

    this game looks very good 😀

  37. well fuck.. i just unistalled it

  38. does any even play armored warfare anymore because when i try to get a pvp match i wait like 30 minutes in que

  39. Thx for the code mate 😀

  40. Cris Racing and Gaming

    This game is much better than WOT, way less rng, faster vehicles, unique vehicles and game mechanics, no arty at all in PVP, infinite garage slots, premium time activated manually so it’s not gonna waste, no premium ammo, the grind is pleasant and not a pain in the ass…….etc etc etc….

  41. Thanks for the code!
    In AW, the RNG is smaller than in WOT, but the game scares off
    with an eternal lack of penetration – damaged penetrator, minimal
    damage, damaged internal module, or ricocheting of paper vehicles from
    the side! Also misuse with very accurate guns and good crews is common.
    Absolute spam missiles from invisible vehicles, as well as nonworking SOA systems that can not deal with rockets!
    Bots shooting at full speed perfectly in weak spots even when our vehicle moves and dances!
    The canteen adds absolute censorship to the forum – the eternal removal of comments!
    Describing problems that the game has always ends with ban for 2 weeks for trolling.
    Until then AW is out!
    Best Regards.

  42. thx for code

  43. Sergio González Torres

    “I also have a lot of good friends”
    But what about your parents? xD

  44. Holy Crab!

  45. the important question. do people play this now? last time i logged in there was 8 people online in the entire server

  46. Even motovlog would be better than this shit game.

  47. Have all Tanks + All Premiums but never Played since 6 month. Without Clan Content it is not worth and Players don’t come back.

  48. Anyone knows how to watch my replays in AW?? i see a play button in right up corner but is not active!

  49. Plz more!! Btw intro was a lil funny but i like it!

  50. Is dis free

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