► Tier 9 Light Tanks – First Look at Stats & Changes! – World of Tanks Light Tank Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Tier 9 Light Tanks Preview Ó Stats and Changes. World of Tanks Patch 9.1+ Update News.

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Once again, many big changes are approaching World of Tanks, tier 9 and tier 10 light tanks. In today’s “World of Tanks: News” episode, I am going to take first look at tier 9 light tanks – , , Lightweight, Spähpanzer Ru 251 and WZ-132A. Keep in mind, a lot of things ARE most likely going to change, but we can get an idea, what WarGaming thinking about doing with those tanks. Let me know what you think!

►Information and pictures from:


►Replay players:
T49: SowaHD
T54: 101
RU 251: Geilo2013
AMX 13 90: Bf3_Gaming
: 101

►Music used:
Wargaming “8-Ball Special Event” Soundtrack



  1. So what will they do for tiers 1 through 8 for light tanks?

  2. im calling it tier 8 t92 light tank

  3. NNNOOOOOO I just got the T49 ???

  4. Seriously?! Such a nerf on the T-54?! Even the tier 6 sovjet heavy tank,
    the KV-85, has more DPM with almost the same gun.

  5. What about the m41 90 gf?

  6. La bouteille d'eau

    Why always nerf the french tanks :o

  7. Looked like the first replay with T49 there was an illegal auto aim mod

  8. What the f*ck are they doin? I mean really… Whats the point of this? If
    you are playing for example with the 13-75, or the t71… What can you do
    in tier 10?! When there is the tier 9-10 lights with better view range,
    mobility and gun handling. Oh.. Did I mention the view range?

  9. no no no t49 no more derp no no no

  10. this is going to have an impact on cw/sh at tier 8. Also, ‘It feels like
    tier 9 light tank’; how do you know what a tier 9 light tank feels like?

  11. aiming at 7:50? Replay-Bug?

  12. I think you should think about the fact that light tanks now get special
    matchmaking. And it could be that they lose that special matchmaking when
    they get moved up a tier. Also the tier 10 light tank (if they come) from
    america will probably be the sheridan. That has the derp gun.

  13. Yo wtf ist going on ??? Moving up one tier the 1390 and nerving it,
    wargaming WTF are you doing ?????

  14. isnt there tier 10 lights coming too? if remember right there are. Soviet
    T-100 and french Amx 13 105 i don’t remember rest…

  15. I hope the previous tier 8 tonk will stay the same, cuz this is just….
    like my t54 is like a fucking god compared to these tanks

  16. I love the Ru251 range buff,but decreasing top speed to 70kp/h?That will
    just lose ru 251 specialty which is a deadly full speed charge…without
    it,ru is just like WZ-132,13 90,T-54 LT and etc with worser stats and armor

    And,deleting T49 derp gun will lose all the fun playing such a unique tank
    gameplay.I actually grinding LT line because of the T49 fun-run-hit
    gameplay…that derp is not OP…you need a very luck person to be able to
    hit tank with that derp.

    Also,is this confirmed changes that will be implemented in future updates
    or just a sandbox?

  17. The question I have is “WHY”. MM is the same. Looks like another money grab
    to me… good luck making money in a tier 9 without a premium acct.

    I cant wait for AW to get their sht together with 2.0


  19. its weird, for mediums move from tier 9 to 10 means generally better stats
    in every category, but for light tanks they havent made the aiming anything
    remarkable which u hoped they would, and pen deffinatley needs a buff. i
    think these tansk should feel as capeable as the bulldog if they are going
    up a tier. light tanks are already rather weak so moving them up a tier
    begs the question why would u ever play an ru251 if u can play a leo pta?

  20. sad that i need to grind more to get T49

  21. just what is wrong with WG??? they will make the worst tank in history in
    tier 9… My AMX 13 90 will bi burned to the ground :(

  22. “It is time to say goodbye to the T49 with Derp Gun” Thank goodness… I
    liked that it was unique, but holy hell I utterly despised that thing.
    Unfortunately the tier X will have that gun now with most likely better
    stats _…

  23. Make a 15 vs 15 SPG game but its not just they run at each other and yolo,
    make it a actual game. i would be very interested to see this

  24. Andreas Charitoudis

    Lttb to tier8 with 85mm gun bad :(

  25. The tier 9 13-90 sounds more like a nerfed tier 8 13-90, 240 damage and
    only 4 shots per magazine. WG have literally castrated the AMX-13-90.

  26. nooooooo t49 noooooo why?!
    if it moves one tier higher this derp gun is Balances. but fucking WG ruins
    all fun of game

  27. gun and reload nerf is very good news :)

  28. So in other words: They nerfed every tank if watched tier for tier….

  29. basically you are making the mm worse without buffing the tanks….

  30. If you have the tier 8 light tank in your garage do you keep it and it
    moves up to tier 9? or do you get the tier 8 and need to buy the tier 9

  31. I don’t really see the reason to change the alpha damage and penetration.
    Right now tier 8 light tanks get matched up as tier 9 tanks anyway. And
    when they become tier 9 they have normal match makikg which means they will
    get into the same games no matter if they are at tier 8 or 9.

  32. if the T49 loses its derp gun.
    then my grind to it was worthless

  33. Oh cool.. so i was grinding towards t49 and now its not going to be t49
    anymore..yayy. I love my luck

  34. So the WZ-132A has better dpm than every tier 9 medium except for the

  35. I love their approach.. Arty is broken and it ruins the game..so they make
    most of light tanks worse, so arty is now even more safe.

  36. I feel like light tanks should have superior view range like 460 m

  37. So they’re nerfing the tanks to put them up a tier that doesnt make sense
    hopefully they dont stick with this.

  38. This is cancer

  39. why the hell are they nerfing the 1390, nearly 30s Stock Reload for 4
    shots? are you fucking serious WG…

  40. so what about the Tier 8 Premium black Dog? stays it Tier 8 or will ist
    move Up to tier9?

  41. hi m8 thank you for your great work. Do you know witch tank will be at tire

  42. If these stats are correct, then damn War Gaming. The tier 9 French Lt is
    total crap. Same friggn hit points, but one tier up?!?!?!?!? And the gun
    gets friggn nerfed !!! That’s soooooo stupid!

  43. If war gaming does this, I will stop playing my LT lines, in fact I think
    everyone will. 170 pen in tier 10 just doesn’t cut it!!
    I mean LT’s are going to be so boring now

  44. What the actual fuck have they done with the 13 90??!!!!

    So, they buff every other light’s hp but keep the 13 90’s the same even
    though it barely had any in the first place, they shit all over the gun
    which was the only good thing about the tank in the first place, and they
    reduce the dpm and give it a shitty gun handling buff. WHAT THE FUCK THIS

  45. I really want the ru 251 now

  46. #DEZGAMES how much wg is paying you , quicky and jingles to be quiet and
    not saying nothing about people are sick and tired to play same 3-4 maps
    over and over again ? we need new maps

  47. If I have one of the tanks will I get the new T9 version of them?

  48. Julien “Taz49” Valteau

    Putain les chars français ils sont encore mis de côté! On va être a la
    ramasse sérieux tout les autres son buff sauf le 13 90 comme par hasard !

  49. WZ-132A is Balanced, lol

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