► They See Me *QUACK*, Cuteness Overload – World of Tanks Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

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Are you ready for your daily doze of cuteness with AMX 40 and 2 Locust? Then sit back and enjoy today’s “You Vote, I Play” mini-series. 🙂 Okay, KV-4 is also going to be in this episode, but someone has to defend those cute tanks, right? 😛
Anyways, thank you for voting and let’s see how this goes. Do not forget to vote for my next episode and check out TANK design, available for 2 more days.

Stay awesome and enjoy the video! 🙂


  1. Only Dez can make a video about this garbage tank fun to watch. He’s a fuckin Wizard I swear.

  2. If the AMX 40 would be doing 100 kp/h would it be donald duck or would it be rave version of Duck song?

  3. Ducks a better tank than a lot of people think, speed isn’t everything, I’ve gotten more than one base cap and carried a room in my duck despite a lot of people saying it’s a garbage tank.

  4. haha you are tunnelvisioning so hard 😀 the indicators showed you where arty is 😉

  5. DeathKillerIron

    I think Dez was little bit retarded if he didn’t saw where was arty shooting from. SORRY but
    She was shooting from A0

  6. it’s truly looks like dock so funny ??

  7. I saw you were in a game with skill4tu on his stream, you were also playing the KV-4

  8. AnomalousIntutition

    There’s a free Duck skin for the AMX40 on WOT Arty Noobs on Facebook.

  9. arty was in the bush at A3 🙂

  10. you should have quack for every kill every episode?????

  11. CombatSteve2017

    Coming straight from my school and enjoy your episode. As always 😛 😛

  12. but you sayed that you wont play the tanks again what you have already played

  13. OMFG you triggered me so badly, that arty even shot you but you couldnt find him.
    he was at A3
    (amx 40 replay)

  14. You were going in the wrong direction. The dmg indicator shows where the shot came from,not where the splash came from 😉

  15. in the amx 40 battle arty was behind you (see the recived dmg indicators)

  16. tepasebastian20 x

    Which is the best? Matilda or AMX 40?

  17. Basically the best video I’ve ever watched. 11/10, would bang.

  18. I love how it says 50kph topspeed in the bottom-left corner on the amx40

  19. 6:53 Dez is shot from behind.. or at least the artillery shell lands behind him.. so arty probably in northeast corner.

  20. Worts LT in WOT:)

  21. 11:44 “pfffzzz get shit ooon” killed me

  22. 20kph on flat ground xD I can get mine to 25 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  23. did wg seid U need to delete video about buggs?

  24. Lol, did they banned your video about BUGs 😀 ? No way it happened, GG WG 😀

  25. Error 404: Gun depression found on Russian Tank!!!

  26. Boris Pankovčin

    Where is that video world of bugs?

  27. I love my kv 4 ! I hope that it’ll have an hd model soon !

  28. Listed at 50kph! I think they measured that while dropping off of a bridge?

  29. No quacks given!

  30. what happened to the WoT bugs video?

  31. lol he deleted mm bug video :DDD

  32. Michaël Gouman

    Really Dez? You questioned where Su5 was in your game with Amx, when you could see where the shot came from…

  33. the tunnel vision is real

  34. thanks for removing the bug video

  35. 11:45 – pfft

  36. Miroslav Tordaji

    what happened to Wednesday video…..I get notification there is a video….I go there and it says video not available?????

  37. What happened to the one video on the glitch

  38. …….plays this thing blockes 4.5 k dmg plsys maus blocks 2k dmg …..uninstalls game

  39. No Quacks Given

  40. Top notch quality content. 10/10 recommend.

  41. Hungarian Empire Mapping and Gaming

    Didnt you tried the toptier glitch?

  42. GamingMaster999

    Nice vid dez, but can you make any video about Thunderbolt?

  43. hey dez, in the first amx40 game the arty splash told you where the last arty was (you got hit while fighting tier4 td) rewatch it if you want 🙂 anyway good video again 😉 keep up the good work

  44. I hated the kv4… good vid Dez!!

  45. That M3 Lee in the first game was a salty motherfucker

  46. Christopher Estes

    I play that kv-4 Jingle during christmas… I knew about it before you Dez 🙂

  47. What do ducks smoke?


  48. quack should have 500m view range. because it is a bird. And it should have flying, because it is a bird 😉

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