► Tier 10 Bully T95! – World of Tanks: T95 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks T95, American Tank Destroyer.

New, buffed T95, city map aggressive gameplay… This is the recipe for one super sexy battle in The Doom Turtle!
Check out how “skill4ltu” is bullying some tier 10s while -carrying his team to victory!

► Player: skill4ltu



  1. How is it going, enjoying your weekend?
    I am visiting my parents, chill and feeling awesome, so I might not be that active in the comments today. 🙂
    #enjoy #muchlove

  2. the intro isnt as durpy as the firrst xd >.>

  3. They guy with the most 3 marks on eu server

  4. “Hello Esther-B”

  5. Best intro on the youtube

  6. love both Dez and Skill #nohomo hahahahahaha

  7. Loving the Titties!!

  8. Well T95’d!!

  9. i love your intros and videos dez

  10. Dez thank you for making advert for skill, cause if you didnt somebody else would have to be my #1 favourite streamer and wot players

  11. Always worried when WOT Channels show Tank doing very well ,,,,,,,, right before it heads to the nerf chopping block.

  12. Lovely Skill4tlu

  13. tds have tits? 😀

  14. JPE needs to be rebalanced

  15. love the new sound effects on the intros! 🙂

  16. Ah, I thought I did see your “World of Tanks: 10 T95s vs 10 Tortoises” I guess I have both researched and just about have the JPZ 100 researched. Oh, he did bot pen the JPZ 100 just about point blank because he was shooting down at the lower panel.

  17. who uses gold ammo on strv s1 when u have 288pen on standart?im not?

  18. Skill4ltu is the king. He would be able to troll tier X’s in a Luchs! XD

  19. Dez, focus an episode on TDs and sing, “TD boom, TD Boom, don’t you just love it TD boom.” That will be an epic remix of an old classic.

  20. maus can also flip

  21. I knew it was skill

  22. almost 90.000 games played, what a crazy motherfucker

  23. wtf was the sound effect with the Jpz E100??? I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. That t28 must be horrible to grind threw to make it to the t95 and then having to grind threw to even get the top 155m on that bad bot t95 but you must have to get the tracks and to even get that top gun and be able to put equipment on the tank.

  25. KV-2 is your favorite tank to watch!

  26. Outline is red, red line is red {roses are red} etc.

  27. In terms of solo/random game play, he is a very good candidate for best player on the server. Period.

  28. top notch intro!

  29. Loving the new intro ahahaha ??

  30. “I am going to leave a link in the DEZcription” Nice one Dez <3

  31. Dez-scription… XD i see what you did there 😉

  32. Sadomasochistic Hamster

    That into <3 Nice video Dez, keep it up!

  33. see t95,see this map,remember skill’s battle GOT IT

  34. I really wish Wargaming focused a little more with the environment, making it more pretty and giving the maps more character, so all these cinematic shots dez makes is more epic.

  35. New Intro is best Intro XD

  36. He must be a Dutch player as he is carrying our national colours

  37. ………. :O

    God Damn.

  38. 4:55 is how i sound sometimes when taking a shit.

  39. 9:12 titties? DezGamez loves titties XD

  40. Metallicahardrocker

    i love how He try to pronounce Mäuschen 😀

  41. PSA: Black Edition Tanks!

    Not sure about PC, but on Console the Black Edition tanks have a MASSIVE increase their Premium Tank XP Boost. I don’t think there is a way to check the Premium Tank boosts for PC, but on the console website you can go to the Tankopedia and it tells you at the bottom. So for Console players, Black edition tanks are not pointless reskins!

    If the PC isn’t set up that way, then I don’t understand the existence of Black Edition tanks, haha.

    Console Stats:
    Standard T34:
    Silver Bonus = +57%
    XP Bonus = +10%

    T34 Black Edition:
    Silver Bonus = +57%
    XP Bonus = +75%

    That’s 7.5x the XP Bonus for the standard T34!

  42. @DezGamez Kust saada wn8 modi, mis näitab peale lahingut wn8 tulemust. Aitäh

  43. I turn off Ad Blocker to help support my favorite You Tuber’s but, this video was crazy! A 4 minute ad at the start, 45 second ad in the middle, and 1:50 ad at the end. Ad’s are definitely beast mode on your channel!

  44. your sound effect for your intros is so hillarious hahahaha

  45. LOL i really like the new intro 😀 so simpel not complicated just perfect <3

  46. Hmm, tiddie battle

  47. He have yt channel too called skill4ltu

  48. Outline is RED
    Redline is RED
    and STRV 103B is DEAD.

    Classic 🙂

  49. Check out my funny rare world of tanks video

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