► This Episode is LIT AF! – World of Tanks Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Object 416 Gameplay. Gameplay. World of Tanks ELC Gameplay. World of Tanks Troll Tanks. World of Tanks Live Series.

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You vote, I play… This is the motto of this little side series. This time you actually did not troll me that hard, I can play with some really awesome tanks – Sneakiest medium tank “Object 416”, always supweepicawesome “FV215b 183” and fun little bugger “ ELC”. Let’s roll out!


► Music used: Glude – Breathe [NCS Release]


  1. I voted for STA-2 since I’ve been playing it a lot lately because of gun marks,

  2. very good med

  3. what an intro lololol, my mum gave me a death stare when dez said fck fck fck lololol xD


    I once again say you deserve more subs !!!

  5. Too bad… ELC is shit
    after nerf…

  6. elc玩的好浪?183狙击位轻松愉快啊?

  7. Ouonouan Désiré

    I will miss ELC very, very, much

  8. I love how your always blown up with friend requests here lately. kinda funny

  9. This video made me sad…The ELC is nothing like this after patch 9.18.  So much that I am contemplating selling it.

  10. Will you be playing Armored Warfare now as well? or doing a review on the new patch?

  11. FV215B 183 is an amazing tank !
    Wish I had one 🙂

  12. Hello guys. Whats going on?What to you know?


    pls vote for MT-25 and i will sub Dez 🙂

  14. U and Erlenberg should get married seems like it’s in every episode.
    Straight he’s? What about an e100. 1100 damage is better than 500 no ap
    Fv4202 (where’s the p) and no stunning when is this from

  15. u lit the O-I exp on fire

  16. ‘doing some work’….thanx Dez 🙂

  17. Ha. that blind fire kill on the O-I exp and you don’t even notice. Cool Guys don’t look at the kill feed 😛

  18. Dez, do not consider trying to detonate me. 8:22

  19. Nice intro Dez!! And nice to see world of tanks back!! Yesterday you didnt do a vid on WOT UNACCEPTABLE!! UNSUB!!

  20. the first 5 seconds had me snorting my beer it was so funny

  21. Wait, in the second replay the LTTB was tier 7, so does that mean all of this live play was pre patch?

  22. I don’t get why they better elc it’s practically a French hellcat with more pen, viewrange, and worse reload also smaller profile

  23. This is a great series

  24. Enjoy the ELC while u can. On NA, the elc is now a stinking turd of a tank

  25. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that intro.
    (on a side note, just shows how much they nerfed the ELC into the ground)

  26. well. this will be your last game with elc.. its super useless and nerfed now

  27. We need to get Dez to play the Chi-Ri or D.W.2.

  28. Hi dez i like your videos and I like to play wot my self I play much arty with m44 and some tier 8 premiums.greetings from the Netherlands

  29. ELC, the proudest “Kamikaze Award” holder in my garage 😀

  30. Dez….. You pronounced Achilles as Ah-Hill-Ah….. Sorry… not right… It is pronounced… Ah-Kill-ees (ees as in knees) …..

    Great video as always 🙂

  31. Tom's Game Replays

    How can i join your clan are you guys active on TS

  32. make some cloud pirates content.lit game af

  33. if obj.416 was german it would be caled h&k

  34. 7:53 Just… Nuking a tiger 2

  35. Hey DezGamez ! I bought one of Ur EPIC BOOMSTICK HOODIES ! All was good like u Said and i think i already Go to Buy an BEASTMODE too ! Thx for creat the Shop 🙂

  36. M3 Lee……come on guys make it happend 🙂

  37. Great Video Keep It Up!!

  38. MrSmithwayne Smith

    another reason I refuse to pay and support this game. Playing tier 10 with premium account 75% of the games you lose money. All that time and money spent getting to tier 10 only to be giving the middle finger by WG when you play t10 tanks. No tks!

  39. Actualyeee 🙂 Obj. 416 has better camo than Rhm.-Borsig.

  40. targeting FV306:
    -YOUR AR** IS MINE ! *misses the shot*
    -…or not!!!
    LOL xD

  41. All day everyday feel good play good. Dez u beast! (Y)

  42. They nerfed the ELC in the new patch – feels bad man 🙁

  43. My friend, great gameplay. I really enjoyed watching you today as everyday!!!! Thanks, flea

  44. Honorary.

  45. Can’t believe you guys still don’t have 9.18. WG treating NA like fuckin guinea pigs for their trash patch

  46. Keep up the good work!!! I love your channel!!! I hope you do a face reveal soon!

  47. WoT Terminador_de_Bozacas

    That AMX ELC is getting nerfed  into the ground with 9.18 patch tho. WG should stick it at tier 6, so it has the same mm, but leave the stats alone.

  48. lol… you had my RNG the elc game 🙂

  49. i think your commentary is becoming more and more entertaining !

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