► THIS. IS. RNG. – World of Tanks: RNGesus #50

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LOL, RNG, Funny, Epic, WTF, Fail and Win Moments. Artillery Special RNG Episode. Best Wins and Best Fails!

► Help me to make RNGesus:
1) Upload your replays to: www.wotreplays.com
2) Let me know WHAT happened and WHEN it happened.

HOT DAMN… We are finally at episode 50… I uploaded my first RNGesus episode almost 2 years ago, can you believe it? Time flies like a MFer… :O

Anyways, enjoy this episode, dedicated to the most RNG dependent class in this game – Artillery!


  1. I understand that a lot of you are mad, don’t like to the topic, but it HAD to be about artillery, so…
    Have a beautiful weekend everybody and enjoy our SPECIAL RNGesus episode 50! 🙂
    I uploaded my first episode almost 2 years ago… Can you believe that? :O

  2. I am just glad that my submission was used.

  3. 8:58 Robokommander

  4. I love my M12 >_>
    It’s the only accurate American arty lol

  5. Good episode, but arty is literally the most garbage mechanic in a game ever.

  6. I don’t play wot so much but arty should be removed or Wg should introduce even faster and nimble light tanks from tier 6 to X.

  7. Andrewlik is awesome

    Wasn’t the last replay also in world of LoLs?

  8. to much arty,but still good episode

  9. So much balance, such wow!
    Kemping in bush, hugging your horn and clicking on targets. Such skill.

  10. Man! You’re a real cutting amd editing pro!

  11. this was a great video with an unbelieveble final; thanks?

  12. I just got cancer because i saw too many artys.

  13. Alexander Angelkov

    even monkeys know that being shot from the fucking sky is unbalanced

  14. awesome episode Dez, I really enjoyed. Arty forever!!!

  15. Good stuff, but idk about that music choice, haha


  17. I send to you 3 arty replays… (one of them is an E100 one shot) none of them is in the video. have you got too much replays?

  18. How old are those Replays ??? i stll see WT auf E100 o.O

  19. send this to WG, this video is perfect argument to nerf that crap

  20. Nice to see a video about the best class in the game.


  22. Happens! But it’s nice to see all happened in one clip! Well done putting all together! ❤?

  23. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    The M53^^ “Arty is inaccurate” xD Nice Meme^^

  24. Carlos Valenzuela

    That M53 name…

  25. world of tanks cz

    dislike ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  26. Has anyone seen the FAME clan wars videos. There is one just a few days ago where their arty killed 4 in 1 shot, he nearly killed 5


  28. StronkGameReviews

    And thats why i play war thunder

  29. I miss all chat 🙁

  30. Why are people so buthurt the editing was great just everything 🙂

  31. inquisiTHOR /LetsGame999

    and this is exactly why i love playing artillery

  32. that ending screen tho

  33. I still wonder where the arty hate comes from. The whole “I can be hit behind cover” argument relies on a hell of a lot of random circumstances coming together with RNG (as this video’s theme emphasises) being a major factor. Plus the whole one shot myth that arty somehow one shots about 30% of all the tanks it aims at. No one complains at the numerous videos of high calibre tank rounds one shotting people (usually from ambush, because who would sit in front of one). In fact many people applaud those videos and go out and grind the tank so they can one shot people. It’s daft.

    Don’t like artillery? Then I hope you’re all for removing the T49/XM*** from the game. Get shot of the FV215B183, the Jageru and the FV4005 whilst you’re there. Then focus on the derp tanks, bye bye KV2, most Japanese heavies oh and the ISU152. Yay diversity. Let’s all be shits in Batchats because they’re so obviously balanced. Oh right, autoloaders, people complain about them too right? So basically we should reduce the game down to single shot heavies with no camo ability and fairly slow movement. Except your tank, of course. That one should move at a million miles an hour and pull off last starfighter stuff whenever you face more than one tank.

  34. whenever an artillery player whines “go spot”, always answer with a firm “fuck off clicker”. He might be on your team this time, but at some point in the future he will be one-shotting you from the other side of a mountain.

  35. @0:15 Those are some nice graphics update WG are implementing.

  36. the all chat was fun why they Just didn’t do system that censurse stuff like “He is at J6” it would be like “He is at **” and also it would censure stuff like JJJJJJJJJJ55555555555 or J 5 AND J_5 and basically u couldnt tell the Enemy where your teammates are…

  37. why you people do not stop praising RNG while it has become total shit about 2 years ago , in the past it was a realistic RNG , now it is just shit, except if you are paid by WG to pretend that shit is good , in that case i would understand , if we really want to improve this game , we must all complain about this bullshit RNG where the player’s experience in this game has no longer any importance and where all our shots are already predecided by some fucking program implemented by WG shitty staff , fuck RNG and fuck you WG

  38. What’s the name of the first song?

  39. That Hummel…Epic!

  40. can’t wait for the nerf

  41. SPG and RNG? If you miss with arty you are just an incredibly unskilled player.

  42. this is arty party or rng???fu

  43. Alexander Stoyanov

    #greenpeace lolol that was a good one…but still arty is fucking shit in WoT

  44. that last replay was also used by ONEANDONLY016

  45. There is an old replay where we can see wtf e100

  46. Niklas Gottschling


  47. Can you show us tank gameplay? because Arty is the most unfairest class in a game

  48. Omg, anyone see the WTF E100??

  49. love to greenpeace! I don’t understand why he killed that tree!

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