► The Unspotted Predator, Sneakiest Pool’s! – World of Tanks T71 DA Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks T71 DA Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks T71 DA, Tier 7 USA / American Light Tank. World of Tanks Best Replays / Battles.

Today, for the end of the week, I am going to show you one extremely interesting battle with tier 7 American T71 DA. Our hero today, “FranzVogue”, was able to more than 10 kills while not being spotted, from the shadows… How he was able to do that? Let’s take a look!



  1. YouTube has been super slow with notifications lately, but hopefully it works this time. 🙂
    So, let’s finish off this weekend with some crazy sneaky action!
    #enjoy #muchlove

  2. A fun way to lose 44,000 credits, APCR price on the T71 is a nightmare

  3. stewart mcallister

    Clever stuff ?

  4. T71 has always been one of my favorite tanks.

  5. wow what a game would have been nice to have a 12 kill medal.    wot  has  6,  8,  10,  and 14  kill medal so why not add a 12 kill medal   and maybe call it the Michael Whitman medal that would be the first German medal.  it wot does not like German names then call the medal something else  but please create a medal for 12 KILLS.  it would be a good addition to the game

  6. Is the max experience earned in the service record is a raw experience?

  7. I want this tank so bad… but I REALLY don’t want to have to play the two tanks before it…

  8. Another OP LT game

  9. 15 Fv 125b(183) vs Fv 4005 II

  10. DEZ i wanna know how you look… or else please reply if you already did that.. how about a a good introduction of you your PC and a bit of your personal life.. for me your the actual predator.. i watch your videos all the time but dont know who are you 😀

  11. My first two games in the challenger were the same, the fauna provides great camouflage.

  12. This clip showing the same regulation of WOT as other clips … ‘Hero should be born by same kind of parents : trash bin and trash can’ !

  13. Dez, I use autoaim sometimes because i have a shitty setup and a bad mause….. so maybe thats the case /

  14. Yousuf Hasan - YH World

    A tier 7 American LT T71 DA has 6 shell mag (900 damage per mag) and a tier 8 French LT has 4 shell mag (680 damage per mag) What a nerf ! WG hates France !

  15. All that and still lost 44000 credits. Seems legit.

  16. EPIC … so epic that I even watched the advertisement at the end so You Tube will send you a couple ducats.

  17. Michael Lundquist

    Another sealclubbing video 🙁

  18. Sorry for spam little help here I like to have a New pc with Intel i7 6 cores and gtx 10 70 8 gb card 16gb ram . Is this pc will run full hd graphics in game? Delete if spam thanks 🙂

  19. 13 kills and – credits. Gj WG.

  20. Ugh Westfield I know I’m not alone in saying this is my least successful maps

  21. Guys, that shells animations are super good now, can not help myself :3

  22. Great game…tank too OP needs Nerf jk! lol

  23. Why can’t WG give epic carry’s like this a credit boost? There is no incentive at all to kick the living shit out of a battle like this one other than bragging rights. Like how hard is it to create a code to boost the credit reward by 5% per kill… Great replay tho.

  24. i wish i could play like that :'(


    Big shout out to Claus kellerman his YouTube vids are awesome also, he deserves more subs!

  26. Penfold What-ho Chappies

    Love my T71. So nice to see an awesome game played in it.

  27. Strv will be deadly while hidden in bush

  28. DestroyerAlpha Winner

    He should have rushed in at the end that was dumb

  29. Those shell tracers look awesome in 1.0
    Of course, there are more trees and bushes. Flatten the landscape and adding trees seem to have been the goal in 1.0

  30. That was a great LT game.

  31. Hey Dez wanted to mention that one of the reasons you might get demonetized is because of the victory screen that has the sexy army girls in it. Don’t know if you re doing that on pourpose or not but i wanted to mention it. Keep up the good work !

  32. Well congrats to that man, he really used all advantages of tank and map.Why this tank causes me to feel sentimental sadness for good old bulldog with autoloader…

  33. First time happy seeing an add, good work not getting demonitized ?

  34. Is this on 1.0? I haven’t played in a few months so I can’t tell.

  35. Bushes: YES, can confirm from my point of view. Could hold the Live Oakes Base in a Patriot from 100m Distance with double bush against incoming T8/9 meds and heavies. Interesting experience 🙂

  36. first he sniped t71da in full speed
    without any error

    then he waste whole clip to kill sherman m3 and killed some walls, some ground and some stones, but enemy run almost without any harm

    it looked like his cheat account went down and he didn’t realize he need to aim on his own

  37. Now that was well done.  Love that light tank gameplay.

  38. Dashawn santopinto

    How do I make it so the ending zone of the map looks like that

  39. Hey Dez!!! It was so great to hear the bagpipes playing in the background in the opening seconds. I am from Scotland and am an avid WoT player on the NA. Keep up the awesome work brother!!

  40. “THICC” bushes

  41. I find it funny…time ticks down and hits 0…but wait…you have to wait 5 more seconds?? For what? The time already ticked down, but you have this hidden timer you then have to go for…It was an uber game for him, but I hate that mechanic that they have in.

  42. That was a well played game from FranzVogue nice video Dez have a nice day from Denmark m8.

  43. Textbook gameplay, good judgement, average-good marksmanship, excellent use of camo mechanics, not too much gold spam
    IMO this is more enjoyable than 80% of QB’s videos

  44. loooooooooooool 13 kills without using nay oremium consumables and he lost 44k credits ahhaha this is the reason that i will never ever spend a single dime on this garabe game… whoever pays to such garabge game is getting ripped off like a noob xD

  45. Dez can you please do jg pzE100 next that would be much appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!?????

  46. That was «sneakiest pools», ths is sneakiest comment

  47. good thing i see ads on ur vids !! i watch it

  48. Really like your crosshair, my I ask what its name is?

  49. Definitely one of my all-time-favourites!

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